May 7, 2015 (MAC Minutes

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
May 7, 2015
Town Office, Cranberry Isles

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Chris White (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone) Ron Axelrod (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Malcolm Fernald (BOS)

-Call to order at 4:02
-Review of Agenda- Nothing to add but Ron has questions about the minutes of prior meeting (April 14, 2015) as sent.
• Items such as discussion of “poorly written” warrants before Town Meeting and discussion of “setting up hearings” prior to Town Meeting to review the upcoming warrants need to be clarified on minutes.
• Decision made to defer acceptance of revised minutes until the next meeting.
• Discussion Of Internet, Tom Powell, and Tilson- some members were confused about how this issue had arisen in minutes and at prior meeting.
o Jim explains the Tilson, Tom Powell connection. States that Tom Powell had been asked by the BOS to look into Internet service on the TCI. He further clarified that Tilson offers consulting services to evaluate the needs of the Town.
o It was decided to leave the Internet issue alone as there is a current understanding between Tom Powell and the BOS
-Work Plan : Cory states the Richard Beal called him and wanted to add a few items to the MAC work plan
• New Item #1 - Parking On LCI
o BOS want us to “brainstorm,” try to find a better solution before summer. Discussion arose as MAC members tried to determine what the problem was. Cory suggested that vehicles stay too long, parking is “willy-nilly,” efficiency is lacking, and Co-op may have concerns.
o Chris W suggests a discussion with Constable and questions the MAC role. Karin W suggests this is a BOS issue. Cory suggests that Constable (Richard Howland) be reminded that Verizon, et al park no longer than 3 days and that the gravel pit be utilized for long term as per town ordinance/rule and further suggests that signs be put up.
o Jim says that Cory Alley is already making signs.
o MAC concludes that this issue is already being worked on and that no further MAC action is required at this time
• New Item #2- Town Dock Extension
o BOS wants us to look at Harbor Committee plans as a “2nd set of eyes.”
o Ron comments that the engineers should be the ones to review the plans and the MAC does not have the qualifications to review the work.
o Ron further expresses concern with regard to “SHIP” grant and says we should be positioning ourselves to obtain state funds for a good portion of this project and that we need a methodical approach to the funding plan. He would like to wrap loan request work into the design cost grant.
o Jim expresses concern that the Harbor Committee has not been proactive on this as of late. He states, however, that they did pick one plan out of nine. He says we need to get Pottle’s work done and sent to Harbor Comm. Pottle is currently reviewing.
o Discussion concluded that the MAC had done its part but that we could push Pottle to conclude his work.
• Town Office
o Reviewed Cory’s email regarding Dennis Fernald house. Subsequently determined that Fernald’s do not want to rent
o Discussed Palmer/Palavanchuk project potential. Subsequently determined that the purchase “fell through.”
o Back to “square one”
o Dennis Dever’s Inspection Report- Scathing report that will not be posted in an effort to be “neighborly.” However, MAC members will all get a copy.
o Jim reports a new lease is being drawn up- A 2 yr lease with a 60 day “opt-out” clause. New lease further requires upgrades to the building. We currently have no lease. Eric Valdina is “not happy” with the report.
o Chris W suggests we ought to
1) Resolve the “Old Firehouse Issue.” Negative sentiment arose as School department suggested they might eventually need the space. Ingrid G asks if Richard B withdrew from school firehouse idea. Jim says, yes, BOS did withdraw but school still open to idea but ONLY for a Town Office (no Post Office). There was an estimate from 2 yrs ago, Sinclair Builders, to re-roof, re-side, etc with Ron adding 20% contingency…104k +20%= 125.5k.
2) Look at 2nd option to design and build next to current Firehouse.
o Joanne suggests a 3rd option- Look into leasing the Parsonage for 3-5 years while further developing a permanent town-owned structure.
o Ingrid suggests that Longfellow School is still an option for a temporary Office as it is well-known that school kids will use Islesford school for at least the next year.
o Bruce Komusin’s land donation on GCI is mentioned as a possibility
o Cory sets a Town Office Committee Meeting for Tuesday, May 19th at 3:00 at LCI Library. Ingrid G will run the meeting and speak to school board regarding Old Firehouse and Longfellow School. Karin will look into Komusin Land. Ron will send design plans.
• Cory suggest’s that all MAC meetings will be held on the Thursday following BOS meetings
• Roads Group- Tabled for now
• Manset Drive On Group- Focused on Dock Extension issue. Tabled for now. However, Jim asked to go to SWH meeting to bring up issue before we move forward.
• New MAC Member
o Ted Spurling declined
o Joy S called- Jasmine wants to join MAC
o Serena not asked yet
o David Thomas not asked-current health issues
o Names mentioned-Frank Reese, Nick Barton, John Sinnott, Scott Bracy, Jason Pickering
o Inclined against “brand new” residents
o Decided that Cory will ask Serena, Jasmine next, then go from there.
-New Business:
• Ingrid concerned that emergency BOS meeting not posted on GCI
• Reiterated-Keep the Internet issue between Tom P and BOS for now
• Transportation Task Force Update
o TTF presented with four models which TTF needs to reduce to one
o Jim states we have no Commuter Boat contract- 3 yr contract ended. We need to renew or find another operator. Ron reminds that the warrant (#22) was changed to authorize extending current contract for one year. Pagels says he would be able to provide service one way or another in spite of rumored company financial issues.
o Motion by made Ron A, Chris W. second for BOS to extend contract for one year. All in favor but one (4-1). Motion Passes.

-Meeting adjourned 5:24 PM