CIRS Meeting Minutes 10/13/16

Meeting Minutes

Date: October 13, 2016
Time: 1630
Location: Islesford Volunteer Fire Department
Attendance: 4

Katelyn Damon, Chief + Secretary
Mary Schuch, Assistant Chief
Hugh Smallwood, Vice President
Peyton Eggleston

  1. Call to Order: Katelyn Damon called the meeting to order at 1642.
  2. Review Minutes from September 15, 2016
  3. Hugh Smallwood moves to accept the minutes from September 15, 2016. Peyton Eggleston seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

  4. Financial Report:
  5. No Report Given.

  6. Old Business:
  7. a. 501(c)3 Creation
    No Update.
    b. Pancake Breakfast
    The 5th Annual CIRS Pancake Breakfast was held on 10/08/16.
    The group served about 60 people and made $814.
    Maple syrup and blueberry pancakes were a hit.

  8. New Business:
  9. a. 2017 Budget Planning
    Katelyn states that its time to start the 2017 budget planning.
    The group doesn’t foresee any big expenses for 2017. Budget should stay level with 2016.
    The Service would like to spend private funds to upgrade stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs for members.

  10. Other Business:
  11. a. LifeVest
    A community member recently returned home with a new piece of medical advice.
    The device is called a LifeVest and it is a wearable external defibrillator.
    Members present conducted some preliminary research about the vest and how it is used.
    It is decided that Katelyn should contact the State to see how the vest should be utilized in the event of a cardiac emergency.
    b. Samoset
    Samoset dinner is discussed.
    Katelyn will make a reservation at Cafe Miranda for Friday evening November 11, 2016.
    Katelyn will invite NEHAS members as well as Swan’s Island Ambulance Service members. The group will be decided, first come first served, based on the number Cafe Miranda can accommodate, with CIRS getting priority.

  12. Monthly Agenda Items:
  13. a. Training:
    b. Next Meeting Date: Friday, November 11, 2016; 0730- SAMOSET RESORT.

  14. Setting of Action Items:
  15. LifeVest
    Videos on use to be distributed
    Maine EMS to be contacted.
    Cafe Miranda

  16. Future Agenda Items
  17. Adjournment
  18. Mary Schuch makes a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1734. Hugh Smallwood seconds the motion. Vote: Yes, Unanimous. Motion Passes.

Respectfully Submitted,
Katelyn Damon