May 27, 2015 (Transportation Task Force)

MAC Transportation Task Force Meeting
April 9, 2015
Cranberry Isles Town Office

Members present: Jim Fortune (Assistant to the BOS), Joy Sprague (selectman),
On phone; Ron Axelrod, Chris White, Paul Thormann, Sam Donald, Charles Norris, Ingrid Gaither, Skip Stevens

• Call to order 4:05pm
• Review of agenda
• Acceptance of minutes of February 26, 2015
o Ron moves to accept minutes, Chirs 2nd; Minutes accepted
• Expansion of Transportation task Force (new members):
o Paul Thormann has been added as a new member
• Review of Charlie Norris’ memorandum dated April 8, 2015
o The overall goal is to have an action plan ready to present to the Selectmen and the Town in October 2015
o Charlie Norris gave a synopsis of hos April 8th memorandum that outlines a (draft) schedule/timeline for the TTF
1. (April-June): Alternative ferry operations and management plans with analysis and selection of best plan, along with initial steps on funding sources, vessels needed and dock issues. Action Items: (Charlie Norris) will draft a set of models/plans and present them to the TTF for review and refinement; these are concept plans for the TTF to work with and then fill in the details. The plans will cover areas such as funding sources, landing rights and management plans. Charlie will get a rough draft done for the next TTF meeting (scheduled for Thursday, April 30th). TTF will report back to Norris about ferry & barging service this past winter and how it relates to the survey results. (Skip Stevens) will contact Northeast Harbor (Mount Desert) and Southwest Harbor to work on landing rights and docking issues.
2. (June-August): Selected action plan detailed development that includes funding components, ferry contracts and management, landside dock negotiations and RFP preparation. Norris will work out details of funding and landing rights with input from the TTF subcommittees. The TTF will initially start with general ideas and work towards more specifics and details.
3. (September): Final plan preparation for Town Meeting with final details and packaging of plan elements for a Town meeting, including outreach and discussion in advance as needed.
4. (November-May): Proposal period (RFP) for operator response for improved ferry service. The RFP will come out of the process over the next few months. To be drafted by Charlie Norris to issue in the fall/winter 2015 and presented at the annual Town Meeting March 2016 for voter approval.

o Finding sources may include: existing TCI ferry service money; other grant money from federal/state sources; Mail Boat contract (U.S. Mail Service; other as yet undefined sources. Action Items: (Ron Axelrod and Chris White) will make initial contacts with various funding agencies such Maine D.O.T., Congressional Reps., Senators and State Legislators. (Joy Sprague) will check to see if the Town can bid on the U.S. Mail contract.

Other Action Items for Next Meeting:
o Axelrod will send out a schedule for meetings and tasks for the April 30 meeting.
o Axelrod will combine Norris’ fall memorandum with the April 8th memo into a flow chart and milestone dates. The Selectmen and MAC should be invited to be part of the “milestone” meetings.
o Fortune will get information on cancelations for the TCI ferry services this past winter (i.e., barging problems).
Next meeting Thursday, April 30, 2015 at 4pm
Meeting adjourned 5:30