Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes August 04, 2015

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
August 04, 2015
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
Malcolm Fernald, BOS
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Phil Whitney
Ellie Miller
Jack Miller
John Goodwin
Erica Merrill
Sheryl Sholl
I. Call to Order: 8:32 A.M. by Chairman Richard Beal.
II. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 35: 6,370.69
Warrant # 36: 42,300.00
Warrant # 37: 29,646.09 (school)
Warrant # 38: 6,872.47
Warrant # 39: 191,947.77
Total: $ 277,137.02
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
III. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: July 07, 2015
One correction:
Section IV, New Business, subsection D, Town Office Lease / Other Options:
“A trailer could be leased from Main Trailer for $410 per month.”
Florence Joy Sprague moves to approve the July 07, 2015 with the above correction. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with the unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.
IV. New Business
A. Town Office Trailer Lease
The trailer has been delivered and set up at Islesford, beside the fire house. A porta potty will be delivered soon. James Fortune and Atom Electric are working on electric and telephone for the new facility. The Town Office will be moving to the new location on Maple Avenue by August 31, 2015. The heat in the trailer is electric. The Town will be moving its propone heater and propane tanks from the current location to the fire station. Junk cars will need to be moved from the gravel pit before this as there will be no parking allowed in front of the fire house doors due to emergency reasons.
B. Office Furniture and Equipment
Denise McCormick will order any new office furniture that may be needed for the new location. James Fortune is working on electricity, phones and internet will be shared with the Islesford Volunteer Fire Department.
C. Islesford Road Reconstruction Bids
Two bids were received for road reconstruction on Islesford:
Total Reconstruction Bids:
• K.J. Dugas Construction, Inc. $250,562.06
• John W. Goodwin, JR Construction $197,164.06
Reclaim Bids:
• K.J. Dugas Construction, Inc. $140,882.50
• John W. Goodwin, JR Construction $138.470.80
At the annual Town meeting in March 2015, voters approved $160,000 for this project. There is $30,294 in reserve funds available for use. The total of these funds equals $190,294. One option is to reduce the length of reconstruction on Main Street by approximately two hundred feet with a change order. Another option is to take additional funds needed from the Selectmen's contingency fund.
Richard Beal moves to approve the contract with John W. Goodwin, JR Construction in the amount of $197,164.06. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.
John Goodwin, JR Construction asks for a one third deposit paid immediately to cover barging costs.
The Board of Selectmen signs at the top of the contract page.
Florence Joy Sprague moves to authorize the Treasurer to pay a one third deposit for barging costs. Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.
D. GCI Snow Plowing Contract
One bid was received for the November 01, 2015 to April 15, 2016 snow plowing on Great Cranberry Island:
• Blair Colby submitted a three part bid:
2015: $14,000
2016: $17,000
2017: $17,000
(2016 and 2017 would be subject to voter approved funds at the 2016 annual Town meeting and is stated as such in Mr. Colby’s bid documents.)
There is no fuel adjustment stated in the bid. A signed letter from Blair Colby with set price per gallon stated for each season will be required.
Richard Beal moves to accept the bid from Blair Colby. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.

Richard Beal requests that James Fortune arrange for the Islesford plow truck, owned by the Town, to be sent off island soon for yearly maintenance and to make sure the sander is cleaned out before the winter season begins.
E. TCI Commuter Boat Contract
Two bids were received for the TCI Commuter Boat Contract for the winter season:
• Andrew Keblinsky $81,998.28 (without back up boat)
$96,348.33 (with back up boat)
Boats would need to be purchased by Mr. Keblinsky

• Steve Pagels $62,649.00
Mr. Pagels will have two boats available for the season. All supporting documents of insurance and inspection are included with the bid.

