April 7, 2016 (MAC Minutes)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
April 7, 2016
Islesford Library, Islesford

Members present: Chris White (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, Phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Jasmine Samuel (MAC, Phone), Nick Barton (MAC, phone), Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Joy Sprague (BOS), Richard Beal (BOS, phone)Malcolm Fernald (BOS)

Community Members Present: Phil Whitney (GCI, phone), Jennifer Walls (GCI, phone), Bruce Fernald (LCI), Rick Alley (LCI)

-Call to order at 4:02

-Election of Officers-
• Ingrid Gaither elected Chair (Joanne nominates, Brandon 2nd- unanimous)
• Joanne Thormann elected Secretary (Ingrid nominates, Jasmine 2nd- unanimous)
- March Minutes
• Amend to add Chris White and Ingrid Gaither to list of attendees
• Accepted as Amended (Jasmine move, Karin 2nd)

-Work Plan-

Ferry Service
• Ferry Service Update at BOS meeting- TTF final report received by BOS- discussion about what to do next- extensive discussion of Postal contract.
• Richard Beal agrees something must be done if David hauls out in October- also says currently no authority to act on Postal Contract
• MAC asked to come up with language for Warrant for special town meeting in May- 5 Articles proposed:
o (1) Flood Plain Ordinance (already written)
o (2) Holding Tank Ordinance (already written)
o (3) Put before the voters “Action Plan from Transportation Task Force”- implementation steps and schedule- grant BOS authority to implement one of the 3 options in Action Plan, and authorize monies to be borrowed via line of credit
o (4) Postal contract- seek voter approval to seek certification as a qualified bidder for postal contract
o (5) Road Repair Budget amendment/correction- In 2010, BOS went before voters to authorize spending of 250k for roads, amended to 130k and approved. Roads were repaired, but reserve acct was used. Either void the whole vote or borrow funds (as voters approved) to pay back the reserve acct.
• Joy updates on Postal contract situation
o Swan’s Island/Frenchboro in emergency situation with their mail delivery
o Likely a local issue between mainland administrator and Swans service- not a USPS issue
o Joy is administrator for Cranberry Isles- says we should at least file documents to qualify TCI as a bidder
o Bruce Fernald expressed concern over private contractor getting contract who might not have any interest in passenger service
o Perhaps use commuter boat as a mail delivery vehicle?
o Current contract ends the end of June- David B will not renew unless Town buys B and B.

Schools and Town Office
• Joanne, Karin and Ingrid currently on Town Office Committee with Jim
• Discussion of alternating schools and using “unused” school as town office. School Board sees complications. Need the space for bad weather days when students can’t commute. School Committee is open to discussion of conversion of the “old firehouse” to a Town Office. Awaiting feedback from Superintendent Howard Colter. Use of school buildings could be considered if specific plan was put before them.
• 150k was old estimate for renovation of Old Firehouse
• Richard Beal would like Town Office warrant article put before the BOS for Town Meeting 2017

Road Maintenance
• Shale roads on GCI need attention- Dog Pt in terrible shape, Harding Pt has issues as well
• Reserve money might be available
• On Islesford, some paving still needs to be done as part of the plan- had been put on hold.
• Suggestion to consider pulling shale and replace with gravel. Jim going to get estimate from Andrew McCullough- 3 options:
o Pull up and replace with gravel
o Pull up, grind and put down
o Pull up and pave

• Discuss concept plans of “drive on” dock
• Discuss finding better ways to utilize Manset
• Walkway issues arose because of ADA compliance

Town Dock Extension (Islesford)
• Design and Build plan done (came in January)
• Ready to go forward with permitting and grant applications (SHIP 250k with 50% match but not til 2018)(MPI Grant 500k with 50% match). Harbor Committee to take lead on this
• 400k range price tag with granite blocks and fill but likely could be less with local contractor
• Permits need to be done this summer- Seek Sen Collins assistance as she has helped before.

Satellite Town Office on GCI
• BOS would like to add this as work plan item
• Satellite town office on GCI at least one day a week

-Other Business
• Freedom of Access Training- needed for new MAC members
• Jim sent bylaws to all
• Denise reminds to cc her on all emails

- Next Meeting May 5, 2016, 4:00 on Great Cranberry