January 7, 2016 (MAC Minutes)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
January 7, 2016
Islesford Library, Islesford

Members present: Cory Duggan (MAC, arrived later), Ron Axelrod (MAC, Phone), Chris White (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, Phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Jasmine Samuel (MAC, Phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Joy Sprague (BOS)

-Call to order at 4:00

-Review of Agenda- No agenda set
• Minutes from 12/10/2015 meeting accepted- Ron moves, Karin accepts
-Jim updates on Budget Meeting-
• Signing set for Feb 2nd Meeting
• 250k Fire Truck in the budget- Discussion ensued re: searching for a used fire truck at a significantly lower price. Selectman didn’t discuss fire truck much. Main motivation was to match trucks on both islands for ease in training and use. Decided this was not the “time or place” to discuss this. Up to the voters
• After budget meeting- budget is down by 200k (with no school budget in yet). Selectmen have met the goal of “no increase in taxes.”
• MAC can present a recommendation to Selectman re: budget and fire truck. Individuals may also present a recommendation. It was decided (via vote) than MAC will not send a recommendation.
-Transportation Task Force Article-
• Selectman decided to put the Town Meeting “on hold” and take a straw poll on the article. Allows Selectman more flexibility. Selectman did not want to put an article in the warrant that was not “actionable.”
• Separate line item for attorney fees- Selectman want to know what monies need to go in the budget
• Cory states we can start working on Harbor Ordinance now. We may possibly have a rough draft for Town Meeting. Cory reached out to Island Institute about a “workshop day.” Decision to gather copies of ordinances from other towns. Start doing research on language. Possibly hire a consultant? Island Institute “in house” consultant? Cory will call Bill Dowling (Harbor Comm. Chair).
• Richard B says no forward movement with Beal and Bunker. Further says that others are pursuing mail contract.
• If Beal and Bunker doesn’t make any changes, they get the mail contract. If David decides to change contract then USPS contract up for bid.
• Ron will draft a letter to those who make USPS decision(s) and pass to the Selectman- letter to ask for contract to be granted to TCI. Multi-year contract would require a warrant.

-Further Notes from Selectman’s Meeting-
• Commuter Boat has been missing many runs. Contract says runs are at the “discretion of Captain.” Rainwise to set up weather gauges on GCI Dock with the hope that captains will be better equipped to make a decision. Services may not be running due to insurance stipulations re: wind forecast.
• Mill Rate might be reduced. 2013 was $7.95, 2014 was $10.10, 2015 was $9.95. Possible projected rate for 2016 is $8.50-$8.75
• Selectmen agreed to look at staff pay scales
• Selectmen agreed to shift 50k from Dock budget to Future Town Office budget
• Selectmen set Road Work at 60k. No paving, only pothole and crack sealing, ditching and roadside clearing.
• Pagels breaking contract by using Sutton- too large for Islesford Dock- Also, no backup boat. Contract is now fulfilled, but amended.
• Dept. 51 Legal Fees- Get estimate from Eaton Peabody for legal work.
• Discussion on Charlie Norris’s services- Are we allowed to pay Charlie more if not budgeted? Ron will ask Charlie to submit bill so 5k can be added to Selectman’s budget for 2016.
• Pogany request for plowing of Ted And Ray Road was granted
• Cory wrote a letter for Town Report

-Other business-
• Future Town Office- Letter re: Komusin Property was shelved for now. Agreed to send after Town Meeting. If Town supports the 50k a year for office, demonstrates a willingness to spend money.
• Jasmine to look into a video/web feed for Town Meeting.

- Next Meeting February 4, 2016, 4:00 on Islesford

-Meeting adjourned 5:34