Planning Board Meeting Mintues November 30, 2016

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Planning Board Meeting Minutes
November 30, 2016
Islesford Neighborhood House

Branden Stubbs, Chairman, Planning Board
Sally Rowan, Planning Board
Rebecca Powell, Planning Board
Dennis Dever, CEO/LPI
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
I. Call to Order: 4:22 P.M. by Chairman Branden Stubbs.
II. Review Proposed Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands
The Planning Board reviews the proposed Land Use Ordinance for the shorelands submitted by the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO). The CEO explains that the current land use ordinance is 97% the same as the states, however, it is not in the same format. Every three years the state provides changes to the ordinance. By changing the current ordinance to the state format, it will be easier to make the changes. One major change is the setbacks for streams and freshwater wetlands not rated by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife as moderate or high value in accordance with Title 38-438-A-2 MRS. This change would affect the applicability and the table of uses sections of the ordinance. The current ordinance calls for a 250 foot setback; the state guidelines are for a 75 foot setback. Discussion takes place over whether the Town of Cranberry Isles wishes to go backwards from the 250’ setback to a 75 foot setback, and whether our comprehensive plan supports this change. The ordinance cannot be less strict than the state guidelines, but may be stricter. Another proposed change is to change some of the zoning district names to match the state’s as follows:
• Change Business District to General Development District
• Change Low Density Residential District to Limited Residential District
• Change Water Dependent Commercial/Residential District to Commercial Fisheries Marine/Activities District
• Planning Board minutes, November 22, 2016, Section IV, Other Business, bullet one, current ordinance reads:
“According to Land Use Ordinance for the Shorelands, Section XII, Administration, D, Procedure of Administering Permits reads as follows:
“The Planning Board shall, after submission of a complete application including all information requested, grant a permit if it makes a positive finding based on the information presented to it …”

In the past, following a Planning Board approval, the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) has written the actual permits. The Planning Board wishes for this to continue (another set of eyes) and would like to see this changed in the proposed ordinance changes.

Branden Stubbs moves to recommend that the setback for streams and freshwater wetlands not rated by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife as moderate or high value be set down from the current 250 feet to 150 feet. Rebecca Powell seconds the motion. All in favor. (3-0) Motion passes.
III. Other Business
The Planning Board agrees that it is important to get these proposed changes out to the residents for review as soon as possible. A public hearing will be held. The Board of Selectmen plans to review the proposed changes at the December 6 BOS meeting.

The CEO has also suggested that updates need to be made to the Notification of Intent to Build Ordinance and is in hopes that the Board of Selectmen will also discuss this ordinance at its December 06 meeting.
IV. Adjournment: 5:09 P.M.
Branden Stubbs moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. All in favor. (3-0) Motion passes.

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