Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes August 19, 2008

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Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Islesford Neighborhood House

Richard Howland, Chairman, Harbor Committee
Phil Whitney, Harbor Committee
Roy Hadlock, Harbor Committee
Ted Spurling, JR, Harbor Committee
Bruce Fernald, Harbormaster
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Ron Axelrod, Transportation Committee
Frank Reese, Chairman, Municipal Advisory Commission

I. Call to Order: 4:09 P.M. by Chairman Richard Howland.
II. Review / Approval July 16, 2008 Meeting Minutes
Phil Whitney moves to accept the July 16, 2008 Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes as written. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. (4-0) Motion passes.
III. Harbor Mapping Update
• The goal is to complete the Harbor Mapping as soon as possible. Ted Spurling has emailed some answers to Hope Rowan of the Island Institute to unknown moorings which have already been mapped. The Deputy Clerk has been requested by the Harbor Committee to forward copies of all the mooring data sheets that have been received to Ms. Rowan to help with filling in unknown moorings. Many of the data sheets have longitude and latitude readings included. Richard Howland will speak with David Thomas to see what has been mapped, and what has not. Richard Howland will also speak with Norman Sanborn, II, Harbormaster of Great Cranberry Island, to see if he could be available to help with finishing up the mapping for GCI. Ted Spurling suggests that the mooring data sheets be updated with a space for “the name on the ball" for each mooring.
• Yearly updates on mooring data sheets will not be necessary for most moorings as inspections are required every four years and the updates will be taken care of then.
• Postings have been placed on both Islesford and Great Cranberry in regard to Harbor Ordinance regulation for setting any new moorings. Both Harbormasters’ phone numbers are included on the posting. The Harbor Committee discusses that there may need to be a moratorium on new mooring placement for individuals other than landowners of Cranberry Isles. Mooring space is already tight
• The Town Office has received a report from the Captain of a local boat for hire that a permit may be needed from Acadia National Park for landing passengers at Baker Island. Much of the property at Baker Island is owned by the Park Service, however it is not known if a permit is needed to land passengers. Also of question is whether the Town of Cranberry Isles has any legal right of ways at Baker Island, one of the five islands that make up the Town of Cranberry Isles.
Phil Whitney moves to ask the Board of Selectmen if they wish the Town employees to research issues of whether permits are required from Acadia National Park for commercial boat operators to land on Baker Island, and to also investigate the status of any rights of ways the Town may have on the island. Roy Hadlock seconds the motion.
(4-0) Motion passes.
IV. Manset Seawall Repairs
• Five bids were received for the Manset Seawall Repair.
Doug Gott: $23956.00
K.J. Dugas: $ 5600.00
John Goodwin, JR: $11444.00
David Sordyl: $12345.00
J. Keeney: $14500.00
The Board of Selectmen has not awarded the bid as they wish to gather more information due to difference in bid amounts and to gather references where needed.
The Facilities Supervisor reports that Doug Gott receives good work references; K.J. Dugas receives good references and will resubmit a new bid for the total project as the first bid is not for the entire needs of the project; John Goodwin, JR has a good reference with the Town of Cranberry Isles on other projects; David Sordyl has no known work references for seawall repair, however his bid was very specific for work to be performed; J. Keeney has received good references but seems to have some legal issue with the Town of Tremont for work to have been done there. J. Keeney’s bid offered more work to be done than the other bids as his plan would be to cap the wall. The Selectmen are expected to make a decision at the September Board of Selectmen’s Meeting on which contractor will get the award so as to begin work soon.
• Islesford Resident Skip Stevens has reported that one of the two moorings owned by the Town of Cranberry Isles at Manset is missing. The Facilities Supervisor has spoken with Danny Chalmers who feels that the missing mooring may be at the bottom of the harbor.
• Phil Whitney reports that along with the initial land purchase at Manset, three moorings were included with the purchase. The Town of Cranberry Isles has never been able to get permission or space for the third mooring, and we may be on a waiting list for pleasure craft moorings.
V. GCI Dock
• Ron Axelrod and Frank Reese speak with the Harbor Committee in regard to a pending $303,400.00 transportation grant for cargo ramp repair, new 80 foot gangways at Great Cranberry and Manset, dock improvements and lighting. Due to changes in negotiations of matching funds and required provisions, as well as the time required over the past seven years to acquire the grant, the Board of Selectmen chose to turn down the grant at the June 05, 2008 Board Meeting. The Facilities Supervisor was asked to write a polite letter turning down the grant. To date the grant has not been officially turned down, and the Transportation Committee wishes for the Selectmen to reconsider. Twenty-four provisions were initially set by Maine Department of Transportation and the Federal Transportation Authority for issuance of the grants; those provisions have reportedly been reduced to six. Diagrams shown by Mr. Axelrod show that the A.D.A. compliant 80 foot gangways required would not extend into the mooring fields at Great Cranberry. Mr. Axelrod intends to obtain a diagram showing the impact of an 80 foot gangway at the Manset Cranberry Dock. It is also reported by Mr. Axelrod that no matching funds would be required from the Town for the grant. The Harbor Committee is asked by the Transportation Committee to review the impact of the plans on docks, floats, mooring fields and harbors. Of concern to the Harbor Committee is the ability for float contractors to move and store the larger and heavier gangways for the winter season. Mr. Axelrod will speak with Superior Docks of Ellsworth as to the weight of the new gangways and traditional means to move and store the new equipment. The Facilities Supervisor will speak with Danny Chalmers, Float Contractor at Manset, about capacity to move and store new gangways.
Ted Spurling, JR moves to send recommendation to the Board of Selectmen to reconsider the M.D.O.T./ F.T.A. grants acceptance for gangways and ramps, contingent on the ability to move and store ramps. Phil Whitney seconds the motion.
(4-0) Motion passes.
• Army Corp of Engineers and Department of Environmental Protection permit applications have been sent for Great Cranberry Island Dock Repairs.
VI. Islesford Dock
• The Islesford Harbormaster requests ticket books for violations of tie up at the Town Dock for the 2009 summer season.
• It is reported to the Facilities Supervisor that the spotlight on the end of Islesford Town Dock and the lighting at the stairway are not working at this time. The Facilities Supervisor will contact the electrician for this issue.
VII. Sutton Dock
Mail delivery to Sutton Island has ceased due to a complaint by a Sutton Island Resident to the Postal Service. Traditionally the mail has been delivered to a trash can on the Sutton Island Town Float for Sutton Residents.
VIII. Manset Dock
No further communication at this time.
IX. Other Business
• Review of proposed docks and ramps, as well as shoreland stabilization projects are reviewed by the Harbor Committee on an advisory basis only. Selectman Beal has contacted Harbor Committee Chair Richard Howland with concern of how many committees have to be involved for review of shoreland projects. This item will be included on the agenda for the next Harbor Committee Meeting.
X. Adjournment: 6:00 P.M.
Richard Howland moves to adjourn. Roy Hadlock seconds the motion. (4-0) Motion passes.

The next Harbor Committee Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at Islesford.

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