August 27, 2015 (Transportation Task Force)

Transportation Task Force
Meeting Notes
August 27, 2015
Islesford Neighborhood House on LCI at 4:00 P.M.

Meeting called to order at 4:00 P.M.

Members Present: Ron Axelrod, Paul Thormann, Cory Duggan, Joy Sprague; (by
teleconference): Chris White, Sam Donald

Other Present: Jim Fortune, Charlie Morris, Frank Newlin, Joanne Thormann, Frank

Ron Axelrod mentioned that other ferry operators might be interested in operating an
Interim ferry service if needed (i.e., if Beal & Bunker stops running). The Cranberry Isles
Commuter boat will be operating which would be a potential ferry service by expanding
its number of runs during the day. This might require a schedule adjustment so that only
1 or 2 trips are added.

David Bunker has said that he would like to sell his ferry business. He told Joanne
Thormann that he will keep the Town informed but he still needs to get the Sea Queen
ready for fall service and assess things. He would be open to the Town purchasing the
ferry service and equipment if that is how it works out. He is willing to discuss this with
the TTF and Selectmen. He said he will keep the Town informed.

Questions for the Town if it wanted to purchase the ferry business:
1. What will be sold
2. Boats/Equipment
3. Contracts
4. What assets are being offered for sale

• Potential operators will need some lead time to prepare boats and crew
• A better handle on purchasing and operating costs is needed
• A workable time-table is needed
• The Town can’t move forward with an RFP with or without Beak & Bunker boats
• Any action would need to have a Town Meeting to approve any of this. Money cannot be appropriated with taxes until the Annual Town Meeting in March. Any approvals before then will need to have approval from voters to borrow money.

Put an RFP draft together (at least a working draft). Get something approved that can be
implemented when it is needed. See if David can commit to s date for continuing the ferry
service; how much time do we have. Invite David Bunker to a Selectmen’s meeting to
discuss it.

Workshop Agenda:
1. Explain how the Transportation Task Force got to where it is now. Expalin how the
2. models were developed and decisions that were made about narrowing these down to 3 options that would best serve the Town’s needs
3. What will the potential costs be to the Town
4. What is the preferred model
5. Transition plan to get things lined up
6. This is not a done deal. These are recommendations that will be made to the Selectmen and will need voter approvals
7. Explain to residents why certain models are favored over others (there are 9 variations overall that were developed by the Towns water transportation consultant-Charlie Norris for the TTF)
8. Discussion to focus on a transition plan
Short-term plan to get us through the current situation
Long-term plan for ferry service for the Town

• Ron Axerod will give the background for the creation of the TTF and its purpose
• Cory Duggan will discuss/explain the long-term plan that has been worked out by the TTF over the past year
• Ron, Cory, Charlie Norris and others from the TTF will answer audience questions

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 P.M.