November 20, 2014 (MAC Meeting)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
November 20, 2014

Meeting held at Islesford Library

Members present: Katelyn Damon, Cory Duggan, Jim Amuso, Jim Fortune (TCI Staff) Joy Sprague (BOS), Denise McCormick (TCI Staff), Karen Whitney on Phone

• Call to order 4:15
• Motion made by Jim A, 2nd by Cory to accept October minutes, passes
• Jim F gave an update on the Transportation Task Force,
o The task Force is in an undecided position as to whether or not to pass on the recommendation to the BOS to hire Charlie Norris to help in the project of revamping the town’s ferry service
o Katelyn gave an explanation of what Charlie Norris could off to the town.
 Not sure that the total of $19,500 is appropriate for us to spend, maybe we could hire him on a as needed basis
 Looking for some alternative methods for paying for the planning of such a project, ie MDOT or grants
• Budget
o Dept 51
 Cory asked if a cost of living increase should be made for our town employees. Asked that the BOS take on this question.
o Dept 52
 Zone 1
• GCIVFD is trying to raise $ for turnout gear which would reduce their budget
• Heating budget is being double to reflect last years costs
• Went through the rest of the cost centers
• There is $17,500 in reserves reserved for a new septic system, the septic system won’t happen because neighboring landowners don’t want to change the deed to have the new septic system installed. Denise suggested a warrant article to ask voters to free up that money to be used for other expenses.
 Zone 2
• Katelyn went through cost centers
• Cistern is possibly being held off until 2016, to further plan and try to find grant money. Denise suggests that we ask for permission from voters to put cistern in town field before going through the planning stages. There may be an old well in the field now.
 Rescue services & other Public Safety Services
• Katelyn went through the lines
o Dept 53
 Jim went through this section
• Contract for garbage removal could change, since we have a new company and the consumer price index could affect it and we have shipping off less tonnage than was set with the last contract.
o Dept 54
 Capital improvements presented by Jim F
• $10,000 to have engineering plan for Main St. Islesford and then put it on a warrant for 2016
• Question is do we want to tackle these project now or put them off
• Discussion about whether we should budget small amounts each year to build up a reserve to offset expense of large road project,
o MAC suggests that the BOS put a warrant article to set aside money to put in a reserve towards future capital road projects.
• Cory Alley suggest that we will need a new plow truck on LCI for 2015/2016 season, there is truck reserve.
o Discussion about the storage of the plow truck being inside the garage and that the bays are for town use only and not for the private use of towns people.
• Increase on Commuter
o Dept 55
 School board works on this
 Ingrid attended their preliminary budget meeting
o Dept 56
 Donations
 Karen asked if the Scholarship fund could give a report to the Town report, confirmed that they do have a report in the town report
 Discussion about donations to Life flight and NEH Ambulance, consensus is to keep their amounts the same.
o Dept 57
 This department not ready
o Dept 58
 NEH Parking lease increased by $500, to $40,000
• Discussion about the income from the NEH parking lot, lease and plowing and not quite covering total cost
 Explanation of costs for Parking enforcement in Manset
 Contracts
• Bids are going out soon. They are good for 3 years.
• There is a 5th float being built for Manset so we can anticipate an increase from Chalmers
 Warrant for a new float for GCI will be on warrant
• Suggestion to see if the float from GCI could be used a new float at Manset
 Capital improvements estimates for LCI dock are forthcoming
 Cory makes a motion to the BOS that the town not finance the purchase of hoists on town docks 2nd by Katelyn passes
• Joy asked what if the lobsterman offer to pay for it? Consensus that a hoist doesn’t really make much sense.
 Possibility of Co-op’s winter float could be used at GCI after they build a new one
 Jim asked Karen to send him the amount of time it takes for Manset cleaning and if the amount of hours will change.
• Meeting adjourned 6:02