July 9, 2015 (Municipal Advisory Committee)


Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
July 9, 2015
Cranberry House, Cranberry Isles

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC), Ron Axelrod (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Chris White (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC, Jim Fortune (TCI)

-Call to order at 4:01
-Review of Agenda- Anything to add?
• Chris wants to add item- conversation with Richard Beal re: road update
• Chris notes correct spelling of “Samuel”.
• Chris moves, Ron 2nd –minutes from 6/4/15 Accepted.
-Work Plan:
• Town Office
o Looked into Parsonage- Joanne and Jim looked into code. There was a concern re: cesspool and maintaining “grandfather status”
o At Tuesday Selectman’s Meeting- voted on and decided to move into a 10 x 50 office trailer- be there this Fall into Winter
o Regarding Parsonage- Dennis D feels we can probably move in “as is” as long as no expansion of use.
o Regarding trailer- Jim informs…It’s a “done deal” by Sept 1. “no need for water” but a heated Porta-Potty has been ordered. Chris objects- saying it “makes no sense.”
o Regarding Parsonage, Jim discovered that ADA access is met with 32” doors- 2 interior doors need to be modified- we could use upstairs bath BUT would have to close in stairs
o Jim further says “change of use Permit” required. Kim Keene asked about septic and discovered cesspool issue- At a minimum, must modify 2 doors, create access ramp and bathroom on first floor
o Cory notes that Church does not want to change the structure but downstairs bath is ok. Chris expressed concern about public use of water but it is noted that bathroom will be available.
o Ron briefly discusses William Scotsman trailers that come with bathroom as the current trailer plan does not
o Jim suggests we get into trailer and THEN find out what we need to do for Parsonage- inform Church by next March.
o Discussion on getting out of trailer SOONER than March if issues with Parsonage are minor
o Ingrid offers the possibility of heated Porta- Potty at Parsonage as an alternative but it was mentioned that the Church liked the idea of downstairs bathroom
o Dennis says we DO need to go for “Change of Use” from CEO and Chris wonders about the change being a “temporary matter” and what difference that might make
o Cory says the trailer might be a good idea because of Parsonage issues that might crop up while still moving forward with Permanent Town Office (Town Meeting)
o Agreed that Trailer for the interim, then a Parsonage lease, while, in the meantime, creating a Town Office Proposal for Town Meeting- ideally putting money away incrementally during the lease
o Chris W says (regarding permanent town office) “well issues at Cirt House nearly sank us”- If a deep well is on Town Property then tap into it. Ron has the records
o Cory asks Karin to check in on Komusin Land- Karin requests that Cory write a written request. Jim notes that even if land is offered to town it must go on the warrant and to the voters
o Ingrid- no more news on Longfellow
o [Dick Pierson, GCI resident now present]
• Chris moves, Cory 2nd- accept minutes from April meeting (an oversight)
• Roads Group
o Up for bid for full-depth rebuild
o Might be more than we budgeted- some alternatives were offered but rejected by Selectmen. Likely to make mods to reduce costs when bids come in
o Construction period- begin in October and take about a month
o Jim-very few other road issues
• Transportation Task Force
o Ron discusses TTF plan. At the TTF meeting… reviewed Norris plan, agreed to develop a business model using passenger counts, agreed to develop at an “idealized service” for 5-10 year period, followed by a plan to implement said “idealized service”- In short, a discussion of what we want THEN how to go about getting it
o Chris W expressed concern about SWH service and its availability next Spring
o Ron responds- as of the end of September we will have a plan and start to implement.
o Commuter Service bids due end of August- Cory notes that if Pagels doesn’t bid, likely to be done.
o Ron says they are looking at a non-profit model.

-Other Business:
• Chris W and Road Report….
o He approached Richard B- Richard says…we are following SW Cole report so we don’t need to ride around.
o Chris would like to see report
o Ron says after we do re-roads on Islesford this Fall; all roads will be rated satisfactory- doesn’t want to do more.
o Jim notes SW Cole report did not evaluate shale rds but offered a maintenance schedule.
o As for Islesford- question arose whether “ride around” was necessary- Ron re-emphasized “our roads are sidewalks” and do no more. Chris W says- but we do have to maintain what we’ve done.
o Cory brings up the issue of “roads fund” to be used for maintenance- should we create one? It was noted that ramp fees are behind with one company
[Joanne departs meeting- the following notes are taken from Jim F’s notes]

• LCI Dock Extension….
o Have Paul Pottle start work on engineer/design for the LCI dock extension while we wait for work from the state D.O.T. on the shore & harbor planning grant request.

• Manset Property….
o Check on the insurance coverage and status of the Manset boat shop. Make sure that the tenant is not doing work in there that isn’t covered by insurance

-Meeting adjourned 5:00 PM