Board of Selectman's Meeting February 5, 2008

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Board of Selectman’s Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Islesford Neighborhood House

Dan Lief, BOS Chairman
Aaron Gray, BOS
Richard Beal, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Amanda Ravenhill, Island Institute
Alyson Mayo, Island Institute
Carole McRae, School Principal
Kate Chaplin, School Board Chair
Barbara Myers, School Board
Courtney Chaplin, IVFD Chief
Margaret Blank
Karin Whitney
Phil Whitney
Margaret Blank
Cynthia Lief
Sally Rowan
I. Call to Order : 8:30 A.M. by Dan Lief
II. Review/Approval 01/08/08 Minutes
Aaron Gray moves to accept the BOS Meeting Minutes as written for January 08, 2008.Richard Beal seconds the motion, with an unanimous vote to approve.
III. Review. Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant #3 $ 3,754.50
Warrant #4 $ 4,953.58
Warrant #5 $ 25,804.21
Warrant #6 $ 946.30
Warrant #7 $ 28,654.91
TOTAL $ 64,113.50

Selectman Beal raised a question on Warrant #5, School Dept, about the large sums of money being spent on the school boiler system and it’s efficiency. Carole McRae responded that the boiler system was quite new and that the expense was because they ordered a new oil tank and had it filled. Selectman Lief brought up the Green Energy Program and Municipal Energy Audit, and felt maybe it was time to go ahead and have the Islesford School Building Audited. Eric Dyer was directed to work with Cynthia Lief and have the Building audited in the near future. There was further discussion of having all town properties and buildings audited.
All warrants were signed by the Selectman.
IV. Communications
A. Hancock County Emergency Management- Letter dated 12/27/07:
The BOS rec’d a letter from HCEMA reminding the Town Of Cranberry Isles that they had not received the Town’s Emergency Operations Plan. This is a requirement of municipalities to be NIMS compliant. Margaret Blank and Phil Whitney had worked on the plan in late 2006/early 2007, they had submitted it to the BOS at the May 2007 BOS Meeting. All that is left to do is have the BOS accept the Plan and send it in to the HCEMA. Phil Whitney suggests that the BOS sit down with the Fire Chiefs from Fire Dept Zone 1 & 2, constables and EMT’s to review. Selectman Lief motions to schedule a BOS Workshop for Friday, February 15th, 2008, 8:30 AM at the Islesford Neighborhood House to review and finalize the Town’s Emergency Operations Plan. Seconded by Aaron Gray. Town Clerk will be sure to get a copy of the Plan to Selectman.
Richard Beal, as he was not a Selectman at the time the Original Plan was submitted to the BOS.
B. Bangor Hydro Letter: Tree Trimming 2008
The BOS received a letter from Mark Lamberton, Line Clearance Specialist, Bangor Hydro. providing a notice of intent to trim, cut, or remove trees located within or adjacent to the public right-of-ways in the Town of Cranberry Isles during 2008 to cut down on the amount of power outages caused by trees and branches pulling lines down in bad weather. The letter states that if the Town would like to hold public hearings on this matter before tree trimming begins, then Bangor Hydro may not commence operations until after the hearings have been held.
Selectman Lief feels it would be a good idea to hold public hearings to allow landowners to find out what the guidelines are that B.H. follow when determining which trees and branches must be cut or trimmed. Barbara Myers asked if we know if Bangor Hydro has a licensed Arborists that makes sure that the trees are trimmed in a way that doesn’t kill the trees? Selectman Lief asks Eric Dyer to call and schedule a Public Hearing with Bangor Hydro. Selectman Gray wants the Public Hearings held as soon as possible so as not to delay the much needed tree trimming that needs to be done on the islands.
V. Old Business
A. 2008 Warrant:
The Warrant for the 2008 Annual Town Meeting was reviewed and signed. The BOS also signed an order to the Town Clerk to schedule a Special Town Meeting/School /Budget Validation Referendum on March 20, 2008, 8:30 AM Islesford Neighborhood House. This is a requirement of the State of Maine’s School Reorganization Law.
