October 5, 2017

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting
October 5, 2017
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry

Members present: Brandon Stubbs (MAC), Joanne Thormann (MAC), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Jasmine Samuel (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Joy Sprague (BOS)

Audience: Carl Brooks, Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:40

-Set Dates for Budget Review- Next Selectmen’s Mtg is Nov 14
• October 26
• November 2
• November 9 (if needed)
• November 30 (if needed)

-Minutes passed from August 10 meeting- Ingrid moves, Karin 2nd

-Jim’s Update
• Time to focus on Budget
• Ask Denise to send outline
• MAC members assigned to different sections of budget
-Manset Leases
• Wish to eliminate Apt us on Pagel’s lease- no Town control
o Selectmen support decision
 Liability to the Town
 Instructs to evict tenant through TCI attorney
 Change Lease to 12 month lease
• Prices don’t reflect today’s market
• Lease Committee will get together to work (Brandon, Joanne, Jim)
o Consider separate pricing for car storage
o Send questions to Selectmen regarding cars or any other questions MAC might have regarding re-writing of leases
• There are limitations on use of the Manset Property- The level of commercial Activity allowed…30% of space for commercial activity
• Re-write lease for current tenant. Selectmen want lease to cover lawful activities (ie painting)
• Selectmen were supportive of a survey to determine if residents would like other uses that may benefit more TCI residents than current use
o Set up a committee (similar to Transportation Comm) to write the survey
o Jasmine and Ingrid to work on Survey
o Ask not just use of the buildings but use of the WHOLE property
o Include an “education” of the property in the survey
• Audience Comment: Carl Brooks comments that the closest we get to an annual mailing regarding Manset is the Annual Town Report
• A discussion of alternatives for Pagel’s apt.

- Budget Items to be considered
• Fix Town Office (outside)
• New Plow truck for Islesford
• Dock Extension to go out for bid
• Dog Pt Rd and Harding Pt Rd repair
• Parking Lots and Floats
• 5 year plan – 2nd big truck @ approx. 350k
• Other budget issues raised:
o 15 Mansell roof repair is going well
o Waiting room and bathroom at Manset facility is in hard shape- can we recommend from Manset reserve?
• MAC Budget Suggestion #1: Revisit a possible refurbishing project for Manset- suggest a sum of money to replace window, painting, etc. Ask Dennis for a list?
• MAC Budget Suggestion #2: Revisit one-way driving entry to Parking Area (Manset)- no decision made?
• MAC Budget Suggestion #3: Consider creating an extra 25 spots (Manset) with potential to offer as lease to Town of SWH (Based on Phil Whitney’s comment that SWH is short of parking in that area- Jim needs to look into how much more paved area is allowed)

- Next Meeting October 26, 2017

-Meeting adjourned 5:30- Ingrid moves, Karen 2nd