August 10, 2017

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
August 10, 2017
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry

Members present: Brandon Stubbs (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jasmine Samuel (MAC, phone), Laurie Dobson (MAC), Jim Fortune (TCI)

Audience: Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:40

-Minutes passed from July meeting- Laurie moves, Ingrid 2nd

-Review of Selectmen’s Meeting
• Emera Reps present to answer questions re: cable. New one scheduled for 2019-2020
o First time they’ve been out- voltage issue at IDR “sparked” visit
o Working to resolve flow issues (too low)
• Dennis ‘designated” for junkyard enforcement- cars and boats
• Shoreland Zoning Public Hearing held off until March
• Possible new Axiom Tower site for Islesford- Gravel Pit
o Road Construction not necessary
o Power easily accessible
o Far less expensive
• Axiom to use more poles- trenched wires harder to fix


• Selectmen want us to look into 15 Mansell rental, consider getting new broker.
o Jim contacted LS Robinson
o Jim will set up rental agreement with LS Robinson
o Request to Selectmen- identify specific tasks for MAC to address. Jim feels a “second set of eyes” is appropriate role while still remembering our MAC limitations
o Need to confirm that “Commercial” tenant is Selectmen’s request

• Warehouse Bays and Boat Shop
o Discussion of Dennis “cracking down” on what’s going on at Boat Shop. Dennis has been working on getting boat shop and apt safe. Some cleanup has been done. A hazardous waste company will be hired- costs passed to tenant
o Apartment- 4 people have been living there.
 One tenant has been in charge of “cleaning it up”
 Security has been improved (locked doors)
 Reluctant to buy appliances- deep concerns. Pagels is buying a fridge
 Jim thinks lease needs to address the use of the apartment- tighten up lease requirements, inspections

• Where we are with Manset?
o Decided we need a workshop to work on leases
o Need a Selectmen present at workshop
o Need to know (from Selectmen) what they want
o Insurance review was done in 2015- Jim asked for report
o Invite Dennis to workshop
o Warehouses- we have 4 tenants
 None of them meets storage criteria
 Do we establish parameters for existing uses or remove tenants for storage units

• Lease Workshop: September 13th from 3-6 pm

- New Business
• Who will be responsible for broadband poles?
• Question about food refuse on NEH town pier?

- Next Meeting September 7, 2017

-Meeting adjourned 5:50- Ingrid moves, Karen 2nd