Municpal Advisory Commission Meeting Minutes March 30, 2007

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Municipal Facilities Commission Meeting Minutes
March 03, 2007
Town Office, Islesford

Dan Lief, BOS Jason Pickering, MFC
Phil Whitney, BOS Eve Harrison, MFC
Bill McGuinness, Facilities Supervisor Malcolm Donald, MFC
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk Frank Reece, MFC
Lise Pratt, MFC

I. Call to Order: 8:39 A.M. by Board of Selectmen Chair, Phil Whitney.

II. Facilities Projects Review
A. Town Office
Town Office Floors have been freshly painted, and the floor reinforced for the March 01 delivery of the fireproof safe to store town records. Thank you to Denise McCormick and Bill McGuinness for doing the work. A special thanks to Sheila Krasnow for coming in to deep clean the office.
B. Roads Maintenance
• The Road Commissioner has advised to wait until the weather warms up to continue with pot hole patching.
• The Great Cranberry Island Sand and Salt Shed roof is up, and the building is enclosed.
• There are no plans at this time to do anything with the old shed that is on the property.
• Cleanup measures will be taken when the old shed is removed.
C. Manset Maintenance
• MFC Member Eve Harrison recommends that the Town request copies of all files from Civil Engineering Services (C.E.S.) for work done on behalf of Cranberry Isles. Bill McGuinness will ask C.E.S. to gather and forward the copies to our town office for filing.
• Research work is being done by the M.F.C. on the feasibility of increased parking spaces for off-island parking.
• It is also recommended to ask the Town of Southwest Harbor for copies of meeting minutes that pertain to the Cranberry Isles property at Manset for filing at our town office.
D. Parking Administration
• Parking letters are expected to be mailed sometime in late March.
• No one was turned away for parking requests in 2006, unless it was a request for more than one space, or late in the season when lots were full.
• No cost estimate has been received by the Town in reference to a letter suggesting that there may be some space in Northeast Harbor available near the Neighborhood House.
• At the present time, the Town of Cranberry Isles is not in a place to desperately need additional parking on the mainland.
E. Town Property Inventory / Uses
• An overall plan for usage of the Town Garage Property at Islesford was considered appropriate, considering there is so little town owned land to work with on this island.
• A-4 Architects has voluntarily produced preliminary plans for a multi-faceted project for the Islesford Town Garage Property in hopes of serving a lot of the Town’s needs. The plans include space for the required Sand & Salt Shed, storage of the Town Plow Truck, fire trucks, ambulance, storage for the recycling area, the existing recycling area- with the fence to remain the same except for maybe widening the gated entrance, and the compactor.
• At this time employees are very happy with the current location of the town office.
• At March Town Meeting, warrant article #20 will ask: “to see if the voters will vote to spend five thousand dollars ($5000.00), out of funds originally budgeted for TCI Transfer Station completion, on engineering work- including architectural drawings, a site plan, a construction budget, etc.-for a municipal storage and garage facility on Little Cranberry Island, to be reviewed and modified through public hearings and presented to voters at a Special Town Meeting in 2007 for final approval.”
• Selectmen and MFC will be working closely with the Town Treasurer for future impact on budgeting of such a project.
• Two public hearings are to be scheduled sometime this summer, with hopes of a special town meeting in July or August. The Floor plan is very important, and the residents will be deciding the aesthetics of the building.
• Islesford’s Transfer Station still needs approval from the abutting land owners. A memo of understanding, stating that the transfer station will continue, now and in the future, to run clean and by regulations, is being prepared for the abutters. C.E.S. will be preparing the application for Islesford Transfer Station.
• Islesford Town Garage plans are preliminary, and a separate issue from the transfer station plans.
• Eve Harrison asks if there are any developments on the plans for the Islesford Town Field (Hadlock Field). Nan Hadlock asks that any plans for the town field is directed to interested parties as soon as they are ready.
• Eve Harrison is interested in having Hadlock Field evenly graded for sports purposes. While this has not been a top priority project, it is assured that the grading would not have any impact on any plans for the property. The Town does have a survey for the property on file at the Town Office. Eve will further research the possibility of and price for grading the ball field.
• In reference to the Dan Wigatow letter asking the town to consider moving the Sutton Island Town Dock, no further communications are available at this time. It is believed that the new location suggested for the dock would be overly exposed to weather.
• Michael Phillips has previously offered copies of his Sutton Island research to the town. Eve Harrison will follow through with this offer.
• The Firehouse by the Islesford School is owned by the Town of Cranberry Isles. At this time it stores an attack pumper.
F. GCI Store / Public Restrooms
No communications at this time.
G. Trash Disposal
Previously discussed.
H. Harbors / Wharves / Floats / Ramps
Warrant article #15 on the warrant for the March 12, 2007 town meeting will ask: “to see if the voters of the Town of Cranberry Isles will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to contract with the State of Maine, Department of Transportation for a Small Harbor Improvement Program (SHIP) Grant of twelve thousand, six hundred dollars ($12,600.00), in which the Town of Cranberry Isles will match the grant by appropriation of five thousand, four hundred dollars ($5,400.00), for the purpose of constructing a new gangway for Great Cranberry and three new finger floats, one each for Great Cranberry, Little Cranberry, and Sutton Island Harbors, and using these funds, to perform said construction.”
I. Grant Applications
• In reference to a federal D.O.T. grant approval, cost figures for replacement of shore ramps at GCI and Islesford have been submitted by the Town. Cost figures for a lighting project at the Cranberry Dock at Manset, and an American Disabilities Act compliance study at the Cranberry Dock at Manset, are forthcoming and are needed for final approval of the total grant.
• Facilities Supervisor Bill McGuinness will attend a workshop this spring which will make it possible for him to administer projects paid for with grant funds.
J. Leases & Real Estate
Warrant question #23 at the March 12, 2007 Town Meeting will ask if the voters “will vote to sell the Marsh USA Insurance building, formerly the Hinkley Insurance building, owned by the Town of Cranberry Isles and located in Southwest Harbor (Manset), Maine; such sale to be undertaken by the Board of Selectmen on behalf of the Town of Cranberry Isles at the conclusion of the present lease with Marsh USA, with all net proceeds being applied to debt reduction for the Town of Cranberry Isles.” This warrant question was initiated by a citizen’s petition.
Questions arose as to whether the Selectmen would have the flexibility to sell the building as a favorable sale, or whether the building would have to be sold at the end of the lease no matter if the market is favorable at the time or not.
At this time the town has a favorable lease, and virtually no time is spent on the operation of the building. The lease makes the real estate worth more. Bill McGuinness will seek an interpretation of the warrant question from the attorney. If the voters wish, the article could be amended from the floor.

