Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes September 02, 2008

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
September 02, 2008
Great Cranberry Island Community Center

Dan Lief, Chairman, BOS
Aaron Gray, BOS
Richard Beal, BOS
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Chris White, MAC
Eve Harrison, MAC
Malcolm Donald, MAC
Joy Sprague
Stefanie Alley
Wanda Porter
Ann Fernald
Phil Whitney
Karin Whitney
Sarah Newell
Gail Perry
Tom Watson
Chong Lim
David Sordyl
John Goodwin, JR
I. Call to order: 8:49 A.M. by Chairman Dan Lief.
II. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
Richard Beal moves to accept the August 12, 2008 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as written. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.
III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants
Warrant # 40: $ 5000.27
Warrant #41: (Voided Check)
Warrant #42: $ 5294.29
Warrant #43: $ 59063.95
Warrant #44: $ 63981.38
Total: $ 133339.89
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.
IV. Communications
A. Health Care Initiative Letter
An August 21, 2008 letter has been received by the Selectmen from the Islesford Health Care Initiative, signed by Representatives Joy Sprague, Wanda Porter and Stefanie Alley. A group of concerned citizens on the Cranberry Isles has been meeting on a monthly basis since spring with the Seacoast Mission to improve healthcare on the islands. The focus has been to help the elderly who are homebound by meeting their health and nutritional needs. The ultimate goal is to open a clinic and have a doctor and nurse come to the island on a monthly basis to use telemedicine, do wellness checks, lab work and address any health issues our residents might have. The group is asking the Selectmen to consider letting them use the old Fire House next to the school as a future facility for a clinic. The old Fire House may become available when the new Fire House is completed at Islesford. Wanda Porter, Health Officer, reports that home safety feature assessments have already taken place at Islesford for some of our elderly residents. The Seacoast Mission Nurse, Sharon Daley, has made some courtesy calls, and Meals for Me is currently providing meals for two of our residents. Dr. Kuffler from Southwest Harbor has made one visit to Islesford and has expressed interest in return visits. Because of the tight mooring field and low water levels at Islesford Dock, the Seacoast Mission’s Sunbeam cannot come to Islesford for regular visits which other islands have access to. The intention of the Health Care Initiative is to have access to healthcare for both Great Cranberry Island and Islesford. Phil and Karin Whitney, as well as Ruth Westphal from Great Cranberry have been participating in the Initiative’s meetings with the Seacoast Mission. The Healthcare Initiative will begin a fundraising soon.
Selectman Lief asks what the needs are for the health clinic. A waiting room, office and exam room would be needed. The Seacoast Mission has put down a $2000.00 deposit for new and improved telecommunications for many local municipalities, including Cranberry Isles. The Board of Selectmen is in favor of using the old Fire House for this purpose. Mr. Lief feels that we also need residents of Great Cranberry Island involved. Chris White suggests that the Doctor from Southwest Harbor might come to both GCI and Islesford to look at buildings for suggestions. The Board of Selectmen will confer with the School Board to see if there would be any potential issues with using the building next to the school. Mr. Lief suggests that within two months the Health Care Initiative do some research on plans for the building and come back to speak with the Selectmen with more concrete information. It may be possible to get some recommendations from Swan’s Island who built their own clinic recently.
B. Letter from Holly Hartley Re: GCI Private Road Naming
The Selectmen have also received an August 13, 2008 letter of communication from GCI Resident Holly Hartley in regard to the required road naming of the private road to her residence on Great Cranberry Island. She and her sister, Victoria Johnston has corresponded over the past two years about a name for the private road to both their residences and has not been able to agree. Ms. Johnston would like to name the private road “Shorelands”, the historical name for the property as previously called by grandfather. Ms. Hartley suggests three alternative names for the private road, “Preble Lane , Betty’s Lane, or Blueberry Lane.” Ms. Hartley would prefer not to have the private road named after her sister’s house.
According to the GCI Street Naming and Numbering Ordinance, “Any way serving two or more residences, or otherwise occupied structures, must be named. Any way serving three or more structures requiring numbers must be named”, (Section 4.1.1). “The property owners may negotiate among themselves however they wish.” If the name submitted is not acceptable, the Board of Selectmen shall send a second notice to the property owners. The procedure shall be the same as in the above paragraph, except that they now have 6 months to adopt a new name. If no response is received to the first notice after one year, or no or an unacceptable response is received to the second notice after 6 months, the Board of Selectmen shall within 90 days assign a name to the private way. The name selection shall be at the discretion of the Selectmen”, (Section 4.1.2).
