Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes January 24, 2018

Harbor Committee Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2018
Islesford Neighborhood House


Ted Spurling, Chairman, Harbor Committee
Bill Dowling, Harbor Committee (by phone)
Richard Howland, Harbor Committee
James Fortune, Harbor Committee Alternate
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk (by phone)

I. Call to Order: 4:23PM by Chairman Ted Spurling
Four Harbor Committee members (including an alternate) are present at today’s meeting, which represents a quorum.

II. Review/Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes
May 11, 2017: Bill Dowling moves to approve the minutes for May 11, 2017 as written. Ted Spurling seconds motion. Motion approved 4-0.
December 12, 2017: Ted Spurling moves to approve the minutes for December 12, 2017 as written. Richard Howland seconds motion. Motion approved 4-0.

III. Winter Float Proposal for GCI
Bill Dowling reports on proposal to have a winter float system constructed and installed on the Great Cranberry Island Town dock. He will have a drawing prepared for town meeting and will make a presentation. James Fortune reports that the Board of Selectmen recommend using reserve funds for GCI Dock if the proposal is approved at Town Meeting. No action taken.

IV. Islesford Dock Breakwater
James Fortune reports that no estimates have been completed for resetting the blocks currently available. Bruce Fernald is not available at today’s meeting to provide an update. No action taken.

V. Other Business
James Fortune reports he is still working with the contractor to have the hoists installed at the GCI and Islesford Town docks.

James Fortune reports that the Selectmen took no action at the January meeting on pursuing landing rights for the Town at Northeast Harbor.

James Fortune reports that the Selectmen’s discussion of a proposed cruise ship ban revolved around whether the ban would apply to cruise ships anchoring in town waters and/or by limiting the docking of large groups of passengers by tenders, which could affect boats currently servicing the islands. The proposed ban in Southwest Harbor defines a cruise ship as having overnight accommodations for 50 or more passengers. General Discussion of proposed warrant article language. Consensus of the Committee is to support the language proposed by Southwest Harbor. James Fortune will send proposed warrant article to the Selectmen.

V. Adjournment
Richard Howland moves to adjourn the meeting. Ted Spurling seconds the motion. Motion approved 5-0.

Meeting adjourned at 5:24pm