January 10, 2017 Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 10, 2017




I. Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order at 8:31 a.m. by Richard Beal, Chairman

II. Review/Sign Financial Warrants:

2016-#57- $6,787.49
#58- 45,606.26
#59- 7,070.22
#60- 35,013.22

#1—2017 46,496.67

All financial warrants were approved and signed.

III. Review/Approval of December 6, 2016 Minutes:

Malcolm points out that there is a typo under section E. Broadband Communications: potential funding sources: USDA, not USVA.
Malcolm Fernald motions to accept the minutes with correction, seconded by Florence Sprague. Unanimous vote to approve.

IV. New Business:

A. Sign Easement and Documents for sharing the IDR Restroom/Septic System.

The Easement was signed by the Board of Selectmen and Cynthia Lief, President of IDR, Inc. The Town and IDR share the Public Restroom and Septic System, which has been in place since 2002. No formal agreement was ever signed between the Town of Cranberry Isles and IDR, Inc. until now.

Also in attendance was Michael Boland, one of the new owners of the IDR. Michael introduced himself and spoke to the Selectmen on how he is looking forward to being a member of our community for many years to come.

B. Sign 2016 Audit Engagement Letter with James Wadman:

The Board of Selectmen signed the annual letter to James Wadman to conduct our annual 2016 Audit.

C. Cranberry Isles Commuter Boat Bids (Summer Contract):

There was only one (1) bid submitted for the Summer Commuter Boat. Sail Acadia submitted a bid of:
2017= $11,583
2018= 11,716.
2019= 11,948.

Richard Beal motions that the Town accept the Sail Acadia bid as written, second by Florence Sprague. Unanimous Approval of Contract Amounts.

D. Proposed Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Update:

Dennis Dever, CEO, says that the final draft of the TCI LUZO dated 12/10/2016 is ready to go to Town Meeting for approval. The Town needs to hold a public hearing beforehand. Richard Beal suggests that Dennis and Denise McCormick coordinate a date and time for the Public Hearing. The Public Hearing will need to be advertised in the local newspapers at least twice, one 13 days in advance of the Public Hearing and once at least 7 days in advance. Dennis Dever and Denise McCormick will get the Amended Ordinance printed and put on the Town’s website for public info.

E. Budget Workshop:

The Treasurer and the Board of Selectmen reviewed the Budget as of the January meeting. The School Dept has submitted their budget of $649,919. for the 2017/18 fiscal year. Total Town Budget as of 1/10/17 is $2,702,197.00.

Alan Sawyer, Sutton Island representative, requested that the Town provide funding for some much needed upgrades for the Town Dock and float on Sutton Island. He also requests that channel markers or dredging be down to make it easier for ferry boats and personal vessels to get into Sutton Island’s dock during low tide. The Selectmen decide to add $50,000 to this years budget for upgrades to the Sutton Island Town Dock and floats. Jim Fortune will contact the Coast Guard for channel markers to identify large boulders under water that make it hard to maneuver around the ledges in front of the dock for 2017. Future plans to do any dredging will require permitting, etc. from the Army Corps of Engineering.

Bruce Fernald suggests the Selectmen should budget money to hire a consultant to come to the islands and do an assessment of power lines/poles, and report back to Emera and the PUC. Emera continues to do band-aid repairs during power outages, but it is time to fix old rotted poles, etc. that could eventually cause long-term power outages on the islands. It is suggested to check with the Town’s attorney whether it is legal or not for the Town to hire someone to do an assessment of Emera/Fairpoint property. Is it private property? The selectmen are in agreement and vote to approve adding $10,000 for an Electrical Distribution Consultant to do the report.

The Broadband Committee will also be having a meeting on January 18th for RFI for interested companies to provide Broadband services to the islands. They will have a request for funds and a warrant article that will need to be added to the 2017 budget.

Ingrid Gaither, MAC Chairman, wants to remind the Selectmen that the Town needs to budget money for a satellite office on Great Cranberry Island. Malcolm Fernald requests that the MAC provide information to the Selectmen as to what would be available for rent or purchase by the Town for an office to be open one day a week.

F. Town Report Topics:

Melissa McCormick is assisting the Board of Selectmen with the Town Report this year.
She will be working for the Town until the Town Report goes to the printer on February 10, 2017. She is currently working 1 or 2 days a week, gathering reports and pictures that are submitted. At the February Selectmen’s Meeting, she will present the pictures that have been submitted and the Selectmen will decide which ones will appear in the Town Report.

G. Proposed Warrant Articles:

Proposed Warrant Articles for capital projects that are being budgeted for will need to be written up. Currently those articles are for The extension of the LCI Town Dock, Hoists for the Great Cranberry and Islesford Town Docks, Proposed Town Office, Septic System for the IVFD Fire Station and Broadband Upgrades for Great Cranberry Island, Islesford and Sutton Island. Also an article for amending the Town of Cranberry Isles LUZO. James Fortune and Denise McCormick will be finalizing the Town Meeting Warrant during the month of January, to be approved by the Selectmen on February 7, 2017 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.

V. Other Business:

A. Kateln Damon reports that Fairpoint has been out and are aware of the ongoing issues some Islesford residents are having with their phone lines since the power outage over the New Year weekend. They hope to have the problem repaired in the next few days.

B. Carl Brooks sent the Board of Selectmen a “Response to Credibility Challenge and Urgent Need for Tax Exemption Applications”, he was in attendance today to discuss his letter and what the Town needs to do to obtain Tax Exemption status on the Manset property and the volunteer fire departments/rescue services in the Town of Cranberry
Isles. The Town needs to obtain a private letter ruling of tax exemption, until that time, it is a business which must file and pay income taxes. For Manset, Carl suggests the BOS needs to search for a lawyer who has gotten a favorable letter ruling under the Narragansett Ferry case. For the fire organizations, separately start with the above 501(c)(3) charter.
At the November 1, 2016 Board of Selectmen Meeting, Carl presented a prepared 23-page “PPC 8 and ISO 9” report. The report was to help educate the Board of Selectmen on what steps need to be taken by the Town of Cranberry Isles to reach the PPC 8 status with insurers. None of the issues were mentioned in the 11/01/16 minutes.
The document is on file at the Town Office and may be read/copy obtained during business hours by contacting the Town Clerk, Denise McCormick.

C. There have been a few resumes submitted for the open position of Deputy Town Clerk/Treasurer. The Selectmen voted to have Malcolm Fernald and Denise McCormick conduct interviews for the position and at the February BOS Meeting, present to the Board who will be hired for the position. The applicant chosen will be trained and begin work at the Town Office during February.

D. The February and March 2017 Board of Selectmen’s Meetings will be held on Great Cranberry Island while the Islesford Neighborhood House has an upgrade project going on inside the building.

Richard Beal motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:01 a.m., Unanimous vote to adjourn.