School Board Meeting Minutes December 15, 2014

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Cranberry Isles School Committee Meeting
at the Superintendent’s Office
Monday, December 15, 2014


Attendance: Kelly Sanborn, Amy Palmer, Cari Alley
Also present: Heather Webster, Nancy Thurlow, Howard Colter

Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 9:21am

Approval of Voucher: A voucher was circulated and signed.

Approval of Minutes 11/18/14 and 12/1/14
Motion was made by Kelly S. to accept the minutes from 18 November 2014 and 1 December 2014 as written, Amy P. 2nd All in favor
* Kelly noticed a spelling error made by Cari A. on the second page of the 11/18/14 minutes. Cari A. capitalized “WE” in the last sentence in item VI. Kelly asked Cari to amend that to say “We”.

Reports and Updates
Principal’s Report: Please read Heather W.’s report
* Winter concert will be at MIDES on 12/16/14 @ 6pm.
* Winter Break is two weeks long this year. The children will return to school on 1/5/15. The Budget is due 1/16/15. There will be a middle school retreat this January.
* ABS Facility Update: There will be shelving placed in the basement. Bookcases need to be secured to wall properly and secured. There will be “Topic Totes” places down there. Drainage work will not be able to start until the Spring.
* Longfellow Report: Heather read Ingrid Gaither’s report. Please see attached.
* “Old Firehouse”: Jim Amuso talked to Heather W. about updating the building. It will cost a considerable amount to update. Discussion will continue on what the School Board needs to do about the building.
* School-boat: The estimate amounts of $29,000 plus and extra $4,000 is spent each year on transpiration. There was a discussion of what would be involved in having a private contracted boat for school specific transportation. There was a discussion of what would be involved in having a private contracted boat for school specific transportation. There is licensing, repairs, insurance and liability. Heather suggested that a document be created describing what the school needs are and that we present that to the MAC.
*The School website is being worked on by Mike B. the school’s tech guy.
*Generator: Heather went to EBS for advice. There was an estimate of $400 for electrical work and $699 for a generator. It would run the heat and water. A few lights would be able to be used. ATOM Electric gave a price quote of $9,000 for all work and a permanent generator. It would have an auto-start and be hard wired into the building. It would be able to run the whole building. Discussion around the purpose of the generator and what cost can be absorbed by the current budget.
MOTION: A motion to have Heather W. purchase a generator and to hire Atom Electric to wire ABS for a cost NOT to exceed $2,000 was made by Cari A., Kelly S. 2nds and ALL in favor.

Discussions Items:
* FY ’16 Budget: Thank you to Nancy T. for attending the meeting to explain the lines and cost set for each.
Discussion of Health Insurance. Currently there is a 85/15 cost split. Other schools are shifting to 80/20 split. With a 80/20 split wages would increase by $1.00 per hour to help offset costs absorbed by the teachers for health care. Our teachers are not organized and do not belong to a Union. It was discussed that the teachers should be told about the change. Discussed the Budget line by line.

*Plans to Clean out the Longfellow building prior to January 13, 2015: Kelly feels like it is a very large undertaking. She is not able to have a meeting until Jan. 4, 2015. There is no place for storage of items. Cari will call Ben Moore about getting a trash dumpster. Cari and Amy will call a meeting with the groups that have need to remove items from the Longfellow building.

*Bell discussion: The bell will remain on the property of the Longfellow building. We discussed having a structure to house the bell.

Action Items:
Adoption of Policies:
- EEBB - Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles
- GCP - Professional Staff Termination of Employment
- IGA - Instructional Program
- IJNDB - Student Computer and Internet Use
- IKE - Student Progress Through the Grades

MOTION made by Kelly S. to accept the slate of policies as presented. Amy 2nd. ALL in favor.

Other Business:
Firehouse: The building can be useful. The building needs to be updated.
Property next to the school: What is our standing? What does the town map say? Where is our well? Our leach-field? Cari will ask Denise at the Town Office where the well and leach-field are. Permit for builders? What does it mean for us?
Mail: Gail is supposed to pick it up. Mail is being forwarded. There was a lapse in the mail pick up during the field trips and power outages.

Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 12:03pm by Kelly S. Amy P. 2nd.
ALL in favor.

Respectfully submitted: Cari Alley, Recording Secretary

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