The deadline for the second notice to abutters to name private roads was August 20, 2008.
Richard Beal moves to name the private road to Hartley’s and Johnston’s Residences “Preble Lane”. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
Richard Beal moves that the private right of way that starts to the south of the general store, goes through the Moss Property and goes through the Wini Smart Property and goes to the Carter Property, “Spurling Cove Lane”. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
VIII. Audience Communications (Taken out of order by request)
Eve Harrison wishes to give the Selectmen any information they need in order to release 5000.00 in funds appropriated for the Islesford Town Field Project. A wedding is planned to take place at the Town Field on September 20, 2008, and
work will have to take place after that date. Ms. Harrison suggests that a Town Field calendar for scheduled events at the location. This would make planning for renovations there easier. Sandy Salisbury is ready with equipment to do the grading, and if lucky, no materials are expected to be brought in. The Dudman’s and the Leary’s have been ok with the grading of a portion of their properties, however there is a patch of blueberries and cranberries that Mrs. Dudman may like to preserve. There is a small patch of shrubbery near what are believed to be lobster traps owned by Cory Alley that will be involved with the grading. The path will stay where it currently is. Atlantic Landscape suggests hydro seeding before September 15 for adequate growing, but do to conflict of schedule this may have to take place shortly after the 20th. One sticking issue is that there is an underground power line that goes down the center of the field that feeds the Town Dock. Bangor Hydro has been called and an electrician could dig up the line and bury it again with conduit pipe. Another option is to hook above ground into a private pole owned by the Fisherman’s Co Op which may require an easement. Bangor Hydro would then take over the pole that also runs to the restaurant. It is suggested that Bangor Hydro be asked if the fuel storage tanks at the Co Op
may be an issue for overhead electrical lines. Another option is to leave a swath for the line in the field, which would then be hand graded. The Selectmen agree that the wire should try to be moved above ground. Selectmen Lief suggests that Ms. Harrison proceed with the process, and let him know if a special selectmen’s meeting needs to be held before next month in order to begin the work.
Gail Perry is here to ask if her driveway could be named along with private road naming. One dwelling is on the drive, and does not necessarily need to be named as Ms. Perry’s address would be off Cranberry Road. Ms. Perry’s request for the name of her drive is “Perry Point Lane”.
V. Old Business
A. GCI Road Work
Roadwork at Great Cranberry Island will end today with the asphalt. There have been some concerns dealing with the widening of the roads.
GCI Resident Gail Perry expresses her concern about the large swath taken out the full width of her property. Ms. Perry feels that more than the allowed sixteen feet were taken from her property. Ms. Perry spoke with the Facilities Supervisor about the large boulders which were placed on her property beside the ditch. All fifteen boulders were removed from the ground where the ditching took place. Some of the boulders were sticking out of the ground, and hazardous to the snowplow in the winter. Recently the boulders were removed from the property. Ms. Perry is concerned about her blueberries that were dug up for the ditching process, and wants to know why she was not notified of the work to be done. She also would like to know if any plans are to restore the property as she feels it looks awful. Selectman Beal suggests that if topsoil and loam were brought in, the blueberries would not return. If left alone, he feels the berries will fill in again. Drainage of Town Roads is of top priority for the Town of Cranberry Isles at this time. Experts, along with Selectman Beal identified the roads needing ditching last spring. Mr. Beal also walked the roads identified with the potential contractors for the work. Selectman Lief agrees that property owners should somehow be informed of work to be done near their properties.
GCI Resident Chong Lim expresses concern with the lack of routine burning of fields as has happened in the past. He would like to have the field burned this spring in front of his home the red house. It is possible that the Fire Department does not have enough individuals interested in helping with routine spring burning. It is pointed out that landowner permission is needed for routine burning.
Great Cranberry Island Resident Tom Watson expresses safety concern about the four feet deep ditches just past the Dowling Residence on Cranberry Road. John Goodwin, JR will take a look at the location after today’s meeting to see if anything can be done.
