April 18, 2017-Harbor Committee Minutes

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Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House

Bill Dowling, Chairman, Harbor Committee
James Fortune, Harbor Committee Alternate
Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
Bruce Fernald, Islesford Harbormaster
Ted Spurling, Harbor Committee
Dennis Dever, Manset Dockmaster

I. Call to Order: 4:18PM by Chairman Bill Dowling
Four Harbor Committee members (including an alternate) are present at today’s meeting, which represents a quorum.
II. Review/Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes
A. June 16, 2016: James Fortune moves to accept meeting minutes as written. Richard Howland seconds the motion. Motion passes 4-0.
B. December 14, 2016: James Fortune moves to accept meeting minutes as written. Richard Howland seconds the motion. Motion passes 4-0.
III. Discussion & Update—LCI Dock Extension and Proposed Breakwater
James Fortune and Bruce Fernald recently met with representative of Maine DEP to learn the requirements that would need to be met for the town to construct a breakwater from existing granite rocks located below the high water line adjacent to the Acadia National Park property at Islesford. The project is allowed a maximum area of impact of 500 square feet (“footprint”). Acadia National Park and the Department of the Interior will also have to provide written permission for repurposing of the rock. After a general discussion, the consensus of the Harbor Committee is to construct a breakwater using the granite blocks and add some available granite rocks from Sutton Island if permission from the landowners (Pearce & Lyman) can be obtained. An engineering plan should be drawn up and the project put out for bid prior to the proposed July Special Town Meeting (if possible) so that a more accurate cost can be determined. Once the breakwater is completed, the committee can consider whether a winter float can be added at Islesford or a dock extension with a reduced wave barrier.
IV. Other Business
General discussion of where to locate the new hoists on the LCI and GCI docks and modifications to the docks that are needed to accommodate the hoists. Richard Howland moves to set up a key system for use of the hoists and a fee for usage. Bill Dowling seconds the motion. Motion passes 4-0.

Dennis Dever explains that Sail Acadia has been given permission by the Board of Selectmen to use the Manset dock for loading and unloading passengers during the upcoming season. The Board of Selectmen subsequently placed a 180-day moratorium on granting any further landing rights to non-resident commercial vessels to allow for the development of a harbor ordinance to manage the use of the town floats and dock at Manset. No action taken.

V. Adjournment: 5:18pm
William Dowling moves to adjourn the meeting. Richard Howland seconds the motion. Motion passes 4-0.