July 14, 2015 (MAC Minutes)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
July 14, 2016
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry Island

Members present: Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Nick Barton (MAC) Jim Fortune (TCI), Joy Sprague (BOS), Jasmine Samuel (Phone)

Community Members Present: Phil Whitney (GCI)

-Call to order at 4:03

- June Minutes
• Accepted after quorum arrives- Ingrid moves, Karin 2nd

-Work Plan-
Ferry Service
• Sutton Island update- residents say its difficult to get service, difficult to land, difficult to contact boat. Since meeting- boat cell is now in use
• Discussion on dredging to improve access- would be lengthy process with army corps. Was done in 2005/2006 and was very long and complicated. Boulders were moved and it did help. Sutton folks would prefer to land in SWH but Sutton boat can’t land at Sutton Island.
• Jim will check with Army Corps and DEP- can we amend old application? Sutton would like a scheduled B and B stop. It was noted that Miss Lizzie has much shallower draft and may be able to land. It was further noted that regular stop means tourist landings.
• Subject came up because residents were always able to use Guths but may not be able to going forward.
• Both boat services will have boat phone available
• APSI meeting July 28th.
• RFP Committee update- Met July 14th
• Commuter contract too limited to use as a format
• Ron come up with outline for RFP over the next 2 weeks and Charlie Norris will review- RFP committee meeting again Aug 3
• Not a MAC issue….except committee is bogged down by mail contract, landing rights in NEH and TCI issues.

School Committee
• Rita Fernald’s place for sale- 200k- never did a walk through
• Discussion on when school committee meets- we have a site plan on old firehouse renovations. Decision to officially ask school board on decisions re: alternating use of school and possible use of old firehouse
• Phil W asks to consider renting a space to remain flexible
• Joy says she will raise the possibility of Parsonage use at next Church meeting
• Sub Committees suggested are:
o Joanne- New firehouse
o Ingrid- rentals on both islands
o Karin- Komusin properties
o Jasmine- Donna Fernald property

Road Maintenance
• Last 3 years- fair amount done already
• Recommendation was to hold off on “big ticket” road projects
• Need to look at 2017 and 2018 and make recommendations
• 123k project from 2015 has not happened yet
• Selectmen likely want to put 2015 work on agenda for next Town Meeting
• Shale roads need work- spending 5-8k a year on fixing shale roads
• Discussion developed on MAC recommendations and their value re:budget. Jim would like to start budget process in September, laying put groundwork and each member gets assignment- MAC designed as informal warrant committee- another set of eyes.

• Roof work on Marsh Building- part of work already done- still need to do the “back part” at a cost of 20k. Needs to be budgeted but there is about 100k in account
• Insulation falling down in garage- just an FYI

LCI Dock Extension
• Final design is done
• MAC not involved but will be part of budget discussion

- New Business
• People complaining about package side of building on Town Dock/Islesford
• Jim would like to hire someone- bringing it up at Selectman’s meeting

- Next Meeting August 18, 2016, 4:00 on Great Cranberry

-Meeting adjourned 5:30, Ingrid moves, Nick 2nd