School Board Meeting Minutes November 28, 2007

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Cranberry Isles School Board
Minutes of Meeting — 28 November 2007

I. Meeting called to order at the Union 98 office by chairperson Kate Chaplin at 1:00 P.M.
Present: Board members Kate Chaplin, Barbara Meyers and Ted Spurling; Superintendent Rob Liebow; Carol MacRae and Sally Rowan; Nan Hadlock via speaker phone.
II.Voucher approved and signed.
III. Reading of minutes and approval by board (Motion: Barbara; second: Ted; vote: yes, unanimously).
IV. Discussion items:
A. School Consolidation: Rob recommended that the Town of Cranberry Isles continue as far as possible with the plan to join the new Regional School Unit. A meeting of the Regional Planning Committee is scheduled for tonight. Some points to ponder about Cranberry Isles joining the new RSU:
i. We currently pay MDIHS per pupil, in contrast to MDI towns which pay based on enrollment (33%) and property valuation (67%).
ii. Rob expects the obligation from Cranberry Isles to increase greatly, based on property valuation.
iii. There would be no loss of school choice to towns that currently have it.
iv. Potential loss of Superintendent Office services if not member of RSU.
v. Cranberry Isles currently pays approximately $8200 per student for MDIHS—this would increase based on valuation.
vi. We will need to decide at some point whether to join the RSU or to be independent and contract office services.

B. Life jacket policy: Carol explained from an e-mail received by Charlotte Bates of the Maine School Management Association an opinion regarding legal liability while students are riding ferries. Ms. Bates believes that there is no way to require students to wear PFD’s (personal floatation devices, or life jackets) if not traveling on a school-sponsored activity and with a designated monitor. We currently have three students riding the ferry to school, and with no policy in place as they are traveling on their own time. Ted said that our first concern should be safety and our second concern legal liability—and yet the ferry company itself is required by the Coast Guard to follow safety regulations. Rob said that because there is no practical alternative to riding the ferry, the town as well as the ferry company might be held liable in the event of harm to a student. The board agreed that the School Department should assume responsibility, provide a monitor and require use of PFD’s. Some discussion as to how and whom: current Ed. Tech? Parents? Other volunteers? Deckhand, if compensated by the town? No action taken.
C. Roof of Longfellow School: Barbara has tried repeatedly (at least 12 times) since August to communicate with the contractor, Dave Meierdirk of D & M Construction, Orrington. The school department has paid him a large portion of the contract price up-front to buy roofing materials, and has a signed proposal. After several months there has been no activity other than staging, etc placed on site; no materials delivered; and no satisfactory communication. Carol said that she also has called repeatedly and found his answering machine full. Nan said that the town would require general liability papers. Carol agreed to draft a letter for Rob to sign and send to Mr. Meierdirk via certified mail.
D. Budget: Nancy Thurlow explained the preliminary 2008-2009 budget. No action taken.
V. Action Items:
A. Moved by Ted, seconded by Barbara to authorize the Superintendent to submit an RSU plan. Vote: yes, unanimously.
B. Moved by Barbara and seconded by Ted to accept the resignation of Carol MacRae effective 10/31/2007. (Due to a technicality in her retirement contract this has become necessary, and Carol has been volunteering her services. The school department will advertise and interview candidates.) Vote: Yes, unanimously.
VI. Other Business: None.
VII. Executive Session: None.
VIII. Adjournment: 3:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Theodore L. Spurling, Jr.

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