May 25, 2017

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
May 25, 2017
Town Office, Islesford

Members present: Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC, phone), Karin Whitney (MAC, phone), Laurie Dobson (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI),) Joy Sprague (BOS, phone)

Audience: Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:05

-Minutes passed from both Meetings in April, 2017 (regular MAC Mtg. 4/6/17 and Manset Site visit 4/29/17)- Ingrid moves, Karen 2nd

-Review: Jim and new Town Office
• P & S signed for new Town Office location (aka “Islesford Store”)
• Schedule for closing- all docs are signed, waiting for inspection report from Brown’s Inspections (towards the end of next week)
• Inspector says building is structurally very sound. Jim does not see anything that would be a “deal breaker.” No “red flags” from punch list
• Chris Wriggins (architect) has done a prelim floor plan- waiting for final P and S before finishing design work
• Lots of work to be done- 85k purchase price- needs 50-60k to fix up, maybe a bit more
• Survey to be done next week- perhaps an issue with alleyway between store and “Townhouse.” If so, negotiated Town easement will be part of sale.
• Discussion:
o Question re: design review board to discuss design/money?
o Role of MAC?- MAC review for 2nd oversight? Architectural plan will/should work in conjunction with CEO. Selectmen have not tasked MAC with anything yet. Ask Selectmen if they want MAC involved? (Ingrid)
o MAC review for useability, friendliness, access of design (Laurie)?
o Septic? Well? Well is in basement (not potable) Future plans for drilled well. Septic on Wriggins/Baker property with easement of use

• Joanne does a review of docs in dropbox and discussion with Selectmen
• Jim spoke to SWH CEO re: Mansell Lane.
o Would likely need 2nd means of egress
o Would need to file for “change of use”
• Selectmen ask MAC to pursue next steps on conversion to residential use
• Prior tenants (Marsh) paid 29k per year
• Decide to divide into subcommitees to address Manset Property
o Insurance- Karin and Jim
o Pagel Lease
o Warehouse Leases- Brandon, Joanne
o 15 Mansell Lane- Jim, Ingrid
o Rents
o Appraisal- Laurie
o Parking
• Ron Axelrod a good resource
• Ingrid asks if this is solely a MAC project? Are we headed in the right direction? Jim says he has been tasked with this piecemeal over the years
• Jim- Research the properties, maybe converse with tenants, tailor leases to desired property use, collaborate with insurance Co- research highest and best use, liability insurance?
• Pagel’s lease written in 2005
• Jim will write a survey questionnaire/interview for all tenants
• How do we go forward?
o Gather data, make sure leases are current, review docs
o Assess existing conditions
o Each committee prepares a report, gathers materials for Selectmen update on the 6th of June- brief section on planning process for MAC
o Suggestion that a review of Manset property should include parking and docking facilities as well.
o Should a year-round concept be addressed as has been discussed in the past?
o Ingrid reminds MAC not to go beyond our role as advisory- free to share ideas etc. within MAC

- Next Meeting June 8, 2017 at 4:00 PM

-Meeting adjourned 5:15- Karin moves, Laurie 2nd