November 12, 2015 (MAC Minutes)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
November 12, 2015
Islesford Library, Islesford

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC), Ron Axelrod (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Jasmine Samuel (MAC) Jim Fortune (TCI), Chris White (MAC, Phone), Joy Sprague (BOS), Malcolm Fernald (BOS), Denise McCormick (TCI)

Skip Stevens (TTF), Paul Thormann (TTF, phone), Sam Donald (TTF, phone), Frank Reece (TTF, phone)

Community Members: Ed Gray

-Call to order at 4:02
-Review of Agenda-
• Housekeeping- Comments limited to TTF and MAC only due to time constraints of shortened meeting
• Minutes from 10/8/15 accepted- Chris moves, Ron 2nd
-TTF Update (Ron)
Preliminary discussion of “Consolidated Ferry Service Recommendation” for Selectmen (authored by Ron and Charlie N)
• One Operator for all services
• Must haves:
o Docking (Harbor) Ordinance
o All subsidies combined (approx. 126k)
o NEH Landing Rights for TCI so operator can use them
• Final report will have: Routes, Schedules, Vessel Specs, Business Model
• The “Recommendation” would be presented as a warrant at Town Meeting in March
• If passes, move forward on 3 “must haves”, create RFP’s, then negotiate with operators
• Skip reminds that we await final report from consultant (should be January)
• Update from Selectman’s meeting- Cory says Selectman want recommendation for December 8th meeting
o Some Concerns- What particular RFP do Selectman want on Dec 8th?
o It was not charged to TTF to complete specs for consolidated service?
o Concerns over timing
o Suggestion: BOS create an Ordinance Committee with members of MAC, TTF, Harbor Committee, and Community
• Repercussions from Article 5 having been voted down-
o Charlie is approx. 5k over budget (Town budgeted 20K at Town Meeting)
o No money in reserve (Denise)
o Ron going to Island Institute to discuss funding
o Charlie will finish but “can we find funding?”

• Fire Truck- Truck on GCI is not reliable. They would like to model GCI on what LCI has. GCI does not have personnel like LCI
• 51- Govn’t
o Discussion of Selectman Pay- Selectman track hours? It was noted that Compensation is a warrant item and will be addressed
o Decide to table Budget discussion- We (MAC) need to review budget and prepare questions for more structured discussion
-Town Office:
• Cory reviews letter re:Komusin Land
• Ron reminds that there are 4 existing designs that pair with LCI Firehouse
• Jim asks about Parsonage status- Joy (as Church Club board) expresses that they ARE in favor of renting- however, they are committed to rent to private party next summer (through August, 2016)
• It was also reminded that it cost 10k to do the move to the current Town Office trailer
• It was decided to put Town Office/Parsonage issue to rest for now and, further, to hold off mailing Komusin letter for a month

-Manset Update-
• Selectman want Manset Committee on back burner for now- too many other pressing issues for MAC

- Next Meeting December 10, 2015, 4:00 on Islesford

-Meeting adjourned 5:08 PM- motion Jasmine, Ron 2nd