September 3, 2015 (Municipal Advisory Commission)

By Jim - Posted on 20 October 2015

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
September 3, 2015
Islesford Library, Islesford

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC), Ron Axelrod (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone),Malcolm Fernald (BOS), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, Phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, Phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Jasmine Samuel (MAC), Paul Thormann (TTF), Skip Stevens (TTF)

Community Members: Eleanor Bright, Cheryl Sholl, Anne Fernald, David and Deb Brooks, Erica Merrill, Helen Merrill, Frank Reece, Barbara Hathaway, et al.

-Call to order at 4:00
-Review of Agenda-
• July 9th minutes- accepted
• Ron moves, Karin 2nd
-New Business-
• Budget Item
• Town Office Update
• Transportation Issues
• Discuss September 8th meeting with Northeast Harbor Marina Board
-Work Plan:
• Budget items- Committee to start sooner than November
o New float in Manset? Cost of 10k or more
o Repair/replace Sutton boardwalk
o Future Town Office
o New gate for LCI Transfer Station
o LCI Town Dock extension- budget estimate by end of the year. Find out about funding for 50% of extension after we get Pottle plans. Need to get on funding queue. Action Item: Jim to find out about funding issues-Permit good for 2 years
o Roadside ditching
o Add gravel, re-grade Joy Rd Lot
o Tilson Broadband Study results
o Road Construction- where to go from here. Spent 449k so far, 389k still undone according to SW Cole report. Do we stop?
• Discussion about Property Taxation-
o Discussion arose from community members. Concern over rising taxes and how to approach a request for “capping” upcoming budget. Budget creation process discussed. MAC works on it, then hands off to BOS.

• Town Office Update
o What next?
o Parsonage still a possibility? Up in the air…
o Action Item- Cory to send letter to Historical Society re: Komusin Land

• Transportation Task Force
o Special Town Meeting scheduled for October 24th
o Warrant not determined as of yet- more info needed
o Decided that MAC and TTF need to work together for awhile
o Meeting for September 8th in NEH- Attendees: Richard B, Joy S, Paul T, Ron A, Malcom F, Cory D
o Jason Pickering added to TTF

-Other Business:
• Potential Sale of Manset property (buildings) brought up
• Explore the idea of moving the Town Meeting 2 months later (May)

-Meeting adjourned 5:33 PM- motion Joanne, Ron 2nd