At the annual Town meeting in March 2015, voters approved the following funds for the commuter boat:
$52,000 for the winter season
$ 9,800 for the summer season
Total: $62,352
The Selectmen will schedule a special Board meeting if necessary, to review the bid with Mr. Pagels in hopes of some sort of renegotiations. James Fortune will contact Mr. Pagels.
F. Request to have the Town plow Ted & Ray Road
The Administrative Assistant has received a request from Islesford Resident, Miklos Pogany, dated July 29, 2015. Mr. Pogany is requesting that the Selectmen approve Ted and Ray Road, as a private road, for plowing this upcoming winter. Mr. Pogany will be living at his residence on Ted and Ray Road this winter and expresses his concerns of access in the winter for himself, emergency vehicles, and fuel truck deliveries.
Richard Beal moves to approve the request. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.
G. MEDOT: Local Road Assistance Program 2015-16
The Board of Selectmen signs the certification 2015-2016 for the Local Roads Assistance Program. It is estimated that the municipality of Cranberry Isles will receive one payment of $6,968 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015 by December 1, 2015.
H. Sign FST Contract: Islesford Dock Extension
The Selectmen have received a proposal from Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, LLC for designing and preparing the contract plans and specifications to extend the pier at Islesford by forty feet and for relocating the existing building onto the new pier structure.
Estimated cost of this proposal is $40,011.67. The Town of Cranberry Isles has received a Shore and Harbor Grant in the amount of $30,000 for this purpose. A twenty five percent match is required to be paid by the Town for the grant. Funds have been approved and in reserve to cover this match.
Richard Beal moves to enter into an agreement with Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, LLC. Malcolm Fernald seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Florence Joy Sprague. Motion passes.
Florence Joy Sprague has signed the agreement on behalf of the Board of Selectmen.
I. Land Sale in Manset
No information at this time.
J. Assessment Review
In question is the legality of the TCI Board of Assessment Review. The Town Attorney has been contacted by the Selectmen. None of the current Board of Assessment Review members have been sworn in for duty, nor are any members currently versed in the Assessment Review process. A warrant article is a possibility at the annual Town meeting in March, asking voters if they wish to continue with a Board of Assessment Review for our Town. Without a Board of Assessment Review, the taxpayers would appeal to the Hancock County Commissioners for abatement requests.
Richard Beal moves that the Board of Assessment Review be suspended in Town of Cranberry Isles, pending vote at Town meeting in March 2016. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the vote, with a unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.
K. Main Offshore Island communities: TILSON Broadband Study
Informational meetings were held on both Great Cranberry Island and Islesford. Tilson is still in the information gathering stage and a survey will be sent to residents in the near future.
L. Appointment: Zone 1 (GCI) Fire Chief
The Board of Selectmen appoints Richard Howland as Fire Chief for Zone 1, Great Cranberry Island.
It is suggested that perhaps firefighters and emt’s be asked to sign on for a specific amount of time served in the Town of Cranberry Isles, in exchange for training paid for by the Town. In the past, many individuals have trained with TCI tax dollars, but soon left the islands to pursue their career elsewhere. Richard Beal suggests that the Town Attorney review a policy asking emergency personnel to sign on for time served in exchange for paid training. Currently, firefighters work as volunteers; emt’s and boat operators transporting those in need of delivery to the mainland are paid a stipend for each call.
V. Other Business
• Florence Joy Sprague requests that the Selectmen’s meeting in September be rescheduled to another day if it would interfere with opening day at the Ashley Bryan School. This year the first day of school does not interfere with the Selectmen’s meeting, but this will be kept in consideration in the future.
• It is reported that the transfer station gate doors at Islesford are flimsy and need frequent repair. It is suggested that the doors be replaced with a sturdier material.
• It is reported that the last step on the right side going down of the ramp at Northeast Harbor Dock is in need of repair. It is also reported that the pitch of the ramp in Northeast Harbor at low tide is dangerous. Richard Beal will bring up these concerns with the Mount Desert Town Manager.
• Richard Beal suggests that if a person is applying for general assistance with the Town of Cranberry Isles, the individual should be a registered voter who lives here in order to qualify.
• The Sutton Island White goods pick up has been scheduled for August 20, 2015.
• Two 2014 tax liens have been paid off. Four tax liens are set to mature as of November 22, 2015.
VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. § 405(6)(A)
None requested.
VII. Audience Communications
• It is reported that the holes dug for the original site of the cistern on the Town Field at Islesford are a hazard, and possibly a liability for the Town and should be addressed.
• It is suggested that a warrant article be included for the Town meeting in 2016, asking the voters to budget funds for care of revolutionary war graves in the Town of Cranberry Isles. Phil Whitney is awaiting an estimate for the cemetery on Great Cranberry Island. James Fortune is requested to consult with the Town attorney in reference to Town responsibility for these gravesites.
• Katelyn Damon suggests a sign on the Town Docks asking residents to not throw food waste on the beach there. She relates that is nasty to see as a welcoming point to our islands and a hazard to children playing there.
VIII. Adjournment: 10:41 A.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Malcolm Fernald. Motion passes.

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