Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes May 11, 2017

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Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House

Ted Spurling, Chairman, Harbor Committee
Bill Dowling, Harbor Committee (by phone)
James Fortune, Harbor Committee Alternate
Bruce Fernald, Islesford Harbormaster
Dennis Dever, Manset Dockmaster (by phone)
Malcolm Fernald
Joy Sprague
JoAnne Thormann

I. Call to Order: 4:28PM by Bill Dowling
Three Harbor Committee members (including an alternate) are present at today’s meeting, which represents a quorum.
James Fortune moves to appoint Ted Spurling chairman. Bill Dowling seconds the motion. Ted Spurling abstains. Motion passes 2-0.

II. Review/Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes
April 18, 2017: Ted Spurling moves to accept meeting minutes as written. James Fortune seconds the motion. Motion passes 3-0.
IV. Use of Manset Dock by Downeast Sailing Adventures (taken out of order)
James Fortune reports the Board of Selectmen has tasked the Harbor Committee to provide clarification on non-resident use of the Manset dock. In the past the Harbor Committee has recommended restricting use of the Manset dock by commercial vessels, except water taxis and ferries. However, the Harbor Ordinance does not address this situation. General Discussion. James Fortune moves to recommend allowing Downeast Sailing Adventures a limited use of the Manset dock for the upcoming season only. In addition to allowing pickups and drop-offs only, their schedule should not conflict with Sail Acadia or the Cranberry Cove Ferry. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. Motion Passes 3-0.

III. Harbor Ordinance
General Discussion of how Harbor Ordinance should be amended to address non-resident commercial use of the Manset dock. Ted Spurling advises that the policy should cultivate operators who might provide services to the town in the future. No action taken.

V. Placement of Sutton Island Navigation Aids
Discussion of placement of navigational aids on the east side of the town dock at Sutton Island. Consensus of the committee is to task James Fortune with meeting Matt Knox of Aldah Barge Service to decide proper placement of buoys and a possible standpipe. Dennis Dever is tasked with determining the proper colors for the buoys.

VI. Other Business
General discussion of moving forward on the breakwater project for the town dock at Islesford. Consensus of the committee is that all approvals and costs for the project may not be in place in time to be approved at a special town meeting this summer, but a warrant article could be submitted to discuss the project given the information that will be available by that time. No action taken.

VII. Adjournment
Ted Spurling moves to adjourn the meeting. James Fortune seconds the motion. Motion passes 3-0.