November 30, 2017

Municipal Advisory Committee Meeting- Budget
November 30, 2017
Cranberry House, Great Cranberry

Members present: Brandon Stubbs (MAC, phone), Joanne Thormann (MAC, phone), Ingrid Gaither (MAC), Karin Whitney (MAC), Laurie Dobson (MAC), Jasmine Samuel (MAC, phone), Jim Fortune (TCI), Denise McCormick (TCI), Katelyn Damon (TCI)

Audience: Phil Whitney

-Call to order at 4:00

-Minutes-Motion to approve minutes from October 5, 2017 and November 9, 2017- Ingrid moves, Karin 2nd -Passed. Minutes from 10/26 waived until next meeting (Jim needs to add some notes)

- Budget
• Reserve List discussed
• Katelyn-Cistern on Great Cranberry- maybe use Reserves down the road (Katelyn)
• Katelyn-EMS Fundraiser funds went into EMS Reserves- 4k per year for training on each island. Used some fundraiser/auxiliary funds to update equipment
• Katelyn-NEH folks on CI Rescue but TCI doesn’t pay for training
• Laurie D expressed an interest in training
• Discussion- Ask permission form voters to use Manset Reserve?
o Ask Selectman- upgrade/update waiting room in Manset- carpeting, painting.
o Don’t use all- leave some for “rainy day”
o Also, Manset bathroom needs improvement
• Phil Whitney reminds MAC about Manset “access road” to parking lot-
o Jim feels that is a capital expenditure that should go before voters
o Selectmen will talk about it at December Meeting
• GCI Dock Reserve- leftover from dock extension
• Discussion of Manset landscaping cost- split up between parking lots and area around pier
• Discussion of insurance costs going up- Internet towers raise costs
• Debt Service on 1.2 M Internet service:
o Don’t know terms yet
o Sutton asked for 100k to be set aside for upgrade from wireless to fiber
o Discussion of impact on property taxes from bond
• $500 Request from Cranberry Rowers
• Still waiting for School Budget
• Dock Extension for Islesford likely tabled for now- waiting for Harbor Committee/Selectmen to decide
• Selectmen Meeting on December 5th

- Next Meeting – Perhaps December 14th for budget

-Meeting adjourned 5:10- Ingrid move, Karin 2nd