May 5, 2016 (MAC)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
May 5, 2016
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry Island

Members present: Chris White (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Brandon Stubbs (MAC), Jim Fortune (TCI), Joy Sprague (BOS)

Community Members Present: Phil Whitney (GCI), Jennifer Walls (GCI), Bruce Fernald (LCI), Ron Axelrod (LCI, phone), Paul Thormann (LCI), David Thomas (LCI)

-Call to order at 4:01

- April Minutes
• Accepted- Ingrid moves, Chris 2nd

-Work Plan-
Ferry Service
• Ferry Service Update at BOS meeting- Feasibility Report sent out-copies will be at May 14 Special Town Meeting
• Richard Beal email- wants MAC to recommend Board of Trustees should option 3 be selected and find surveyor for boats- Ingrid responded we would but would limit time dedicated to this task – (premature-no option selected yet…)
• Ingrid reviewed flow chart to be used for Town Mtg?
• Jennifer Walls comments that if Town doesn’t buy Beal and Bunker then David would look at only running in the summer. She adds that a private party offer was made, and rejected (Pagels and Ted B). She further states that David does not want to renew Postal Contract because he would not fulfill the contract dates.
• Town of Mt. Desert has expressed desire to help. Joy says TMD is watching for results of our meeting and will be working with us.
• Joy further says that if David lets mail contract lapse, he’s lost it. She expected a contract request to be out within a week or so as David has expressed he does not want to renew. Once contract is out, David cannot automatically renew. She spoke with Carol Woodcock (Collin’s office) who told her nothing can be done until after May 14th meeting.
• Procedure re: Postal Contract- Register for e-source to bid.
• Pagel’s offer to buy B and B was contingent on mail contract.
• Discussion regarding handouts at May 14th meeting and regulations- decision was made to work on flow chart that could be distributed with 3 pages from Ch 7 of feasibility report (outlines three options of ferry service going forward). Ingrid, Brandon, Joanne and Cory Duggan to help.
• If the Town votes “no” on Article 6 (move forward on one of the optional plans) then:
o Still move forward on Postal Contract
o Move forward on Harbor Ordinance
o Move forward on TMD landing rights
• Price of Beal and Bunker is 400k
• Discussion of differences between voting “no” on article 6 (no ferry plan) and voting “yes” on option 2 (town issues an RFP)- No means Town waits for operator to step forward and operate, Yes on Option 2 means town seeks operator via RFP rather than waits.
Town Office
• Continue research on permanent town office and satellite office
o New Construction on Islesford firehouse
o Trailer- “double wide”
o Renovate old firehouse on Islesford
o Bruce Komusin land
o Bruce Komusin cabin
o Old Beal and Bunker office
• Town employees to tour all facilities
• Discussion of 2011 report- New construction on firehouse, renovation of old firehouse, consider modular at gravel pit…Favored option was renovate old firehouse. School Board more open to idea than before
• Alternating Town Office and School on both islands is off the table for now

- Next Meeting June 9, 2016, 4:00 on Great Cranberry

-Meeting adjourned 5:26, Joanne moves, Karin 2nd