Municpal Advisory Commission

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Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
January 12, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House, Islesford

Members present: Jasmine Samuel (MAC, phone), Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Nick Barton (MAC, phone), Chris White (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI),) Joy Sprague (BOS)

Audience: Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:02

-Minutes passed from December 8, 2016- Ingrid moves, Karin 2nd

-Budget discussion-
• Overall increase in budget requires voter approval- Total budget on the warrant is $2,702,197
• Selectman have added 60k to budget
o 50k for work on dock/trails and installing channel marker in Sutton Harbor
o 10k to hire a consultant to study Emera infrastructure- old equipment, power outages plus the issue of the cable
• No line item for Shale Roads, Jim will try to get 50k put in for Dog Pt (an oversight?)
• Bottom line…
o Gen Govnt- Deputy Clerk reduced slightly
o Safety up 54k
o Plumbing inspector went up
o CEO contract went up- Dennis Dever does more work than prior CEO
o Public Transportation- went down from 190k to 101k but Dog Pt work might increase it by 50k
o Commuter Boat is virtually the same
o School went from 583,146 to 650k. Four more high school students
o Debt service up by 14k
o Municipal Facilities- Sutton Island (50k), Town Office (150k) and Emera Consultant(10K) and Dock Extension
o Mil rate increase from 8.9 to 9.05
 1,633,817 (2016 raised from taxes)
 1,711,822 (2017 raised from taxes)
• Joy- waiting to hear from Malcolm and Broadband Comm. to add budget item. Meeting on Wednesday to discuss grants with Island Institute.

New Business
• Deputy Clerk not hired yet- application deadline January 20th. Malcolm, Denis and 2 others to evaluate apps. Hopefully hiring at Feb 7th meeting.
• Question- This year’s town warrant shows last year’s numbers along with new numbers? Jim states Selectmen did decide, in the past, to list both years
• Ingrid’s Motion: Selectmen consider, whenever possible, to include last year’s budget numbers alongside current budget numbers for comparison. Motion passed

- Next Meeting February 9, 2017

-Meeting adjourned 5:10- Chris moves, Karin 2nd