Richard Beal motions to have the Town Clerk mail a copy of the Annual Town Meeting Warrant to all registered voters, seconded by Daniel Lief. Unanimous vote to approve. The BOS would like the voters to get a copy of the Warrant now, instead of them having to wait for the Annual Town Report which is not available usually until the week before the Town Meeting. The Town Clerk was authorized to have the copies made by a printer, as 120 copies would be needed, and would be hard to get done on the Town’s Office photocopier. The money to be used for printing and postage of the mailing is to come out of Selectman’s Contingency Fund.
B. Town Report
Dan Lief is happy to report that the Town Report is ready to go to the printers. Nanette Hadlock has done an excellent job organizing the report’s contents. She has all the reports and pictures ready to go to the printers. Richard Beal suggests that the town go back to mailing a copy of the Annual Report to all property owners. The town had stopped mailing out the report to everyone in 2005 to save on the high costs of postage mailing out a large booklet. The Town has a request list of taxpayers who wished to get the report by mail, and had only been mailing it out to those who wanted it. This cut down on the expense of having more copies of the Report then needed, and the expense of postage. The Facilities Supervisor and the Town Clerk felt that we should come up with a more cost effective way to get the report mailed to the those who really wish for a copy. Richard Beal suggests that Town staff not make recommendations as to how the BOS spend the town’s money.
Dan Lief motions to mail a copy of the Annual Town Report to all Property Owners, second by Aaron Gray. Unanimous vote to approve.
C. School Consolidation:
Waiting for Kate Chaplin to arrive at 9:30 am, BOS to go back to later.
D. Municipal Website
Richard Beal presented his proposed website development from PHD Consulting.
This website would be the town’s official website, it would contain only official Town info, Monthly meeting agendas & minutes, and eventually have the Tax Info accessible on the site. Dan Lief motions to have Richard Beal work with Eric & Denise to finalize an agreement with PHD, making sure that the Town Office employees would be able to update the website and make changes ourselves. Second by Aaron Gray. All in favor.
C. School Consolidation: Kate Chaplin now present. Selectman went back to C.
Kate, Barbara Myers, and Carole McRae were at the meeting to give the Selectmen an update on the Consolidation Plan. The RSU plan that was submitted in December to the Dept of Education was rejected. Union 98’s plan is to retain centralized Administration office with satellite subcommittees for local school control & budgeting.
The RSU will shift how the funding formula for the amount of tuition the town will pay for High School students going to MDIHS. The plan will call for the town to pay tuition based on the valuation of the town, not amount of students that attend the school.
This could mean an increase in the school budget of over $100,000. The school board is now waiting for the RSU approval and funding formula to be worked out before they will have any more details on it.
Selectman Lief asked for an explanation as to why the school budget for 08-09 was so large.
The proposed budget is 25% higher then last years. Kate Chaplin provided a breakdown of the increases and what they are for.
1. Smaller Carryover from last years budget expected.
2. Health Insurance rates have increased by 12%. School pay 100% insurance for Staff & Their Families.
3. May need new teacher, so budgeted for salary and health insurance at a full family rate.
4. Salary increases of 3 ½ percent for Teachers and Ed Tech.
5. Substitute Teacher Stipend- gone up as there are more number of days needed.
6. Travel- Boat fare increases for GCI students who travel to/from Islesford daily.
7. Mailboat Monitor-students traveling to/from GCI must be monitored on boat.
8. Professional Services- increase in Special Education issues.
9. Student & Teacher Support- Guidance Counselor asked for an increase in compensation.
10. Technology- increase in High School student laptop program at MDIHS
11. Staff Salary- Increase in Principal’s salary
12. Buildings- Oil Prices have increased for heating the school. Building repairs are needed at Islesford School, and Longfellow School needs roof repairs.