VI. New Business (Taken out of Order by request)
B. LCI Roadwork Contract
Three bids were received for proposed roadwork to be done at Little Cranberry Island, (Islesford).
1) Doug Gott & Sons: $ 51,106.00

2) David Sordyl: $ 49,250.00 (includes pneumatic hammer)

3) John Goodwin, JR: $ 47,444.00

Approximately $30,000.00 is available in the budget. Roughly $9000.00 that is not committed still remains in the Selectmen’s Contingency Fund at this time. All three bids were written a little differently, however fairly comparable when figuring the differences in.
Richard Beal moves to accept the bid for Little Cranberry Island Roadwork from John Goodwin, JR. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
V. Old Business (Taken out of order by request)
F. Manset Seawall Contract
At last month’s Selectmen’s Meeting the Selectmen chose to delay a decision on the award of the Manset Seawall Contract in order to review scopes of work and references for the contractor’s references. The Facilities Supervisor sent letters to the contractors who sent bids asking for revised bids that more clearly specifies the proposed work to be done.
Five Bids were received for the Manset Seawall Repair Contract.
1) Doug Gott & Sons: $ 23,956.00
This contractor has worked with the Town in the past and has performed well and is in good standing. No response was given with respect to the scope of word and it is assumed that they will complete the project as detailed in the original specifications.
2) K.J. Dugas: $ 5600.00
Basic repair work only, replacing fallen stones, no capstones*. References were submitted. They have offered to complete as much work as is needed but at the time of this meeting no revised contract or specifications have been received. The Facilities Supervisor spoke with this contractor by telephone as to the content of the work to be included in this bid.
3) John Goodwin, JR: $ 11,444.00
Includes drainage behind the wall, no capstones*, completes projects regularly for the Town and has done good work in the past. This contractor is currently working on a number of Town jobs. Goodwin submitted a letter detailing the work to be done on the project.
4) David Sordyl: $ 12,345.00
No behind the wall drainage, no capstones. Mr. Sordyl lives on Great Cranberry Island but has not performed work for the Town before. Mr. Sordyl submitted a detailed explanation of work to be performed with his original bid. References were submitted and Mr. Sordyl has performed similar work satisfactorily in the past.
5) Joe Keeney: $ 14,500.00
An email was received detailing the work to
be completed with sketch. The proposal is unique in that it calls for capstones* that would add significantly to the structure of the wall. In a phone conversation Mr. Keeney stated that the price quoted was for Capstones and that the size he recommends would reduce his bid price. No number has been presented for this reduction. References weresubmitted and checked. Mr. Keeney has completed several jobs very similar to the one the Town has specified and is highly recommended by his references. Mr. Keeney recently won a labor related contract dispute with the Town of Tremont, who declined comment on the situation. A site visit to the disputed construction showed no signs of faulty
* Cap stones were not a requirement for the seawall specs.
Richard Beal moves to accept Johnny Goodwin’s bid of $11,400.00 for the Manset Seawall construction. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.
The Selectmen sign the contract for Manset Seawall Repair with John Goodwin, JR.
V. Old Business (continued)
A. GCI Road Work
Taken out of order and previously discussed.
B. GCI Dock Repairs
All permit applications for the repairs have been submitted. It is hoped that a response will be received by the end of this month from the Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corp of Engineers. Civil Engineering Services will call the Army Corp of Engineers to see if there is any comment. Bid packages are complete except to clarify the length of the piles. Selectmen Beal requests that a notice is put in the newspaper to advertise that bid packages will be ready in approximately two weeks from the Town Office. Postponement of construction has been put off until next spring due to:
• Lead times of 6-8 weeks for construction materials
• Unavailability of the major marine contractor(Prock Marine) to complete a fall project
• A longer timeframe for contractors reduces risk and uncertainty, and in turn project costs
• The project involves work that is best done in one phase, making a split season unrealistic
A tentative date of June 01, 2009 is set for completion date for the project, which gives ample time for construction but also ensures little conflict with seasonal uses. C. GCI Gravel Pit
In reference to illegal dumping of materials at the Great Cranberry Island Gravel Pit, the Town Attorney has advised the Town to draft a letter to the alleged violator asking that the materials please be removed or the Town will be forced to take legal action. Costs to the Town to remove the illegal materials could be a huge expense. All investigation done by the Town points to the same party for the violation. Richard Beal would like to place the boulders removed for ditching near soil, gathered from the GCI Ditching, placed at the Gravel Pit near the gasoline station to deter parking of vehicles in the spot.
