September 24, 2015 (Transportation Task Force)

Transportation Task Force
Meeting Notes
September 24, 2015
Islesford Neighborhood House on LCI at 4:00 P.M.

Meeting called to order at 4:00 P.M.
Members Present: Paul Thormann, Joy Sprague; Skip Stevens, Ron Axelrod; (byteleconference): Chris White, Ron Axelrod and Sam Donald

Other Present: Jim Fortune, Joanne Thormann, Jack Miller, Trinks Howard, Erica Merrill, Miklos Pogany, Gail Carr, Jack Miller, Ellie Miller, Sally Rowan, Richard & Helen Dudman, Malcolm Fernald, Jason Pickering, Sheryl Sholl, Trinks Howard; Charlie Norris, Carl Brooks and Ed Gray (by teleconference)

Questions about what will be recommended for the special Town Meeting. The TTFshould focus on recommendations for the Selectmen for the next 6 months (as an interim plan). The Selectmen should communicate with David Bunker to find out what hisintentions are. The TTF will work on recommendations to the Selectmen about what to
put on the Warrant.

Any meeting with the Board of Selectmen and David Bunker will need to be public. The Town attorney would be the vehicle for the Selectmen to talk to David Bunker; ask David Bunker what his intentions are. Question raised by TTF members about where the line is for when the Town can begin talking to David Bunker.

The Task for will make a recommendation about what its goals are for the next 6 months.

TTF recommendations.
1. Article to authorize the Selectmen and town attorney to meet with Beal & Bunker about a 6 month lease with option to buy
2. Determine who operates the those vessels
3. If nothing happens in the next 3 weeks the Town should go ahead and seek other partners
4. Between now and the October 24th town meeting, the Selectmen and Town attorney can do its research and preparation for the special town meeting
5. Seek a 6 month negotiating period
6. Solicit bids for other ferry operators pending approval at a subsequent town meeting.
7. The Warrant questions should be simple, and might include a lease option to purchase.

Jim Fortune reminded the TTF that its initial goal and mission was to consolidate ferry
services based on one of the long-term service models that the TTF has already come up
with the assistance of Norris & Norris.

1. Skip Stevens will write up a draft of some recommended Warrant Articles
2. Someone could ask David Bunker to send a letter of intent to the Town
3. Setting up the RFP’s will help the Town with ideas of value and costs relative to
purchasing or contracting for a ferry service

Meeting adjourned at 5:35 P.M.