Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes July 05, 2016

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JULY 05, 2016

Richard Beal, Chairman
Florence Joy Sprague
Malcom Fernald
Denise McCormick
James Fortune
Julie & Jim Brawner
Joanne Thormann
Ingrid Gaither
Ellie Miller
Katelyn Damon
Starr Bright
Melissa Amuso
Xander Amuso
Katie Fernald
Dick Broom, MDIslander
Nadia Rosenthal
Susie McNamee

I. The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Richard Beal.

II. Financial Warrants
#29 $ 8,200.37
#30 76,641.47 (school)
#31 8,776.30 #32 34,115.37

All financial Warrants were approved and signed.

III. Review/Approve June 07,2016 minutes.
Malcolm Fernald motions to approve the minutes as written, Florence Sprague seconds. Unanimous vote to approve.
Richard Beal complemented Nanette Hadlock for detailing the Tax Commitment Letter in the June 2016 minutes. It gives the reader a full understanding of how the Town works on a budget and how the Selectmen know the amount that will need to be raised in taxes.

IV. New Business:

A. Harbor Ordinance Revisions: The Harbor Committee met on June 16, 2016 for a second review of the proposed changes. The Harbor Committee recommends to get rid of the proposed matrix, as it was causing complications and they feel the ordinance works well as is. They see some small changes necessary and some grammatical corrections that can wait until the March 2017 Annual Town Meeting.
Richard Beal suggests that the Harbor Committee review Section 5.8.6 and give recommendation for the fees schedule.

B. Ferry Service:
Richard Beal, Chairman has received a letter from David Bunker dated June 29, 2016. The letter reads as follows:
“The following letter is in response, per your request, for more information concerning Beal and Bunker’s business intentions.
After a great deal of thought and research, concerning the two options in the previous letter sent June 20th (Stop operation of the ferry service on October 11, 2016 and resume operation on or about May 01, 2017, or selling the entire business.) Beal and Bunker has determined that it is in the best interest of not only Beal and Bunker but also the town to continue year round operations as has been done for more than 65 years.
If any further information is needed please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your interest in our business.
Best Regards, David Bunker, President/Owner”
Beal and Bunker has informed the USPS that they will be renewing their 4-yr contract to deliver mail to the Cranberry Islands.
Richard Beal would like for the RFP Committee to continue to draft an RFP for future use, so that we would have something in our hip pocket if the need arises. Malcolm Fernald and Florence Sprague agree that we should have something in place if the need arises. The Board of Selectmen would like the RFP Committee to draft an RFP for the Northeast Harbor year round service only.
Richard Beal motions to have James Fortune issue a RFP for the Commuter Service Ferry with a 3 year contract with a start date of October 15, 2016, second by Florence Sprague. All in favor. The contract bids will be open at the September 2016 Selectmen’s Meeting.

While on the discussion of ferry boats, Jim Brawner, resident of Sutton Island, asked if there was any contact numbers for the Beal and Bunker ferry. There have been residents waiting for the ferry to pick them up at Sutton Island Dock, but no way to let the captain know. Richard Beal will speak to James Bunker and let them know. Nadia Rosenthal, Sutton Island resident, asked if the Town would consider dredging in front of the Sutton Island Town Dock to make it easier for boats to get in and out from the dock during low and high tide. Ingrid Gaither, MAC Chairman, said the MAC would research this for a future budget item.

C. Special Town Meeting: The Selectmen have determined that there is not a need for a Special Town Meeting at this time. No date will be set.

D. Cistern Project: The Selectmen and Katelyn Damon, PSC, received an email from Susie McNamee in regards to improving the appearance of the cistern area. Susie requests that soil and grass seed be put over the gravel turnaround area. She recommends planting low lying ferns around the base of the piping to soften the appearance around the base of the unnatural structures and to paint the piping black to help it blend in to the surrounding area. She also suggests placing a resin rock over the largest drum to make the area more natural looking, this could be stored
during the winter months.
Richard Beal motions to spend up to $500 from Selectmen’s Contingency to cover the costs of the recommended improvements, second by Florence Sprague. Unanimous vote to approve.

E. Letter to PUC: Richard Beal is still researching and will send a letter soon.

F. Review Bids for Manset Float: There was one bid submitted.
Newman and Gray Boatyard bid $17,500 to furnish all labor, materials and equipment necessary to contruct a new 16 x 24’ marine float for installation at the Town of Cranberry Isles Manset Dock.
Richard Beal motions to accept the bid, second by Florence Sprague.
James Fortune says the Town will still need to purchase a bridge for the float.

G. 15 Mansell Lane Lease: Dunbar Real Estate Listing
Dunbar Real Estate sent an agreement to advertise and promote the building at 15 Mansell Lane to procure renters for a long term rental period. The Town will pay to Dunbar Real Estate 10% of the full amount of any rental fee for less than a year, if the rental period is for a full year, Dunbar Real Estate, will receive the equivalent of a full month’s rental fee. The Board of Selectmen approved the agreement, and it was signed by Richard Beal, Chairman of the Board.

H. CIRS use of LCI Town Dock: The CIRS had requested to tie a boat up during the evenings for use in emergencies. Katelyn Damon reports that Frank Newlin has given the CIRS permission to use his float to tie up to.

