November 17, 2015-Planning Board

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Planning Board Workshop Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2015
Great Cranberry Island Ladies Aid

Bill Dowling, Planning Board
Sally Rowan, Planning Board
Becca Powell, Planning Board
Branden Stubbs, Planning Board
Dennis Dever, CEO & LPI
Nan Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
I. Call to Order: 4:50 P.M. by Bill Dowling.
II. Elect Chairman 2015
Branden Stubbs nominates Bill Dowling as Chairman.
Bill Dowling declines.
Bill Dowling nominates Branden Stubbs.
Branden Stubbs accepts the nomination.
Bill Dowling moves to nominate Branden Stubbs as chairman of the Planning Board. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. All in favor. Motion passes.
III. Review / Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes, March 06, 2014
Sally Rowan moves to approve the March 06, 2014 Planning Board meeting minutes as written. Becca Powell seconds the motion. All in favor. Motion passes.
IV. Review Proposed Changes to Flood Plain Management Ordinance
The Floodplain Management Ordinance cannot be updated at this time. The Town is waiting for the arrival of the updated flood maps and ordinance changes from the state. Their arrival is expected sometime in January. Draft maps may be viewed at the Town Office. A public hearing will take place and a special town meeting may be needed to meet the deadline for adoption.
V. Review Proposed Changes to Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Code Enforcement Officer Dennis Dever reports that there are changes to be made to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance. In an email response from the Shoreland Zoning Coordinator, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, (dated October 27, 2015): “No date has been set [for the latest revision to chapter 1000]. The revision to Chapter 1000 was not Deemed Mandatory by the Commissioner. I would encourage municipalities to adopt the revisions but not require it. The non-conforming expansion section especially since the old 30% and alternative have been removed from the Statute as well as the guidelines leaving only the new Footprint and Height as the only options supported by Height.”
Mr. Dever reports that some changes that need to be addressed are the renaming of districts, 30% expansion or square footage, timber harvesting, and to match the format of the state when rewriting our ordinance to make future changes easier. When asked if Mr. Dever was suggesting changes to add inland zoning, his response was no, but there are some minor changes suggested in the State’s revisions, (one is an indemnity section). (NOTE: The Town of Cranberry Isles Comprehensive Plan, adopted August 24, 2010, does suggest reflecting new proposed inland zoning provisions).
The last time the Cranberry Isles zoning ordinance was updated, when required by the state, was March 10, 2012. Most of the updates were housekeeping amendments but timber harvesting was addressed and is now under the management of the State. One other amendment was to add to Section XII, Land Use Standards, subsection R. Soils.
The Planning Board will review the suggestions made by Mr. Dever and reconvene at a later date to discuss the proposed revisions.
VI. Other Business
None at this time.
VII. Adjournment: 5:40 P.M.
Branden Stubbs moves to adjourn the meeting. Sally Rowan seconds the motion. All in favor. Motion passes.