Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes August 1, 2017

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Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
August 1, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House


Malcolm Fernald, Chairman, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
Richard Beal, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Dennis Dever, CEO & LPI
Joanne Thormann, MAC
Katherine Fernald
Michael Boland
Nathan Cota, EMERA Maine
John Lagassey, EMERA Maine
Jeff Lauren

I. Call to Order: 8:31 by Chair Malcolm Fernald.
II. Review / Sign Financial Warrants

Warrant #39: $ 7,819.62
Warrant #40: $ 85,336.72
Warrant #41: $ 31,803.00
Warrant #42: $ 33,639.49 (school)
Warrant #43/44: $ 8,665.96
Warrant #45: $ 156,321.79
Total: $323,586.58
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

III. Review/ Approval of Meeting Minutes: July 11, 2017

Richard Beal moves to accept the July 11, 2017 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Malcolm Fernald seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

IV. New Business

A. Electrical Power Issues: Discussion with EMERA Officials

Nathan Cota and John Lagassey of EMERA are here today to discuss low voltage issues at Islesford and replacement of the cable between Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry Islands. They explain the cause of low voltages reported around July 4 and report on the measures that have been taken to raise the voltage supply to a level within allowed tolerances. Mr. Cota also reports that the damaged cable between GCI and LCI is budgeted to be replaced in 2019 or 2020. In the event of a failure of the third cable before then, EMERA may opt to repair one of the damaged cables or run a new cable temporarily. In response to a question about right-of-way trimming, Mr. Cota explains that trimming is done on a six year cycle, but that mid-cycle trims can be done as necessary. Mr. Lagassey reports that EMERA is continuing to monitor the voltage issue and is working with the Islesford Dock Restaurant to make improvements in service delivery.

B. Select Bid for Renovation of 61 Main Street

James Fortune reports that no bids have yet been received for phase one of the
town office renovation. Bids are due on August 2. He reports that contractors he
has spoken with do not anticipate being able to complete the interior portion of the
project in the timeframe specified. He suggests meeting with Chris Wriggins to
determine which interior improvements are critical and which can be delayed until
the office is occupied. Richard Beal asks about a project management timeline and
recommends a general contractor be sought to oversee the entire project. Malcolm
Fernald suggests doing necessary exterior work before winter to protect the
building and try to complete interior renovations and move in next year. Denise
McCormick advises that the costs of delay until next year include continuing to
pay rental on current office in addition to the loan repayment for the new office.
Florence Joy Sprague recommends reaching out regionally to secure a general
contractor. Malcolm Fernald tasks James Fortune to contract locally to have the
building cleaned out while a general contractor is being secured.

Malcolm Fernald and Richard Beal review and sign lease documents with the US
Postal Service for 61 Main Street.

C. Designate CEO to have Junkyard Enforcement Authority

Selectmen review and sign authorization for the Code Enforcement Officer to enforce state junkyard laws. Richard Beal requests town office staff to send copies of the authorization to the Hancock County district attorney and to the sheriff’s office.

Dennis Dever reports on junkyard enforcement issues. Consensus of the Selectmen is that the town attorney should be consulted prior to specific enforcement actions being taken and that enforcement be universal throughout the town.

Richard Beal suggests that any junk vehicles on town property should be removed at the owner’s expense. General discussion of problems in determining ownership and responsibility for abandoned vehicles. Consensus of the Selectmen is that notices educating residents about junk vehicle responsibilities should be posted and information included in the next annual report.

Dennis Dever reports on cleanup at Manset. He asks for direction from the selectmen if the tenant does not respond to his request to remove previously gathered hazardous materials from the property. Richard Beal moves to authorize up to $1,500 be spent from Manset reserve funds by the CEO for immediate removal of hazardous waste materials at the Manset property, with appropriate tenant to be billed. Malcolm Fernald seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

D. Sign MDOT/LRAP 2017

Selectmen review and sign document accepting funds (estimated $7,048) from the Maine Department of Transportation Local Road Assistance Program.

E. LUZO (Shoreland Zoning) Public Hearing Update

Ben Sumner reports there were no requests for additional changes to the proposed Shoreland Zoning Ordinance at a public hearing held on July 13. The proposed ordinance can now be submitted to the voters as a warrant article. Malcolm Fernald moves to submit warrant at the 2018 Town Meeting. Richard Beal seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

F. Broadband Updates

James Fortune reports that he has submitted additional reports per the request of the USDA. He expects the town to receive notification on the outcome of its application from the USDA prior to September 1.

V. Other Business (taken out of order)

Richard Beal requests an update on the status of the town’s tax acquired property at 1 Fish Point. Denise McCormick reports she has been advised by the town attorney that the previous owner intends to redeem the property and has until August 22 to submit full payment of the accumulated taxes and fees.

Selectmen review and sign agreement previously approved on June 6, 2017 with Newman & Gray Boatyard to lease space on town property at Great Cranberry Island.

G. MAC Update

Joanne Thormann reports the MAC has not met since the last selectmen’s meeting (which was held a week later than normal due to the holiday), but continues to work in subcommittees. Richard Beal asks about efforts being made to lease the building presently. General discussion of the previous voter rejection of sale of the building, potential residential use of the building, current use limitations, and whether the property would be necessary should the parking lease not be renewed at Northeast Harbor in 2023. Consensus of the Selectmen is that a realtor specializing in commercial leases should be secured to attempt to lease the building in its current use while the MAC does further research on a comprehensive long term plan for use of the Manset dock and Mansell Lane properties.

V. Other Business

James Fortune reports on the League of Towns meeting that was held at the Cranberry House on July 25 and states that the Hancock County sheriff is scheduled to attend the September Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

Florence Joy Sprague reports that the Islesford Boatworks program is requesting a letter of support from the town for a grant application they are submitting. Selectmen approve a proposed endorsement and will sign an official copy to be prepared by town office staff.

Florence Joy Sprague tasks the Harbor Committee to come up with recommendations regarding the possible use of town waters and docks by large cruise ships that are being turned away from other harbors. Consensus of the Board is that the Harbor Committee needs to finish its work on an updated Harbor Ordinance.

Richard Beal moves to reinstitute a Shellfish Committee and work towards having the town’s Shellfish Ordinance reinstated. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Consensus of the Selectmen is to recognize Dr. Margaret Shively and the Dockside Veterinary Clinic in the next annual report for her contribution to the community providing convenient veterinary services.

VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A)


VII. Audience Communication


VIII. Adjournment

Malcolm Fernald moves to adjourn the meeting. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35am.