C. E911 Addressing
Numbering of residences at Great Cranberry Island is considered top priority due to the recent rule by Department of Motor Vehicle to have a legal physical address to obtain a driver’s licenses. The Town Clerk does have an affidavit from the Secretary of State that can be obtained from the Town Office to verify physical addresses. It is hoped that the Facilities Supervisor will have the numbering process complete by the end of September. The new Island Institute Fellow may be able to help. The Deputy Clerk will meet with Carl Brooks this week to go over private road naming records. All private roads left to be named by the Selectmen per the GCI addressing ordinance will be presented to the Board for next month’s Selectmen’s Meeting.
Dan Lief moves that Richard Beal has the authority to name the roads that still need to be named at Great Cranberry Island. Aaron Beal seconds the motion. Motion passes.
D. LCI Municipal Garage
The site work for the new municipal garage has been recently broken away from the main building contract. Change orders from the last bids were renegotiated. John Goodwin, JR will be doing the site work, and Dunbar and Brawn will be doing the construction of the building. Approximately $310,000.00 is allocated in total approved borrowed and reserve funds. All this allocation is not expected to be needed. Final plans such as windows and doors will be discussed at the October meeting. The site work will take place this month. Dunbar and Brawn is expected to start construction work in October and the new fire truck is expected to be delivered the first part of 2009. The Selectmen sign the contract for site work with John Goodwin, JR. Copies of all documentation dealing with the LCI Municipal Garage will be sent to the Town Attorney to keep on file.
F. Manset Seawall
Previously discussed.
G. FTA Grant
In order to take advantage of the Federal Transportation Grant, the Town must agree to 80 foot gangways for Manset and Great Cranberry. It has been shown that the new gangways will not extend into the mooring fields. The Harbor Committee at their August 19, 2008 meeting looked at the information involved with the grant and has recommended proceeding with the grant. Monies from the grant will also provide for new barging ramps which are greatly needed at both Islesford and Great Cranberry Island. Selectman Lief suggests that public hearings be held for public input in whether to proceed or not. He also suggests that the Harbor Committee, the Harbormasters and Paul Pottle from the Department of Transportation be present at the hearings.
H. Employee Benefits
The Board of Selectmen signs a personnel policy for vacation and sick days. The auditor has suggested that the benefits be in writing. Vacation and sick days for Town employees were approved at the August Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.
I. DVM License Issues
The Selectmen sign a letter to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles asking to appoint the Tax Collector, Denise McCormick, as a Motor Vehicle Municipal Agent in the Re-Registration level for all motor vehicles and New/Re-Registration Level for Island Use Vehicles Program.
VI. New Business
A. GCI Old Salt / Sand Shed
Selectman Beal reports that it has been suggested that the old sand and salt shed at Great Cranberry Island be used to store the ambulance. Space is tight at the Fire Building and money is being put aside for a new ambulance for Great Cranberry. The building would need to be cleaned out and the roof fixed. Selectman Lief would like to see if some input could be obtained from the GCI Fire Department about present and long term needs. He also suggests that Great Cranberry may need to consider a vacuum pumper truck like the one Islesford is getting. A 190 decibel buzzer has been purchased but not installed for heat failure at the fire house.
B. LCI Road Work Contract
Previously discussed.
C. LCI Salt / Sand Shed
A proposal has been received from John Goodwin, JR to construct an 18’ x 32’ haunched slab with 8” thick x 4’ tall knee walls for the Islesford Sand and Salt Shed. The sand and salt shed will be constructed as a lean-to attached to the present garage near the Transfer Station. The D.E.P. has suggested that we cover up the site of the old sand and salt storage. Mr. Goodwin’s proposal to furnish material and labor-complete in accordance the specifications. Beal suggests that if possible, the drawings of the sand and salt shed be put on the municipal website.
VII. Other Business
• Selectman Lief will be on vacation form September 12th through September 20th.
• Float contracts are expired at this time. The Facilities Supervisor is granted permission to write six month extensions for the two float contracts. The current float contractors are Roy Hadlock and Danny Chalmers.
VIII. Audience Communications
Taken up previously.
IX. Adjournment: 11:50 A.M.
Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

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