October 8, 2015 (Municipal Advisory Committee)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
October 8, 2015
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry Isles

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC), Ron Axelrod (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jim Fortune (TCI), Chris White (MAC, Phone)

Community Members: Phil Whitney, Carl Brooks (Phone)

-Call to order at 4:04
-Review of Agenda-
• 9/3/15 minutes- accepted
• Joanne moves, Cory 2nd
-Update on Special Town Meeting Warrant- (Jim)
• Landing Rights warrant item removed because Selectman already have the right to speak to Town of Mt Desert
• RFP language removed
• Next TTF Meeting- Next Thursday to discuss strategy for Town Meeting as they WILL be asked questions
-New Business-
• Manset Review (Ron)
o Nora Leary, Claire Dalton, Suzie McNamee will work on committee- pending BOS approval of all committee members (as per Cory’s discussion of committee protocol- all sub-Committee members must be voted in and accepted by BOS)
o Do we sell buildings? MAC had been asked by Selectman to look into this
o Ron Axelrod will chair committee
o Carl Brooks wishes to join-
o Malcolm Donald and Ron worked on this in 2012- Selectman approved getting appraisal
o 1.5 Million for entire property, 700k-800k for buildings
o Jim notes that because of Municipal Bonds – we are limited in what we can do.
-Work Plan: List from Richard Beal
• Budget Assignments
o (52)Public Safety- Cory, Katelyn D, Chris W, Karin W
o (55) Education- Ingrid
o (51) General Gov- Denise
o (53) Solid Waste- Jim
o (54) Roads and Public Transportation- Chris W and Ron A
o (56) Donations- Karin
o (57) Debt Service- Denise
o (58) Municipal Facilities- Ron

• TTF Update
o Beal and Bunker will continue- Review David Bunker letter
o Focus on Long Term- NEH landing Rights, Funding, Developing RFP for service.
o TCI Harbor Ordinance- Ron discusses the need for docking ordinance in terms of passenger service for our Long Term Plan. Jim clarifies that it was removed from warrant because not enough time to write one. Harbor Committee should right it?
o Review of Carl Brook’s letter re: NEH Landing Rights

• Dock Extension
o Finalized profile
o Pottle has modified plans for Harbor Comm- no winter floats, some tricky issues to extend docks. Challenges with wave attenuation and use of granite
o Harbor Comm likes new design ideas- Pottle working on budget numbers

• Town Office
o Continue to work on this issue
o Jim will send a letter to Church Club- ask permission for Dennis D (CEO) to look at property
o Komusin Letter to be written soon. (Cory)

• Fire Department
o Looking for budget for Septic, Well, Landscaping, support equipment
o Discussion of necessity- Only do items that reduce TCI from Category 10 to Category 9
o Waiting for budget specifics to be submitted

-Other Business:
• Town Meeting- wait for results to see where we go. Survey of Facebook?

- Next Meeting November 12, 2015, 4:00 on Islesford
-Meeting adjourned 5:30 PM- motion Chris, Karin 2nd