CIRS Meeting Minutes June 11, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Date: June 11, 2015
Time: 16:30pm
Location: Islesford Volunteer Fire Department
Attendance: 5

Katelyn Damon, Chief + Secretary
Hugh Smallwood, President
Kelly Sanborn, Vice President
Cory Duggan, Treasurer
Mary Schuch

  1. Call to Order: Katelyn Damon called the meeting to order at 1629.
  2. Review Minutes from April 23, 2015.
  3. Cory Duggan moves to accept the minutes from April 23, 2015. Hugh Smallwood seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

  4. Financial Report:
  5. April 2015
    2 Credits
    $803 from Roy Hadlock for purchase of old ambulance.
    $1,257.24 reimbursement from TCI for various EMT expenses.
    1 Debit
    $233.15 to DR Solutions for Medical Cabinet installation.
    Balance as of April 30, 2015: $4,623.90
    May 2015
    No Activity this month.
    Balance as of May 31, 2015: $4,623.90
    Katelyn Damon moves to approve the treasurer’s report as given. Cory Duggan seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

  6. Old Business:
  7. a. EMT Class Update:
    Tom and Becca have paid for their NREMT testing and are waiting to get a date.
    b. Outside lighting update
    Cory Duggan spoke to Jay Peruzzi about updating the outside lighting- specifically for the winter.
    No estimate for the work has been received.
    c. IRS Update
    Nothing new to report. Cory Duggan is still working on this.

  8. New Business:
  9. No New Business

  10. Other Business:
  11. Fundraiser on Cranberry- Slideshow of Baltimore Trip.
    Sunday, August 9. Potluck @ Kelly & Norman Sanborn’s house?

  12. Monthly Agenda Items:
  13. a. Training:
    June 29, 2015 4:00pm
    Traction Splint & Vacuum Splint
    BP/ Vitals
    b. Next meeting: Tuesday, July 7, 2015: 4:30pm

  14. Setting of Action Items:
  15. Future Agenda Items
  16. Islesford Fair- Hour long shifts

  17. Adjournment
  18. Katelyn Damon makes a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1648. Hugh Smallwood seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Katelyn Damon