I. LCI Barge Ramp: The Town has received an inquiry from Dan Lief, owner of Islesford Dock Restaurant asking if there is anything the Town can do about barge operators idling at the Islesford Ramp while waiting. He feels something should be in the Town’s Harbor Ordinance to deal with this issue. There is only one operator who does this and it is an inconvience to the IDR patrons for extended periods of loud engines running. Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster, will talk to the barge operator about laying over on a mooring when they are here.

J. Tree cutting/Lot Boundary at Longfellow School Property: Richard Beal and Kelly Sanborn, School Board Chair, met with Janice Murch in regards to the property boundaries between her property and the Longfellow School lot. During the renovation project at the Longfellow School, the School Board hired Blair Colby to cut trees along the border, however, Blair cut trees on Janice’s land. The property needs to be surveyed to find the property lines between the 2 parcels. Richard Beal would like to hire a surveyor and use up to $2,500 from selectmen’s contingency, second by Florence Spague. All in favor to hire Ray Silsby of Silsby Land Surveying.

K. Private Donations for Flagpole at Longfellow School: Two private donors from Great Cranberry Island have donated $2,400 for the installation of a flagpole on the grounds of the Longfellow School. The Board of Selectmen agree to accept the donations, and allow the Treasurer, Denise McCormick, to submit invoices for payments for the supplies and installation costs of the flagpole.

L. GCIVFD AMBULANCE DOOR UPGRADE: Katelyn Damon has submitted the bid specs for the project for the Selectmen’s review and to get approval to put the project out to bid. The bids will be opened at the August 9th, 2016 Selectmen’s Meeting.
Richard Beal suggests that the project should include insulating of the floor and updating the lighting in that section of the Firehouse.

M. IVFD electrical panel upgrade: The IVFD has received an estimate from Stephen Stanley Electrical Contractor for $1,095 to upgrade the electrical panel at the Fire Station. Katelyn Damon requests that the Board of Selectmen allow her to get the work done with the funds to come out of the Building Funds Reserve. The Board is in agreement to get the work done.

N. LRAP (MAINE DOT): The Board of Selectmen sign the Certification Form for the annual Local Road Assistance Program for 2016. The Town will receive $6,936 for the fiscal year beginning July 01, 2016.

V. Other Business

A. Xander Amuso came to the meeting to discuss a community service project proposed by the Amuso and Mocarsky families. They asked permission from the Selectmen to construct and install “Little Libraries” at the Town Docks on Islesford and Great Cranberry Island. They will be making 16” H x 18” W x 12” D book boxes where people can take or leave free books. Their parents are going to help them construct the boxes and install them, all materials will be donated. The Board of Selectmen approved this proposal and thanked the Amuso and Mocarsky families for their wish to give back to their community. The group is also asking for any new ideas for community service projects that they could do during the upcoming school year.

B. Ingrid Gaither asked how the Town will handle beach debris/lobster traps that are brought to the recycle center from community members that have cleaned up on the shore. Can the Recycle Centers accept them? Who pays the fee? The Board of Selectmen will allow the attendants to accept the debris and set it aside and it can be placed in construction debris later in the fall.

C. The League of Towns will hold their July 2016 meeting on Great Cranberry at the Cranberry House. James Fortune has requested funds to cover the cost of lunch for those in attendance.
Richard Beal motions to approve up to $500 from Selectmen’s Contingency, second by Malcolm Fernald. All in favor.

D. James Fortune received a letter dated June 29, 2016 with a check in the amount of $1,500 from Andrew Keblinsky. The letter proposes that the Town of Cranberry Isles issue a 3 year license to Andrew and Steve Keblinsky for the Keblinsky’s use of the Cranberry Isles Dock in Manset. The Keblinsky’s would like to pay a yearly landing fee of $1,500, and included a check which represents “the first of three yearly payments”.
The Board of Selectmen thank the Keblinsky’s for their interest, but feel the Town cannot accept the funds at this time. There has not been a fee schedule set in the town’s Harbor Ordinance, and the Selectmen do not want to grant individual landing rights in Manset at this time. Richard Beal will return the check along with a letter to Andrew Keblinsky by certified mail.

E. Hancock County Planning Commission will be holding a Household Hazardous/Universal Waste disposal day in Ellsworth on August 20, 2016. For a fee of $300., the Town of Cranberry Isles residents can participate. The Board of Selectmen are all in favor of paying the $300 fee in Warrant #32, this would give seasonal property owners an opportunity to dispose of waste while they are here. The items must be brought to the Ellsworth High School on Saturday, Aug. 20th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

F. James Fortune reports that Atom Electric replaced the light on the Sutton Island Dock with a LED light.

G. There is a need to do some brush cutting on the sides of roads and at the end of intersections as it is causing blind spots and making it hard to see past them. The selectmen would like James Fortune to get someone to do some brush cutting on Islesford and Great Cranberry.

H. The August Board of Selectmen’s Meeting will be held on August 9th, 2016 at the Community Center on Great Cranberry Island. The meeting will begin at 8:45 a.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:37 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted:

Denise McCormick
Town Clerk

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