December 8, 2016

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Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
December 8, 2016
Islesford Neighborhood House, Islesford

Members present: Jasmine Samuel (MAC, phone), Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Nick Barton (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI),) Joy Sprague (BOS)

-Call to order at 3:42

-Warrant Articles Selectmen want MAC to write for town Meeting-
LCI Dock Extension
• 560k for 42’ extension with maximum wave attenuation
• Hope to put out to bid in the next few weeks so amount can be adjusted on the warrant depending upon results
• Minimum would be 374k, depending on wave attenuation method.
• 10 year note, borrowed money
• Permitting should be in place by Town Meeting. DEP should be OK
• 10-18 week construction period with a start date around April 1 and finished by Memorial Day.
• Design needs slight modification- Extension is 22’ wide but should be 16.’ Existing dock is 16’ wide

Hoists on docks on Cranberry and Islesford
• Co-op to pay for half of Islesford hoist
• Loose estimate is 12k per hoist

• Because of Dock and Town Office warrants- Selectmen decided to remove roads.
• Currently 97k left in budget to do repair and maintenance, but no capital projects
• Any road work done would include Dog Pt road, waiting for repair estimates
• Shale roads have been regraded at least once a year
• Possibly raise 50k for Dog Pt and use some of reserve?
• Ingrid’s motion- Suggestion to Selectmen to create a separate budget item in town warrant specific to repairs of Dog Pt Road and sections of Harding Pt Road. Karin 2nd. Motion passes (Reason- A budget item cannot be added on the floor of Town Meeting)

Town Office
• MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) from School Committee has been received re: “Old Firehouse.” Includes provisions such as –property would revert back if no longer used as a town office, separation fence to be installed. Selectmen signed MOU although they agree the location is not ideal- narrow street, property lines and narrow street.
• Selectmen would prefer addition to “New Firehouse” on Islesford for, as they estimate, 250k. Request that MAC get drawings put together and put out to bid.
• Selectmen want well put in behind firehouse ASAP
• Additionally, a septic system is in FD budget
• A case could be made that costs radically reduced due to well and septic already taken care of.
• Real cost could be original estimate of 130k (2013?) with 10-15k added for increase in costs over time?
• Discussion over whether Selectmen’s 250k estimate included a satellite town office?
• Ingrid Motion: Find a way to put year-round Satellite Town Office on the warrant for Town Meeting- either specifically mentioned on the 250k warrant item or as a separate warrant item with its own budget. Karin 2nd. Motion passes.
• Jim will look into getting bid(s) ahead of town meeting for inclusion in Town Meeting warrant.

Sell Marsh Building
• Building is vacant- Rent received WAS good but may not happen again
• Because building was part of original bond, there would be restrictions regarding the proceeds from a sale. Put in Manset Reserve…Cannot be used to pay down debt but could be used to reduce bond payments
• Discussion: value of reserves, interest rates, and using reserves to pay down debt
• Discussion: Might we need land UNDER Marsh building in the future? But, building is quite a bit higher in elevation that the rest of lot and would need excavation.
• Marsh Building appraised at 350K?....Perhaps .5 acres. Permission sought from voters to sell building.
• Karin Motion: Suggestion to use Manset Reserve to: widen current walkway (from lot to pier) to create one-way vehicle access and, further, to maintain safe pedestrian access/walkway. (Area is approximately 60’ wide- plenty of room). Ingrid 2nd. Motion passes.

Broadband Service
• RFI has been drafted by Broadband Committee- sent out to aprox 8 providers as identified by the Island Institute. Malcolm and Jim on phone conference tomorrow. Info should be available by Jan 3rd/4th.
• No dollars amounts yet. Probably in good shape for grants- usually 50% matching
• Broadband Committee will evaluate then Selectmen to review to finalize for presentation at Town Meeting.

Sutton Island
• John Nevius has some items that Sutton Committee would like on warrant- not identified yet.
• Perhaps Walkway? Ferry access? Inclusion on Broadband discussion

School Budget
• School Board expects budget to rise from about 580k to approx. 600k or 610k….more high school students.

- Next Meeting January 5, 2017

-Meeting adjourned 5:00