April 6, 2017 (Municipal Advisory Committee)

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Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
April 6, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House, Islesford

Members present: Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Nick Barton (MAC, phone), Laurie Dobson (MAC, phone), Jasmine Samuel (MAC, phone),Jim Fortune (TCI),) Joy Sprague (BOS)

Audience: Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:05

-Review: Jim
• This is an organizational meeting- elect Chair, Secretary
• Chair- role is to communicate with Jim on agendas, work plans, disseminates info to rest of MAC
• Secretary- Takes minutes on major points, not a transcript- created within a few weeks of meeting

-Chair Person- Joanne nominates Ingrid, Laurie 2nd, Ingrid accepts, passed
-Secretary- Election tabled for a few months and then will be re-addressed

-Minutes passed from February 23, 2017- Ingrid moves, Karen 2nd

-New Business-
• 15 Mansell Lane
o Was on the Town Meeting Warrant to sell- rejected by voters
o Was occupied by Insurance Co., now vacant since September
o Real estate agency said it could be rented as residential
o 2nd and 3rd floor definitely could be rented as residential- needs separate entrance?
o Egress issues?
o MAC needs to set up/come up with a plan on how to use property- highest and best use
o Research all options, including sale
o IF sold, only use proceeds to feed Manset Reserve (which currently has about 100k in it). Thinking was to use the funds for maintenance projects and paying down bond in the form of payments.
o Legal issues with regard to sale, paying bond, and complicating 501c3 status. No final answer on this yet. Seek opinion from Eaton Peabody.
o Other things to consider: NEH Lease ends in 2023 with no auto renewal. Town of MD gets 44k a year. Selectman to talk to TMD sometime this year
o Appraisal on property was done in 2013- needs to be shared with MAC
o Marsh Lease was 24k
o Options to consider? Check with CEO on change of use
 Boarding House for high school kids
 Private rental apartment(s)
 Office space below and residential on 2nd/3rd floor
 Other options? Bring ideas to Manset meeting
o Need to get tax card and floor plans

• Communication between MAC and Selectmen
o Perception that there were missed opportunities to work more efficiently
o Working smarter, not harder with better communication
o Think about ways to streamline
o Discussion- Put MAC on Selectmen meeting agenda with MAC rep(s) sharing updates (bulleted list) on MAC work. Also, include MAC minutes in Selectmen packets
o Discussion on an appreciation for getting a response from Selectmen when we vote on items

• Broadband- working with Axiom- “To do” list…
o We need a Service Contract with Axiom- first Islesford, then Cranberry
o Secure tower sites- we have 2 property owners
o ConnectME grant due May 12
o Outreach questionnaires to community
o Assume MAC will NOT be working on broadband unless otherwise instructed

• Town Office-
o Town passed funding and Selectmen agreed to move forward on Purchase and Sale of Islesford Market
o Hiring architect for floor plan
o Goal is move in September, 2017
o Renovations loosely estimated at 52k
o Satellite Office- is this still a MAC issue?
 Getting into new town office a large task at this point
 New Assistant, Ben, has been able to act as currier
 Statutory requirements for town office(s) may be an issue
 But residents have been asking for this

• MAC Meeting on 15 Mansell Lane
o Needs to be posted for Public
o Scheduled for April 29th at 1:00 PM on location in Manset
o Public invited to all meetings

- Next Meeting April 29th, 2017 at 1:00 PM (in Manset)

-Meeting adjourned 5:21- Karin moves