Selectmen's Minutes May 8, 2018

Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2018
Cranberry Isles Town Office, Islesford


Richard Beal, Chairman, BOS
Florence Joy Sprague, BOS
Cory Alley, BOS
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk
James Fortune, Administrative Assistant
Ben Sumner, Deputy Clerk
Katelyn Damon, Public Safety Coordinator
Christine Sandberg, MAC
Joanne Thormann
Georgia Howland, IDR
Mark Ouellette, Axiom

I. Call to Order: 8:32am by Chairman Richard Beal.

II. Review / Sign Financial Warrants
Warrant #16 $ 6,295.18
Warrant #17 $ 6,702.87
Warrant #18 $ 52,685.00 (school)
Warrant #19 $ 5,895.38
Warrant #20 $ 124,866.93
Total: $ 196,445.36
All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

III. Review/Approval of Meeting Minutes: April 3, 2018

Florence Joy Sprague moves to approve the April 3, 2018 Board of Selectmen’s meeting minutes as written. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.
IV. New Business

A. IDR Liquor License

Georgia Howland is present to represent the Islesford Dock Restaurant, LLC and presents the annual liquor license application. No public comments were received. Selectmen review and sign the application.

B. Sign 2018 Tax Commitment Letter

Selectmen review the 2018 Tax Commitment Letter presented by the Treasurer. The amount to be raised in taxes for 2018 is $1,778,490.00. Richard Beal moves to approve and sign the letter. Florence Joy Sprague seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

C. Harbor Committee Appointments

Selectmen review and sign three Harbor Committee appointment letters. Patrick Allen will complete a two-year term, to expire in 2019. Sam Donald will serve a two-year term, to expire 2020. Chris Costello will serve a one-year term, to expire 2019, as an alternate member with voting privileges in the absence of a quorum.

D. Dock Maintenance Surveys

Chairman Beal proposes that a formal inspection of all the Town Docks be initiated. General discussion focuses on a need for a structural review of the docks. Richard Beal moves to solicit a formal survey and recommendations for the structural repair and maintenance of the Town’s Docks. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Cory Alley recommends a formal review of the breakwater proposal at Islesford be included with the dock review.

E. GCI Year-Round Floats Proposal: Update from Public Hearing

Consensus of the Selectmen is to postpone discussion until after the May 10, 2018 Harbor Committee meeting. No action taken.

F. 15 Mansell Lane Update

James Fortune reports on meeting with realtor regarding possible apartment conversions at the 15 Mansell Lane property. General discussion of apartments and issues with renovating the entire building. Municipal Advisory Committee is reviewing options. No action taken.

G. GCI Custodial Services Contract

The Selectmen sign a renewal of the custodial services contract with Darlene Sumner for the period of May 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019.

H. Manset Dock Master Employment Agreement

The Selectmen sign a renewal of the annual employment contract with Dennis Dever for the period of May 27, 2018 through September 30, 2018.

I. Manset Custodial Services Contract

The Selectmen sign a renewal of the custodial services contract with Karin Whitney for the period of May 15, 2018 through October 15, 2018.

J. Sutton Island MSW/Trash Contract

The Selectmen sign a renewal of the municipal solid waste removal contract with Josh Gray for the period May 2018 through October 2018. James Fortune notes that the contractor also services Bear Island.

K. Dog Point Road

James Fortune reports that the project has received only one response thus far. Consensus of the Selectmen is that additional bidders be sought.

L. Longfellow School Property Boundary Update

James Fortune reports that the Town Attorney is doing a historical research survey of the property’s deeds. No action taken.

V. Other Business

James Fortune reports that Goodwin’s Construction has requested that the storage trailer the Town was leasing at the Islesford gravel pit be left for Goodwin’s own storage use. General discussion of cleanup at the gravel pit once the temporary Town Office building is removed. Consensus of the Selectmen is to spend up to $800 on cleanup of the gravel pit site. No action taken on Goodwin’s Construction request.

VII. Audience Communication (taken out of order)

Christine Sandberg asks for more signs to be installed to remind drivers to slow down. Katelyn Damon reports that there are signs available. General discussion of speeding on Islesford and the continued lack of a constable.

Joanne Thormann asks whether a new well will be dug at the new Town Office. James Fortune responds that there is a plan for drilling a new well, but that it has not been budgeted for this year.

V. Other Business

Katelyn Damon reports well drilling for the Islesford Fire Department will commence soon.

Florence Joy Sprague reports the former temporary town office building next to the Islesford Fire Department has been cleared and cleaned and will be removed from Town property this week.

Cory Alley advises that the usage of the floats at the Town Dock for tying up by outboards needs to be curtailed. Consensus of the Selectmen is to task the Harbor Masters to enforce tie up violations at the floats, including the issuance of citations if necessary.

Cory Alley reports that a wash out of the road has occurred at the end of Main Street at Islesford and tasks James Fortune to order a load of rock to repair.

Denise McCormick recommends a policy to address the abandonment of cars at the Islesford gravel pit. General discussion. Consensus of the Selectmen is that no vehicles should be dumped at the gravel pit, but that short term parking of vehicles (to reduce congestion at the Town Dock) might be permitted by the Town Office. Chairman Beal tasks James Fortune to prepare a draft policy for presentation at the June Selectmen’s meeting.
Katelyn Damon reports that vegetation around the GCI Firehouse will be cut back soon. Maintenance issues with the new fire truck at GCI are being resolved. Pump testing will take place at Islesford later this month.

Chairman Beal tasks James Fortune to present a plan for remodeling the exterior of the new Town Office.

Cory Alley reports on tree trimming taking place around the Town Garage at Islesford and that a number of old dumped items need to be removed.

Mark Ouellette of Axiom presents a status update on the Broadband installation. Including recent sign ups, 13 hook ups remain to be completed at Islesford over the next two weeks. The project is roughly on budget, although questions remain about the amount of ledge to be encountered on GCI and whether poles may need to be used in some excessively wet areas, such as along I-95. The design for Sutton and GCI are complete. Sutton installation is on track to be completed in June. Subcontractor delays have reduced his confidence to confidently predict a June completion date on GCI. He also explains possible delay issues involving pole installations and licensing existing poles on Cranberry Road and requests direction from the Selectmen. General discussion. Consensus of the Selectmen is to install poles on Cranberry Road, at least temporarily or until licensing can be obtained for using existing utility poles.

VI. Executive Session: Personnel Matter, 1 M.R.S.A. §405(6)(A)


VIII. Adjournment

Richard Beal moves to adjourn the meeting. Cory Alley seconds the motion. Motion approved 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10am