Municpal Advisory Commission

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
November 15, 2016
Islesford Library, Islesford

Members present: Jasmine Samuel (MAC), Brandon Stubbs (MAC)Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Chris White (MAC, phone), Joy Sprague (TCI), Kaitlyn Damon (TCI)

-Call to order at 3:30

-November Minutes
• Accepted – Chris moves, Karin 2nd

-Work Plan-
• Sec 51-15- General Govnt
o Discussion on Contingency Fund (currently has $3,500)- spills into undesignated fund (which currently has under 30k in it approx.) Selectmen cannot use undesignated funds without voter approval.
• Sec 51-26- Elections to get cut to $900,
• Sec 51-28-Why Shoreland Ordinance for $3,000?
• Sec 51-30- Assessors- asked for increase to $28k. Wages hadn’t increased ofr 7 years
• Sec 52- Katelyn Damon
o line 10-10 (telephone) is 1200 not 1000
o line 20-30 (insurance)- up to $7000
o line 20-45- testing equipment $4000
o line 25-15- up to 3500 (500 more)
o Capital Improvement- regrade ambulance ramp $600, Cascade air system
o Zone 2- discussion of well/leach field for Islesford firehouse
o Zone 3- Sutton- potential for portable pump
o Discussion of total budget at 190k- current budget part of a 5 year plan
o Fire warden- adding 750 for training
• 53-10
o line 30-22 (BCM Contract) Jim put in 72k
o line 30-48 increase from 5k to 6500- add a few more trips to Sutton
o line 32-12- (hazardous waste)- raise from 3500 to 4000
• Sec 53-12- Code Enforcement- might need to be raised
• Sec 54-10 Roads
o Line 30-05- 145k (2 roads on cranberry), 123k (1 road on Islesford), 60k (shale roads)- Make into 3 separate warrant articles
• Sec 54-16- 20k already in reserve for sander/plow
• Sec 54-30
o Line 99-50- contingency- There IS voter approved 50k if needed
• Sec 56- Donations stay the same
• Sec 57-16 (Debt Service) Bond- $45,705
• Sec 57-18 (Tax Exempt Manset)- $130, 580
• Sec 57-26- (Roads debt)- 13k- paid off in April
• Sec 57-28 (Fire Truck 3) $39, 535 for 7 years
• Sec 58-14 (NEH Parking Lot lease)- $40,850
• Sec 58-20 (Mun Facilities/float/ramps)
o Line 30-20-$36,600
o Add hoists to each dock- Marc Nighman gathering estimates- need to check with DEP re: hydraulic hoists. Co-op will pay for ½ of Islesford hoist. Approx 25k for (2) hoists.
o Line 60-12- 500k for Dock Extension. Bid document pretty much done. Hopefully plug in real numbers if bid # come back. Grants a possibility.
• Sec 58-28 (Rest rooms)
o Line 61-20- changed to 6500
• Sec 58-36- Town Office- Put this on hold until after Selectmen’s meeting
• Internet Service- Ask working group for some rough idea of what they would need. They are working on an RFI.

- Next Meeting December 8, 2016

-Meeting adjourned 5:48