Harbor Committee Minutes December 12, 2017

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Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2017
Islesford Neighborhood House


Ted Spurling, Chairman, Harbor Committee
Bill Dowling, Harbor Committee (by phone)
Nicholas Hadlock, Harbor Committee
Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
James Fortune, Harbor Committee Alternate
Bruce Fernald, Islesford Harbormaster
Dennis Dever, Manset Dockmaster (by phone)
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk (by phone)

I. Call to Order: 4:40PM by Chairman Ted Spurling
Five Harbor Committee members (including an alternate) are present at today’s meeting, which represents a quorum.

II. Review/Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes
May 11, 2017: Richard Howland moves to table review and approval of the minutes until the next meeting. James Fortune seconds motion. Motion approved 5-0.

III. Plan for Year Round Floats at Town Docks
James Fortune explains that a proposal was made to the Selectmen for floats to be placed on a year round basis at the town docks. The Selectmen have tasked the Harbor Committee to consider the proposal and provide its conclusions and a written plan that could be discussed at the 2018 Town Meeting. Bill Dowling explains an idea to use a narrow float riding parallel to the inner stairs on GCI. General skepticism that the proposal would be feasible at Islesford given its configuration. James Fortune moves to task Bill Dowling with preparing a drawing and short description of a float proposal for GCI for Town Meeting and the Annual Report. Bill Dowling seconds the motion. Motion approved 5-0.

VI. Other Business
General discussion of moving forward on the breakwater project for the town dock at Islesford. Bruce Fernald recommends that the available blocks be reset to improve barge safety and create some additional lee for the dock. Bruce Fernald offers to get estimates for the cost of resetting the blocks. Consensus of the committee is to present an estimate for consideration at Town Meeting. No action taken.

Bruce Fernald reports on an email he has received from the Harbor Committee of Southwest Harbor encouraging the towns around Southwest Harbor to adopt a cruise ship ban. General Discussion. James Fortune moves to forward the Southwest Harbor email to the Selectmen with the Harbor Committee’s recommendation that an ordinance be prepared for Town Meeting that would ban cruise ships from anchoring within the waters of the Town of Cranberry Isles. Richard Howland seconds the motion. Motion approved 5-0.

Bruce Fernald recommends the Town continue conversations with the Town of Mt. Desert about landing rights for the Town in Northeast Harbor. Bill Dowling moves to recommend that the Selectmen continue pursuing landing rights for the Town in Northeast Harbor. James Fortune seconds the motion. Motion approved 5-0.

Bill Dowling asks about the status of wave attenuation repairs on the town dock at GCI. James Fortune will follow up with Josh Gray about the repairs.

James Fortune reports that the hoist on the Town dock at Islesford will be installed by the end of the year.

V. Adjournment
Richard Howland moves to adjourn the meeting. James Fortune seconds the motion. Motion approved 5-0.

Meeting adjourned at 5:34pm