February 23, 2017 (Municipal Advisory Committee)

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Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
February 23, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House, Islesford

Members present: Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Nick Barton (MAC, phone), Chris White (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI),) Joy Sprague (BOS)

Audience: Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:02

-Minutes passed from January 17, 2017- Ingrid moves, Chris 2nd

-Budget discussion-
• Warrant is on town website
• “Big ticket” items
o Dock Extension
o Broadband initiative
o Town Office
• Fire Department has Septic/bathroom on warrant
• Broadband
o Island Institute helped “rank” RFI responses received by providers
o Fairpoint and Axiom pulled info from Tilson Report
o Fairpoint “did ok” but didn’t meet needs
o Redzone did a “courtesy” response- spoke of tower, etc
o Axiom scored the highest, met everything we were looking for
 Fiber Network
 Build off existing network on Cranberry
 Build fiber on Great Cran and Islesford with Islesford first in 2017 and Great Cran in 2018- fiber to every home on Islesford and Great Cran
 We need a tower on Islesford to serve Sutton- geography too hard, private property- service to Sutton would be much higher quality wireless
 Given budget, would be a partnership agreement. Site visit pending. Most work done via mapping
 Budget for all 3 islands- $1,173,000
o Hired a Grant Coordinator via Island Institute. Potential for 85% funding
o Broadband Committee putting together a fact sheet for town website with outline of partnership with Axiom and operational budget
o Have to go to Town Meeting with all info if approval is sought
o On paper, looks good- Town wide- 216 homes (75% of homes)
o 3 Service plans from 25 mb download/ 3 upload @$49.99 to business plan at 100 mb download/20 upload @$99.99
o Axiom has offered up to 15% as their investment
o Budgeted 1.2 million- shows town commitment
o Axiom coming on Tuesday to review islands and to answer questions
o Axiom has proposed that residents “help” with some of the work burying cables- discussion ensued
o Project might get publicity- cutting edge technology
o Service to Sutton would use lower frequency that allows better penetration through trees and vegetation
o Met with USDA Grant reps who flew up from PA- USDA is only grant we can apply for right now (because of due dates). Very big application, due right after town meeting. No promises but led to believe our “critical need” will score TCI high on list, our service is THAT poor.
o Hope to have Axiom reps at Town Meeting
• Satellite Town Office- Denise’s expectation of ½ day a week. Might only need a small office area at library or community building
• Ben Sumner, resident of Great Cranberry hired as Asst. Town Clerk
• Mil Rate- will move from high 8’s to low 9’s even with all these “big ticket items” because money is borrowed and some would be in grants
• Loan for Manset will be paid in 6 years (2023)
• Discussion on the sharing of mil rate changes with voters- important to demonstrate impact with examples
• Motion: Ask Selectmen to present mil rate facts to voters at the beginning of Town Meeting. Brandon moves, Karin 2nd. Passes.

New Business
• Ingrid’s term is up- happy to stay
• Chris’s term is up- need to find replacement
• Thanks to Broadband Committee for all their hard work

- Next Meeting April 6, 2017

-Meeting adjourned 5:02- Ingrid moves, Chris 2nd