Municpal Advisory Commission

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
November 3, 2016
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry Island

Members present: Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jim Fortune (TCI), Chris White (MAC, phone)

Community Members Present: Phil Whitney (GCI)

-Call to order at 4:03

- October Minutes
• Accepted with amendment added regarding Sinclair estimate for Town Office attached/next to New Firehouse on Islesford

-Work Plan-
Budget Overview
• Sec 51- General Govnt
• Sec 52- Public Safety-Fire Dept, EMS-Katelyn,
• Sec 53-Solid Waste- Contract ends June 2017. Potential changes to roadside pickup schedule
• Sec 54- Public transportation, snow removal
• Sec 55- Education. Ingrid will attend School budget meetings
• Sec 56- Donations- Karin will help
• Sec 57- Debt Service
• Sec 58- Municipal Facilities- Town Docks, Manset, Town Office
-Town Office- cost estimates 150-200k. Selectmen likely to borrow.
-LCI Dock Extension- Preparing bid docs now- should have real numbers soon. Range is 200-500k but cost/benefit analysis needs to be done
• “Big ticket” items are Town Office, LCI Dock Extension, Roads
• Re: bids- all bid packages issued say “subject to voter approval”
• Question- Has Harbor Committee prepared a statement for Town Meeting?
• Jim would like to meet again in 2 weeks…. November 15th @3:30
• Discussion of MAC role- MAC is advisory Committee for budget matters. Background info- Warrants had been sloppily written so it was felt a Committee could help with Budget and the writing of Warrant articles. Nothing in writing but tacit approval. “Inform, advise and assist.” Sometimes MAC writes warrant articles.

Town Office
• Discussion on workload and communication. No Selectmen went to School Board Mtg. Karin addressed the Board re: old firehouse
• Jim made contact with Superintendent- if anything were to happen at Old Firehouse (LCI) a “Memo of Understanding” between Town and School would and should be drawn up.
• Discussion of how appropriate to follow this avenue, use resources, without an MOU?
• 2-part Motion made and passed:
1- Selectmen pursue New Firehouse as their primary location because location is actually owned by the Town
2- Selectmen do not pursue Old Firehouse location without a “Memo of Understanding”
• Richard Beal suggests one option be presented to the voters. Discussion of multiple options be presented to Selectmen with each one examined carefully.
• Satellite Office discussion- Should there be a 2-part warrant article with Town Office as one part and Satellite Office as the other? Satellite Office would be year-round and, as suggested by Karin, perhaps be employed by a resident of the island where Satellite is located? Need to come up with a budget. It was suggested that Town be flexible on location and perhaps consider renting.

- Next Meeting November 15, 3:30 on Islesford (Budget)

-Meeting adjourned 5:15