June 4, 2015 (MAC Meeting)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
June 4, 2015
Cranberry House, Cranberry Isles

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Chris White (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jasmine Samual (MAC candidate), Jim Fortune (TCI)

-Call to order at 4:02
-Review of Agenda- Anything to add?
• Ingrid brings up Parking and Enforcement- agree to discuss later
• Chris moves, Karin 2nd to accept minutes of May 9, 2015. Accepted.
-New MAC Member-
• Cory spoke with Jasmine S (in attendance). Currently not “approved” because it never made BOS agenda. Agreed that Jasmine won’t vote this time.
-Work Plan :
• LCI Town Dock
o Jim updates: Harbor Committee had selected a plan, submitted an application for Shore and Harbor Grant for design work.
o We have a budget of 40k for Paul Pottle, asking 30k from grant. We have 50k that was put in reserve and grant will add 30k. It is possible we might not get all 30k. Find out in July about grant.
o If grant comes in, initialize Pottle work.
o Fall/early winter- put together warrant for project. By Fall, should have design and cost idea. Possible Open Forum this Fall?
o Plan review: Harbor Comm chose 1 of 9- current shed moved, floats moved to South, skiff floats the same, new ramp parallel to dock- Ideal is that floats stay in year-round. 2 sets of stairs, wave attenuation on North side. Plan only affects a few moorings and design may only require “adjustments” to moorings
• Town Office
o Sub-Committee has met- voted to pursue Parsonage Lease for the short term. Voters have rejected building “new twice
o Long term options discussed were:
-Old Firehouse –vetoed
-New Firehouse
-Bruce Komusin donated land. Karin says “possible gift to Town”- perhaps early July probate
-Longfellow School- too early to address this one
o Chris suggests looking into land/property in disrepair. Chris mentions Carter House. Cory mentions the unpleasant but possible prospect of town tax foreclosures
o Deeper discussion of Parsonage
-2 yr lease with extension to 3.
-Walk through scheduled for 3:00 PM on Wednesday, June 10th. (side note: attended walkthrough- 3 town employees (Denise, Nan, Jim), Malcolm, Joy, Cory, Joanne, Ann Fernald)
- Both old office and Parsonage Office are sites at risk for violations- could be a problem no matter the direction. Current Landlord expressed interest in fixing issues in order to continue lease. No real interest in that.
o Regarding Town Office situation…Ingrid notes 2 things
- As a Cranberry resident, wasn’t really aware of how bad current situation was. Now that common knowledge, sentiment may be changing.
- Cranberry residents are hesitant to spend lots of money for building on Islesford. Going forward, next time, package Islesford Office with satellite office on Cranberry.
• Roads Group
o Reiteration of plan for Chris W to ride around with R Beal on Cranberry and Ron A to do Islesford with R. Beal in July
o Jim reports that road plans are in for Main St. construction on Islesford- 160k budgeted but its going to be a “little more”
o Discussion about types of rebuild- reclaim vs complete rebuild. We are now seeking bids on complete rebuild- history from Sand Beach Rd and rocks led to this decision- reclaim would have cost 90k.
o Karin asked about drainage- discussion about some culverts being replaced on Islesford and the problem on Cranberry of culverts “popping” up on driveways. Dorothy Siver’s culvert is mentioned
o Further discussion about deep/dangerous “swale”- ditches created from culvert to culvert.
o Cory moves, Chis 2nd to suggest to Selectman that a “high vis line” be painted/created for deep swales
o Chris moves, Cory 2nd that “Selectmen look at intersections and driveways and clear back” to improve visibility for driving along main rds along ditch lines
o Jim to pass both aforementioned motions to Selectmen
o Work scheduled for Sep/Oct

-Other Business:
• Ingrid brings up parking issue- the “not a MAC issue” was discussed and revisited. Jim has ordered 3 “72 hr “ signs.
• Discussion of how to enforce of Parking ordinances. Call Constable
• Ingrid- “Parking already a nightmare”
• Decided that we should “brainstorm” and come to next meeting with ideas
• Transportation Task Force Update
• Joanne asks about streetlights – all “up and running?” Jim will do survey of lights on LCI with Hugh Smallwood and on GCI with Phil Whitney

Selling Land in Manset-
• discussion of whether we can open it to a road. Jim says we have 60 ft- enough room for a 2 way rd.

-Next Meeting is July 9th

-Cory moves, Karin 2nd …Meeting adjourned 5:20 PM