Dan Lief asked if Eric Dyer could be more helpful to the school board on building repair projects that are needed, and should the town take more responsibilities for the upkeep of the two buildings.
Kate Chaplin will have the next school board meeting agenda include a talk with the BOS and Superintendent about the Islesford and Longfellow School Building, and what needs to be done.
Also discussed was the issue of whether or not we should pay our school board members for the time they have spent on the Consolidation issues. Richard Beal suggests modifying Article 9 at the Town Meeting to include compensation of $500 per school board member.
E. Ramp Fees
Richard Beal feels the Town should increase ramp fees from $2.50 to $6.00. It would help with the costs of maintaining the ramps. Some members of the audience felt this would be an unfair burden to those trying to do business out here. Dan and Aaron both felt they would like to think about this and have discussion brought back up at the April BOS meeting.
F. Ed Gray Contract
The Town received their Transfer Station Permit from the DEP for Islesford on Monday, Feb. 4.
The Selectmen and Eric Dyer will be negotiating the contract with Ed Gray, with the contract to be signed at the April BOS meeting.
G. DM Building & Roofing
State Police are investigating whether fraud charges can be brought against David Meierdirk, owner of DM Building & Roofing. The School Dept and various residents had paid for roofing services by DM, but the jobs were never done, and no contact from the business. Paperwork is being gathered and turned over for the investigation.
H. Invitation to Bid – GCI Fire House Station
Bid specs are ready and the Invitation to bid will be advertised in the local papers by Town Clerk.
Bids are to be sent to Town office no later than April 7, 2008. To be opened by BOS April 8th at 9:00am.
I. LCI Municipal Garage, Bid Specs Etc
Bid specs are not yet complete, Eric Dyer would like bid selection pushed back to the April BOS meeting. He would like a public hearing scheduled for mid-February to get input from residents and get building specs prepared. The selectman all agree that there is no need for any more hearings and that Eric should just get specs done and presented to them at the BOS workshop on Feb. 15th.
J. GCI Dock Repairs
The Town has received a contract proposal from Kleinschmidt of $13,350 for engineering of the project. The contract was signed by Selectmen. Eric wants to hold off until fall on this project Richard Beal disagrees and said the town should get going on project. Dan Lief would like see what the report from Kleinschmidt contains.
K. LCI Transfer Station - Included in discussion of (F.) Ed Gray Contract
L. Snow Removal
Issue with the ramps at GCI and Islesford. GCI’s ramp has been icing over, and Richard Beal suggests installing a culvert to get the run off from dock/parking area so it doesn’t build up on the ramp. Also, Islesford’s ramp is icing over, town needs to look into replacing culvert as it is not working properly.
Selectmen advise Eric Dyer to contact an appraiser and get an update on the valuation of the Marsh building in Manset.
VI. New Business
A. MAC Update
Frank Reese is now the chairman of the MAC. Malcolm Fernald is vice-chairman. The MAC would like to see the BOS attend their meetings as they are an advisory board to the Selectmen.
Richard Beal would like to see the MAC be more active in town issues such as food for people, power outage assistance, and other pressing needs.
B. Coyote Discussion
There have been sightings of coyotes on Islesford and GCI. The IF&W have been contacted about what can be done about them. Selectman Beal suggested placing a bounty on the coyotes or a controlled hunt. Selectmen ask Tiffany Tate, Animal Control Officer, to speak with Rick Alley about what he feels would be best to do out here.
VII. Other Business
Dan Lief signed the purchase agreement with Southern Fire Equipment for the new Fire Truck for Islesford.
· Karin Whitney reminds the BOS that she has no contract for the GCI restroom cleaning. Eric will get a contract drawn up for the BOS and Karin.
· Phil Whitney asks about the trailer in the GCI gravel pit. Richard Beal reports that the Colby’s have spoken with Timothy Gott to remove it ASAP.
Meeting was adjourned at 12:52 p.m.

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