Broadband Working Group 8/25/16

Unofficial Meeting Minutes
Town of Cranberry Isles Broadband Working Group Minutes

Attendance 15:
Tom Powell, BBWG
Katelyn Damon, BBWG
Skip Stevens, BBWG
Rosalie Kell, BBWG
Ingrid Gaither, BBWG, On Phone
Malcolm Fernald, Selectman
Joy Sprague, Selectman
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen
Briana Warner, Island Institute; on phone
Stephenie MacLagan, Island Institute; on phone
Claire Dalton
Barb Fernald
Bruce Fernald
Miklos Pogany
Cheryl Scholl

  1. Call to Order: Tom Powell called the meeting to order at 1635.
  2. Review Minutes from 8/12/16:
  3. Ingrid Gaither moves to approve the meeting minutes from 8/12/16 as written. Skip Stevens seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

  4. Old Business:
  5. a. Redzone Update
    Jim Parrish gave back the $500 in funds that were raised by the community of Islesford on 8/20.
    He stated that the community has 60 days until the internet will be shut off.
    Louis Seigal collected coordinates and base elevation for the Church, Firehouse, School and Transfer Station on Islesford. These coordinates were sent to Jim McKenna for review as possible sources for a tower to or pole to house the Parrish repeater.
    As of the meeting on 8/25/16, Jim Mckenna had not replied.
    It is possible depending on cost, that the funds to move the repeater could be raised privately.
    Tom Powell moves to give the selectmen privilege of the floor. Skip Stevens seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.
    Malcolm states that he had a verbal agreement with Jim Parrish based on his letter sent to the Town, where he asked for $1,000 to provide internet service until March 2017.
    Malcolm speculates that the Mount Desert Island newspaper article was the reason that Mr. Parrish changed his mind on providing internet service and returned the funds.
    Miklos Pogany asks that the record state that he believes this is “Basic Extortion” on the Town and internet users of Islesford.
    Malcolm Fernald states that it may be necessary to place an injunction on Mr. Parrish to stop him from turning off the internet, however it is an unregulated utility.
    Miklos Pogany agrees that an injunction should be sought since one community member is putting the livelihood of others in jeopardy.
    b. Fairpoint:
    Fairpoint improvements on GCI were de-prioritized.
    DSL speeds of 3 megabytes upload and 1 megabyte download.
    c. Coworking Update:
    Presentation to INH to take place on 9/7-
    To ask for improved internet access on second floor of the INH.
    Tom- to see if Wendell at MDIHS could provide solutions.
    Use of School for coworking space?
    Malcolm suggests working with the school board to use the Ashley Bryan school.
    Tom would like to see the group do our best to provide alternative internet solutions for Islesford residents to help bridge the gap once Mr. Parrish turns off his repeater.
    Bri Warner from the Island Institute states that the MSLN (Maine School Library Network), is nervous about extending networks from schools/ libraries. It may take away from the intended use of the facilities as well as inviting the use of those internet services for inappropriate browsing/ downloading.
    Tom states the networks can be set up to prioritize traffic- where video watching is a lower priority than emailing. He also specifies that blocks can be put on the network to stop the use of inappropriate sites.
    d. RFP/ RFI Update
    Axiom wants an RFI (Request for Information) then the RFP (Request for Proposal).
    RFI allows companies to present options, whereas an RFP means the town is designating the specifications to be met.
    RFI is not competitive and allows for serious discussions between the Town and the interested service providers.
    The RFI can also be negotiated and contracts can be entered straight from the RFI.
    The RFP is binding with no wiggle room.
    Rosalie Kell moves to pursue the RFI as a working group. Skip Stevens seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.
    Bri Warner from the Island Institute updates about the Tilson proposal to help with the RFI process. They quoted the Town $22,000 for doing the work. These funds are not available.
    The Island Institute has agreed to donate Stephenie MacLagan’s time to work on the RFI with Tom Powell. They will also offer pro bono legal work to make sure that the RFI meets all legal standards.
    Some RFI decisions need to be made- general speeds that we want met- Broadband; FCC & State, lifespan of equipment.
    2 tier approach, Interim stop gaps which are able to be built out for future long term use.
    Timeline: 9/6/15- Approve RFI at the end of joint Broadband/ BOS meeting. 9/15/15- RFI out for feedback. Accept RFI’s mid October. RFP requests sent early November. Warrant language to be drafted in late October. 6 weeks notice is needed for a special town meeting.
    Special Town Meeting on 12/6/16?
    Northern Borders Regional Committee Grants to be sought, ConnectMe Funds to be sought.
    Municipally owned? Islesboro model to be looked at. $1 million bond. GWI is the ISP for Islesboro. Infrastructure is owned by the town. GWI has contract to provide the internet service. Cable was laid with CMP.
    Cliff- Sustainability Cliff?

  6. New Business:
  7. Old Business
  8. Action Items:
  9. Tom Powell and Stephenie MacLagan to work on the RFI.
    Katelyn to speak with Lindsay Eyesnogle about ABS wireless.
    Skip Stevens to speak with INH board about extending wifi coverage through the building.
    Tom Powell to follow up with Jim McKenna.

  10. Future Agenda Items
  11. Next Business Meeting
  12. Thursday, September 6, 2016: 2:00pm

  13. Adjournment:
  14. Katelyn Damon moves to adjourn the meeting at 1804. Tom Powell seconded the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katelyn Damon