IVFD Meeting Minutes 10/14/15

Date: October 14, 2015
Time: 4:45 pm
Truck Checks- Followed by Monthly Meeting.
Location: Islesford Fire Station

Attendance: 06
Jeremy Alley, Assistant Chief
David Thomas, President
Melissa Amuso, Treasurer
Katelyn Damon, Secretary
Jim Amuso
Ted Spurling

  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:20 pm by David Thomas.
  2. Review Minutes from September 09, 2015:
  3. Jim Amuso moves to approve the meeting minutes from September 09, 2015 as written. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. Vote; Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

  4. Financial Report:
  5. Checking Account balance: $24,550.05
    + $100 - Donation
    + $25 - T-Shirt Sales
    - $123- Broadcast Services
    - $1,200 Douglas Crane- Bill given to M. Amuso @ 10/14/15 Meeting.
    Checking Account balance as of 10/1415: $24,404.60
    Other incoming bills to note:
    Cistern ¾” round stone
    Air Compressor
    David Thomas moves to approve the financial report as given. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. Vote; Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

  6. Old Business
  7. a. Air Compressor Purchase
    Jeremy Alley to get an invoice for the air compressor, so that the dept. can write a check for purchase.
    b. Outside Lighting:
    CIRS has taken care of the outside lighting issue.
    c. Chain Purchase:
    No update; Cory Alley is not present.
    d. Driver Training:
    All EVOC certified drivers must meet with Richard ASAP to do a road course.
    e. Cistern Update:
    Katelyn will update the budget figures now that bills are coming in.
    Katelyn will work with Jason Pickering to order PVC parts and other stuff needed for completion of cistern.
    Discussion takes place about somehow plumbing a connection to the tank for automatic refill. At the very least the dept. should purchase a sump pump to be used with the well on site for the cistern.

  8. New Business:
  9. a. Hose Testing
    Needs to be completed ASAP.
    b. Class 9 PPC Rating
    Once the cistern is completed, Katelyn will re-apply to the ISO for an updated PPC rating for Islesford.

  10. Other Business:
  11. Folding Tank-
    Katelyn shows the IVFD a few examples for folding tanks.
    The dept. needs at least a 2,500 gallon tank.
    Katelyn to do more research on materials, etc and present a more concise quote for a new tank for the dept.

  12. Monthly Agenda Items:
  13. a. Training
    Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 3pm- Sutton Island- Pumps Removal
    Monday, October 26, 2015: 4:30pm- GCI Drafting
    b. Next Meeting Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015: 4:45pm

  14. Setting of Action Items
  15. Finish Cistern
    Air Compressor
    Driver Training
    Future Agenda Items

  16. Adjournment
  17. David Thomas moves to adjourn the meeting at 5:46 pm. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes

Respectfully Submitted,
Katelyn Damon