February 07, 2017 Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

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FEBRUARY 07, 2017



I. Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order at 8:42 a.m. by Richard Beal, Chairman

II. Review/Sign Financial Warrants:

#2- $6,950.75
#3- 38,482.98 (School)
#4- 415.22
#5- 5,500.39
#6- 45,079.05
All financial warrants were approved and signed.

III. Review/Approval of January 10, 2017 Minutes:

Richard Beal motions to approve the minutes as written, second by Florence J. Sprague.
All in favor.

IV. New Business:

F. Final Review of Town Report and choose Pictures:
The Board of Selectmen took F. out of order as Melissa McCormick is present to review the Town Report Final Draft and to show them what pictures have been submitted. The Selectmen went through all of the pictures that have been submitted and chose the ones they would like to see in the report. They also chose the cover photo. They reviewed the report and were pleased with how it turned out. Melissa McCormick will be taking the report to Downeast Graphics for printing in the next few days. The Board would like to thank Melissa for her assistance in preparing the 2016 Town Report.

A. Appoint new Deputy Town Clerk/Treasurer:

Malcolm Fernald made a motion to hire Ben Sumner, Great Cranberry Island as the new Deputy Town Clerk/Treasurer. Richard Beal second the motion, All in favor.
Denise McCormick will be contacting Ben to arrange his start date and begin training for the position. The position is a 3 day a week schedule, with more days added if needed.

B. Accept Grant Funding from the Island Institute:

The Island Institute awarded the Town a $10,000 grant for technical assistance, funds are to be used for Prep work that is needed to apply for grants, etc. for the Proposed Broadband upgrade. The Board of Selectmen approved and accepted the grant monies.

C. Approve a Broadband Internet Provider to Work with Based on RFI Respones:

The Broadband Communications Working Group (BCWG) with assistance from the Island Institute, issued a RFI for providers who would work with the Town of Cranberry Isles for upgraded internet services to the islands. The (BCWG) received 3 proposals. The BCWG recommends to the Board of Selectmen that the Town goes with Axiom. Even though the proposed internet upgrade needs to first go to the voters at the Annual Town Meeting, the provider needs to be chosen now so that they can do the leg work needed for pricing of the project. Malcolm Fernald motions to accept Axiom as the proposed provider, seconded by Florence J. Sprague. All in favor.

The BCWG also shared with the Board of Selectmen a letter that they will be getting out to the voters to update them on the progress the group has made for improved
internet services to the Cranberry Isles and an explanation of the proposed upgrades. They plan to get it out soon as Town Meeting is approaching.

D. 2017 Parking (Review Letter and Fees):

James Fortune presented his annual letter for Parking. He needs the Selectmen to approve the amount to charge this coming year for parking spaces. Richard Beal suggests that the annual fee for spaces in Northeast Harbor be set at $335. per space this year, to cover the annual Lease amount of $40,807 to be paid to the Town of Mt. Desert.
Malcolm Fernald motions to set NEH fees at $335. per space, seconded by Florence J. Sprague. Richard Beal motions to set the fees for Manset parking spaces at $290, seconded by Malcolm Fernald. All in favor.

E. Final Review of Budget and Warrant Articles for the 2017 Town Meeting:

The Selectmen reviewed the final budget and the Town Meeting Warrant. The budget is set at $4,128,397 for 2017. The proposed budget for each Town Department is as follows:
Dept 51- General Govt 327,140.
Dept 52 - Public Safety 194,025
Dept 53- Health and Sanitation 129,010
Dept 54- Public Transportation 155,618
Dept 55- Education 649,919
Dept 56- Donations 22,800
Dept 57- Debt Service 369,375
Dept 58- Municipal Facilities 2,280,510

The capital projects that are proposed in Articles this year are:

LCI Dock Extension: $672,000 with the amount to be financed over a 10 year period.
Internet Upgrade: 1,200,000 with the amount to be financed. The Broadband Working Group is in hopes that the Town will qualify for USDA grants and other grants and donations to bring the cost that the Town would need to finance down from the $1.2 million dollars.
Town Office: $150,000 The Selectmen are proposing to have an addition added to the Municipal Garage on LCI to house the Town Office, and so that the Office will have running water and bathrooms available for employees and visitors.
IVFD: $40,000 to have a septic system and bathroom added to the Municipal Garage for the benefit of the Volunteer Fire Dept and the Town Office.
Hoists for GCI & LCI Town Docks: $24,000.
Dog Point Rd. GCI paving: $50,000.
Public Utilities Consultant: $10,000 to hire a consultant to assess the Public Utility lines and poles of Emera and Fairpoint, in order to begin a process of getting old and outdated infrastructure upgraded in the Town.

There is an article to enact the “Land Use and Shoreland Ordinance March 11, 2017”. The CEO would like the Shoreland ordinance updated to the State standards.
Copies of the proposed ordinance can be found on the Town’s Website: www.cranberryisles-me.gov

There is an article to see if the voters want to authorize the Municipal Officers to sell the building and land at 15 Manell Lane in Southwest Harbor. This is the parcel of property that the office building sits on and that the Town rented out to Marsh Ins. for years. The building is now vacant.

G. Sign 2017 Town Warrant:

The Selectmen signed the Warrant for the Annual Town Meeting.

There was no other business, and the Richard Beal motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:47 a.m. All in favor.