September 8, 2016

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
September 8, 2016
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry Island

Members present: Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jim Fortune (TCI), Brandon Stubbs (MAC), Chris White (MAC, phone) Jasmine Samuel (MAC, Phone)

Community Members Present: Phil Whitney (GCI), Paul Liebow (GCI), Ed Gray (GCI, phone)

-Call to order at 4:04

- July Minutes
• Accepted - Chris moves, Ingrid 2nd

- Copy of MAC Charter- discussion and review

-Work Plan-
Ferry Service
• Winter contract accepted from Steve Pagels (2 bids submitted- Beal and Bunker and Downeast Windjammer Cruises). Miss Lizzie is chosen boat and is new to company. Summer Contract will be put out to bid in November for March Warrant
• RFP Committee did not meet in August. Selectmen asks to use 50k for consulting with Stantech who will help write the RFP. RFP Committee will need to meet fairly soon.

LCI Dock Extension
• Final design is done
• Harbor Committee wants to get permitting for 42’ extension with full granite wave attenuation with backfill. Will require much more permitting, higher level of review. 10K for environmental assessment. Stantech feels granite wall would get approved. Expect to have numbers for November meeting

Marsh Building
• Rough estimate of 20k for roofing of “newer” part. Put out to bid. MAC recommends using Reserve Fund (with approx. 100k in it). Put out on warrant?
• Vote taken to approve Manset Maintenance fund to be used for roof work- motion passes

• “2015” 123k road project was not done. Needs to go on March 2017 warrant. Main St intersection (on Islesford) to end (by Gilly Beach/Brights) and Sand Beach (Islesford) intersection to Dudmans- shim and overlay. Also, Cranberry (Roads 7 and 8- a total of .4 miles). Finally, shale roads, particularly Harding Pt and Dog Pt. need attention. These shale roads cost 5-6k a year to maintain.
• Motion made: 3 Road jobs listed above be put on Warrant separately so that voters may pick and choose which road projects to move forward on, if any.
2015 Delayed Maintenance (Islesford)
2017 Cranberry Maintenance (GCI)
Shale Roads
• Suggestion from audience- One or more MAC members to explain separation of road projects on Warrant

Trash on Islesford Dock
• Jim suggests a budget for custodial work- Jim suggests a “budget item”
• Town shed done daily in summer?
• Currently, no one is tasked with LCI Dock trash other than one pick up a week
• Suggestion- Selectmen review this

Sutton Dredging
• Jim checked with Coast Guard- dredging would require Army Corps permitting
• One thing that could be done is “private channel marking.” At the very least it would help boaters
• Suggestion: Selectmen facilitate discussion with Sutton islanders and boat operators to create a system that works regarding ferry trips and scheduling
• Suggestion- Communicate with John Nevius and consider that MAC may need to take this on

Town Office
• Still in research gathering phase
• Ingrid- renting options on each island
• Joanne- New firehouse options
• Karin- Komusin property
• Jasmine- Rita Fernald Property (now under contract)
• Jim- Old Firehouse? Alternating with schools. Negative feelings regarding this
option. New discussion on who actually owns the Old Firehouse
• Renting is an option that stands alone. Parsonage is still on the table. Komusin cabin on Main Rd?
• Discussion of modular options
• Satellite Office- Karin suggests employees for once a week from other island. Satellite office would solve the problem?
• Suggestion: Remind Selectmen about satellite office idea.

- Next Meeting October 6, 4:00 on Great Cranberry

-Meeting adjourned 5:30, Chris moves, Karin 2nd