October 6, 2016 (Municipal Advisory Committee)

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
October 6, 2016
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry Island

Members present: Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jim Fortune (TCI), Brandon Stubbs (MAC), Chris White (MAC) Jasmine Samuel (MAC, Phone)

Community Members Present: Phil Whitney (GCI), Peter Buchsbaum (GCI),

-Call to order at 4:01

- September Minutes
• Accepted - Chris moves, Karin 2nd

- Copy of MAC Charter- discussion and review

-Work Plan-
RFP Committee
• Jim gives overview-Haven’t met since August. Probably hiring someone soon (Stantech not a good fit). Eaton Peabody a possibility to assist. There is a need to get going on RFP. Cranberry Cove has a 3 year contract for commuter boat and they do have other boats should boating issues arise as we move forward.
• Discussion- Concerns that RFP is not moving fast enough- can MAC help? Reminder from Jim- MAC was tasked with how to improve ferry service and MAC did do its job.
• Selectman said RFP is needed sooner rather than later.
• No progress on landing rights.
• Motion of a Suggestion from MAC to Selectmen- Based on community concerns expressed, the MAC asked the Selectmen to move forward with communication with the Town of Mount Desert and Southwest Harbor and to expedite or compel the RFP Committee to move fairly quickly on completing the RFP and to set a completion date that is fairly soon. Ingrid moves, Brandon 2nd.
• Discussion on whether RFP would be written to cover service to just NEH or the more comprehensive SWH and NEH

LCI Dock Extension
• Stantech is in permitting process. They are helping Jim write grants
• Hoping to put project out to bid very soon for presentation at Town Meeting. Harbor Committee wanted full project- “Do it right”

Marsh Building
• Not likely to have a tenant. Jim contacted HG Reed to drain water
• Roof work is only planned work for Marsh Building

• Jim and Chris did some driving around- checked shale roads and roads #7 and #8.
Trash on Islesford Dock
• Jim put custodial work in budget. Discussion of comparison of work load, prior contracts, agreements on both islands
• Suggestion to Selectmen- Selectmen review both contracts/situations to prepare for Town Meeting and budget discussion
Sutton Dredging
• Hasn’t crossed by Selectmen- keep an eye on that issue
Town Office
• Updating site info on New Firehouse- first plan wasn’t passed in 2011 but it was much larger- 2 story. Old report favored 2 sites- New Firehouse site (Islesford) and Old Firehouse site (Islesford)
• Joanne update on New Firehouse Plan- Contacted Randy Sinclair to ask for update on old estimate for addition (or separate building) on land next to new firehouse (on Islesford). He thought modular wouldn’t produce cost savings because building was fairly small. After removing septic cost (Fire Dept seeking a septic for firehouse use- could be shared), Sinclair estimates 128-130k range using smaller design submitted in 2010-2011 (no conference space).
• Needs: 2 separate offices, common area, bathroom
• Renovation of old firehouse- old estimates were 145 (ish?) from Sinclair and 135 (ish?) from Duggan/Amuso
• Wouldn’t move forward unless permanent agreement between town and school.
• Selectmen want more info on renovation site. Joy is in conversation with Bradley Bryant (abutter) regarding boundary lines. Selectmen would like to present Old Firehouse option at Town Meeting. Property lines must be determined before town invests.
• Discussion- new approach? Give voters more than one option with dollars attached? Any documents we create can be in Town Warrant
• Motion made: Suggest/recommend to Selectman that more than one option be presented to voters. Ingrid moves, Karin 2nd. Passed.
• Jim will send an email to Selectmen regarding attending School Comm meeting to address possible Old Firehouse renovation.
• Discussion on whether voters need to approve the use of the Town Office Trailer annually. Needs to be clarified for warrant.

- Next Meeting November 3, 4:00 on Great Cranberry

-Meeting adjourned 5:27, Joanne moves, Karin 2nd