GCIVFD Meeting Minutes 8/8/16

Date: August 8, 2016
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: Great Cranberry Island Fire Department- Annual Meeting

Attendance: 05

Richard Howland, Chief
Thomas Powell, President (Lewis Powell)
Mike Westphal, Treasurer
Katelyn Damon, Secretary
Mark Alley, Firefighter

  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 1643 pm by Thomas Powell.
  2. Review Minutes from 07/11/16
  3. Mike Westphal moves to accept the July 11, 2016 meeting minutes as written. Mark Alley seconded the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

  4. Financial Report:
  5. Checking & Savings Account Balance as of 07/11/2016: $10,190.46
    $490 sent to Eaton Peabody for the formation of the Town of Cranberry Isle Fire & Rescue Auxiliary.
    $163.33 received from the CIRS for TCI Fire & Rescue Auxiliary.
    $0.25- Interest
    Checking account balance as of 8/8/16: $5799.56
    Savings account balance as of 8/8/16: $3900.90
    Total: $9700.46
    Katelyn Damon moves to accept the treasurer’s report. Richard Howland seconded the motion. Vote: Yes, unanimous. Motion Passes.

  6. Old Business:
  7. a. 501 (c) 3 Update:
    TCI Fire & Rescue Auxiliary has been incorporated with the State.
    The fees have been paid to the Attorney and all members have signed the appropriate documents.
    The documents have been received by the attorney and are being filed with the IRS.
    b. GCIVFD Pumper
    No Updates as of 8/8/16
    c. Dry Hydrant-
    The double female connector has been ordered.
    Training will be held when the part arrives.
    d. Old Bay Modification Update
    As of the end of the day on 8/8/16, no bids had been received at the town office and Katelyn was not aware of any bids being received by Richard Beal on Cranberry.
    The BOS was supposed to open bids on 8/9/16, but it appears that this will not happen and that the bids will need to be opened at another date after the bid is resent.

  8. New Business:
  9. a. Annual Election of Officers
    i. Tom Powell nominates Richard Howland as Fire Chief. Richard accepts the nomination.
    ii. Katelyn Damon nominates Tom Powell as President. Tom Powell accepts the nomination.
    iii. Tom Powell nominates Katelyn Damon as secretary. Katelyn Damon accepts the nomination.
    iv. Katelyn Damon nominates Michael Westphal as Treasurer. Michael Westphal accepts the nomination.
    All are in favor as the slate as proposed.
    Election of the Vice President is postponed until September as the Vice President was not able to attend the August meeting.
    b. GCIVFD Planning for the Coming Year.
    i. Fundraising
    Mark Alley would like to hold a fireman’s supper on Great Cranberry at the Ladies Aid in August like they were held in years past.
    A $500 budget is allotted for the supper. This will cover things like Lemonade, Coffee and cleanup of the Aid.
    August 20, 2016 is the date. Food will be picked up at 5pm- with the dinner to start at 6pm at the aid.
    Becca will make signs and they will be hung around the island.
    ii. 2016-2017 Planning
    It is decided that the GCIVFD will not help with field burning. The task is labor intensive and the group feels that all volunteer hours should be spent on training.
    It is also a liability for the group to participate in the task and there is some talk of what the repercussions could be if something went wrong. The group does have an indemnity clause that the property owner could sign. However, this may not cover all issues.
    The group would like to look into used 4.5 airpacks for the department.
    Katelyn to look into getting estimates for new vs. used airpacks. 6 packs, 12 bottles.

  10. Other Business
    Richard states that it has been very dry on the island. He will be cancelling all burning permits for the rest of the month of August.
    Katelyn to post on Facebook about this. Katelyn to update Maine Burn Permit Online to reflect that no permits will be issued.
    Issuing burn permits will be reevaluated in September.
  11. Setting of Action Items
  12. Ambulance Bay bid to be re-issued.
    Dry Hydrant- Swap to Storz?

  13. Future Agenda Items
  14. Election of GCIVFD Vice President.

  15. Next Business Meeting:
  16. Monday, September 12, 2016- 4:30pm GCIVFD
    Wednesday, September 14, 2016- 4:30pm IVFD

  17. Next Training Date
  18. Monday, September 26, 2016, 4:30pm, GCIVFD- Fire Scene Organization/ Chain of Command/ Nims.

  19. Adjournment
  20. Katelyn Damon moves to adjourn the meeting at 1708. Michael Westphal seconded the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Katelyn Damon