Broadband Working Group 7/28/16

Meeting Minutes

Town of Cranberry Isles Broadband Working Group Minutes

Attendance 8:
Tom Powell, BBWG
Katelyn Damon, BBWG
Skip Stevens, BBWG
Joy Sprague, Selectman
Stephanie MacLagan, Island Institute; on phone
Briana Warner, Island Institute; on phone
Louis Seigal
Erica Lutzner

  1. Call to Order: Tom Powell called the meeting to order at 1635.
  2. Review Minutes: Special meeting- no review of minutes.
  3. New Business
  4. a. Parrish Tower Discussion
    Jim Parrish is no longer using Redzone as his internet provider. Because of this he has sent a letter to the selectmen requesting $300/ month to house the Redzone repeater that is currently installed on the tower of his home.
    Purpose of this meeting is to make a recommendation for a course of action to the Board of Selectmen.
    The cost to rent the pace on Mr. Parrish’s house is $3,600/ year.
    Jim McKenna of Redzone has stated that Redzone will not pay to house the repeater on Mr. Parrish’s home.
    There is discussion about contingency funds that are available to the Selectmen. The BOS have a limited amount of undesignated funds at their disposal. It may not be possible to pay Mr. Parrish what he wants depending on the amount of money left in contingency.
    Katelyn suggests requesting a figure from Mr. Mckenna of Redzone for moving the equipment to another comparable location on Islesford.
    Katelyn is reluctant to recommend to the Selectmen that they agree to pay Mr. Parrish, as it will set a precedent for others to then request funds for repeaters on their homes/ properties.
    Tom Powell suggest that there be a community meeting set up requesting local internet providers to present their solutions for internet service within the Cranberry Isles. This would be a controlled forum. The Broadband Working Group (BBWG) does not envision this meeting as a competitive event, but an informational event where all interested internet providers give a presentation on what they can provide and how.
    The BBWG will approach the BOS about hosting an open meeting to bring in area wireless providers like, Axiom, Fairpoint, Pioneer, GWI and Redzone.
    The goal of the group at this time is to get reliable internet service until town meeting in 2017. In the meantime the group will work on a proposal for internet service for the 2017 town meeting.
    Katelyn suggests that the BOS negotiate with Mr. Parrish on a figure and timeframe for rental of tower space for the internet repeater.
    Skip Stevens moves to recommend to the Board of Selectmen to maintain status quo and that the Board of Selectmen negotiate with Mr. Parrish on price and timeframe for tower rental. Katelyn Damon seconded the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

  5. Action Items:
  6. Tom Powell to reach out to Mr. Mckenna about a figure for moving the equipment.
    Katelyn Damon to represent the BBWG at the August BOS Meeting.
    Tom to email the Selectmen about hosting a late afternoon Board of Selectmen’s meeting on 9/06/16 to invite carriers and hear their proposals for internet service. The group envisions an early afternoon regular BOS meeting- opening the floor to carriers around 4:30pm.

  7. Audience Communications
  8. Louis Seigal is present, property owner on Islesford. He is a wireless technician in New York City and offers his expertise if it can be at all useful.
    Mr. Seigal requests being kept in the loop about future meetings.
    Katelyn states that she will get the BBWG meeting minutes on the Town’s Website for easier distribution.

  9. Adjournment:
  10. Tom Powell moves to adjourn the meeting at 1745. Katelyn Damon seconded the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katelyn Damon