II. Budget & Warrant Review
• The final budget and warrant are now ready to post.
• At this time, taxes are not expected to go up, pending voting at Town Meeting.
• Great job Denise McCormick on the 2006 audit! The accountants were pleased with both the presentation and preparation for the annual audit.
• In reference to fire department allocations for 2007, there is still some contention voiced, as the lack of communication between the town and the fire departments throughout the year is undesirable.
• Projected 2007 budgets were received from both the G.C.I. and Islesford Fire Departments.

III. Other Business
• In reference to questions about procedures on the floor of town meeting,
-Line item amounts can be raised from the floor.
-Warrant question amounts cannot be raised from the floor.
• In reference to the recent Mount Desert Islander article about Beal & Bunker Ferry Service to Cranberry Isles:
-The Town of Cranberry Isles is not irresponsible in the negotiations with
Beal & Bunker.
-Beal & Bunker has not asked for anything from the Town thus far.
-MFC Member Hal Newell, Selectman Dan Lief, and Facilities Supervisor
Bill McGuinness are to meet with David Bunker this month.
-None of the Town Officials involved with this project were contacted by the
Mount Desert Islander for comment.
• It is suggested that an alternative meeting day for MFC Meetings be chosen, as it is fairly inconvenient for some of the participants to attend Saturday meetings. No action was taken on this suggestion.

III. Adjournment: 11:25 A.M.
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